Into the Blue Lagoon- Poem on Emptiness

Into the Blue Lagoon- Poem on Depression, Poem on Emptiness and Seasonal Depression

“The winters went away too soon,Bidding a farewell to the inhabitants of Doon,Whenever the season turns a new leaf,I find myself spiralling into the blue lagoon,It’s as deep as the midnight blue,Which can hinder you vision, and make you fall into the pit of slow succession. Whenever the season transcends into a softer hue,I find … Read more

The Beauty of a Man- Poem on Beauty & Existence

The Beauty of a Man- Poem on Beauty & Existence

“The hypnotic soppy mellow music is playing in the background,The singer is elucidating the beauty of the ruby red-cherries growing on the tree,The background score is mimicking the sound of crashing waves, andThe sound of his guitar is quite similar to a pendulum swing… The song speaks of the desperation, and the will to let … Read more

Walking on a Runway Galaxy- A Poetic Story on the Meaning of Life

He drove past the small steep valley, which he called “the ravine.” And instead of going to his workplace, he decided to go on a quick adventure. So he switched off his phone, and left a mail, which read, “I am not feeling well, won’t be able to come today.” And decided to throng the … Read more