Tiny Tales

Chocolates, Ice-creams & Kinship- Tiny Tale on Love, Love Quotes

Chocolates, Ice-creams & Kinship- Tiny Tale on Love

“He asked her, what did she like the most, chocolates or ice-creams? The girl instantaneously replied, ‘I love moments.’ Though in destitute of time, he quickly replied, ‘Okay! We will have moments.’ And it brought tears in her eyes. A kinship between two strangers was born that day.“ You may also like: 10 Best Charles …

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Mystery Woman- Short Story of an Old Woman

Mystery Woman

The man saw a woman with silver locks gracing her face, walking barefoot on the snow-laden path. Amused to find an old lady in a setting like this, he inquired- “Where are you heading? Don’t you feel terrified walking alone on a cold-isolated trail?” The lady carrying a bag on her head and weight in …

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Office Party

Office Party

They asked him whether he had plans for the day. In a sore voice, he replied, “No I’m going to stay home today”. The stutter in his voice made the caller think, whether it was the cold that’s making his voice droop or it was the chilliness of his attitude. Both lamely talked and disconnected …

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