About Us

Melody of Words is a joint effort by Pragati Chauhan writer and creator of this site, and Bhartendu Joshi cofounder and software-engineer, who keeps bugs away from this site.

We are a team of two, who wish the tickle the minds of our readers by sharing quality content that help you grow.

Melody Of Words is a creative space carefully curated to share life learnings and wisdom with like-minded peace loving people.

About the Inception of this blog:

This blog was originally created with the intent to join people who feel they are misfits, introverted peeps, loners who feel they are easily forgotten, and sensitive beings who are judged for being “too empathic” by the society.

So they can develop a better understanding of their personality, embrace it and learn techniques to thrive from someone who lives with the same personality.

At MOW you will find stories, poems, quotes, journals, and articles that touch various subjects such as:

  • Human behaviour & Psychology, Life & Philosophy,
  • Love & Relationships, Nature & Environment,
  • Mental & Emotional Health, Children & Parenting
  • Art & Literature, Culture & Spirituality.

We cordially invite you to learn, re-learn and un-learn a few things. So we can seek our own “truth.” Rise and shine! Namaste!