When a Person Leaves

When a person leaves
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When a person leaves he takes away a lot of secrets,

You’ll never come to know if he missed you when you disconnected the call.

You’ll never get the answers to the questions he skipped when you were drinking the nectar from his eyes.

He will never tell you whether he liked you, loved you or was merely fascinated by the idea of having you.


When a person leaves, he becomes a memory that you visit quite a few times.

You will never get to see him like before,

The beautiful silence will never be the same hereafter.


He will soon join the army of lovers that are struggling to escape from your mind,

And will eventually suffocate and choke to death in the raging floods of your teary bed.

All the things you wanted to know, all the times you wanted to leave and he wanted to stay…

Will remain a secret forever….


When a person leaves, he takes away a tiny part of your heart that you nurtured with love.

Packing your feelings in a suitcase, leaving you numb for a while.

When he leaves, he doesn’t vanish but stays, confined in a fragile piece of your heart.

His memories haunt you every time.


The one you love only leaves in flesh but his memories remain etched in your heart forever.

Engraved like a scripture on a marble slate.

You can touch it every time and feel your heart sinking.

When a person leaves, he takes away a lot of secrets,

but remain with you without the flesh and bone cover.


It's a lonely feeling protecting a breakable heart.



Holding on can be reckless sometimes especially when you truly love and care about someone, but they don’t. Parting ways is the only option as you don’t want to settle with someone, who doesn’t value your existence. Sticking onto someone who is there with you to receive endless affection but isn’t willing to do the same, is a foolish bargain.

You can do better in life and there is more to life than settling in loveless relationships. It might hurt at first but it will surely make you stronger, wiser and happier. You can’t possess someone and one shouldn’t aspire to do so, but you can always revisit the beautiful memories that you knitted together. Even the bad ones will remind you that you must never commit the same mistake twice. Rise and shine!

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

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