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Children’s Books convey the Best Messages

Sometimes we find the strongest message in children's books, which the complex theories and dramaturgy of Nobel laureates fail to…

1 year ago

Old Wounds and Nights- Quotes on Loneliness

Night has a way of making us feel alive. Sometimes by reviving the hazy memories of a worn-out past. While…

10 months ago

Moments in Draft Box- Quotes on Memories

Life has reduced itself to moments and now to a few notes, that are left unedited in the draft box. Popular…

5 months ago

Phone Directory- Tiny Tale

For the longest time, he believed that all the contacts in his phone directory were now dead. Little did he…

2 years ago

The Nature of Thought

A lot of thoughts will arise in your mind and will die in your mind. Some will never know which…

2 years ago

The Climb

Every person who carries weight in his chest must climb.

2 years ago

Alike- Quote on Life

Men, women and roses are alike. Popular posts you might like: 10 Reasons why Introverts love Cloudy Days 10 Best…

10 months ago

Spring Flower

The first flower of spring is always special.

2 years ago

Bittersweet Nights- Quotes on Tough Times

Bittersweet nights were meant to write. Popular posts you might like: I Smile- Poem on Smiling in Difficult Times Cutest…

9 months ago


There is inwardly-outwardly immense happiness in this world to chase for. Why do you hold on to one thought? Explore…

2 years ago