The Window in my Room- Poem on Nature Observation

There’s a small window in my room from where the light enters my soul,
The ghastly wilderness and a few leggy chilly plants can be seen from the window in my room.

The window offers a view of the Tacoma plant overladen with yellow bell-like blooms,
That fall on the ground, when I lay upside down on my bed,

I watch the tall Tecoma Stan’s hiding the view of an ugly cemented wall, devoured by algae…
From the window I can see the dwarf guava tree, that my friend keeps telling me looks ugly.
But I won’t because it is strategically planted there to beautify the place.
Not for others but for our eyes.

From the other small bay window in my room.
I can see the guava tree sheltering my little rabbit Vinnie.
It spreads its branches for little Vinnie to sit and relax.
She stretches her body and sits like a Pharaoh, under the umbrella-like branches of the tree.
I watch all of it from the window in my room.

Let thy spirit be high in love, Namaste

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