12 Reasons why Rabbits are the Cutest Badass Pets + Tales of my Pet Rabbits and Cute Bunny Pictures

12 Reasons why Rabbits are the Cutest Badass Pets + Tales of my Pet Rabbits and Cute Bunny Pictures:

Whenever someone thinks of rabbits, they usually think of them as soft, fluffy, cottontails. Who are sweet as pineapple slush, and are charming and adorable.

And I wouldn’t disagree but at the same time, they are notoriously charming, sassy and badass. So much so, that they show their true side to their owners.

Rabbits have a Unique Personality:

Among, many rabbit owners, only a few, who pet rabbits are aware of their tantrums, mischief, and their unique personality.

Because they don’t bond with them, and give time to their bun-bun to open up, and accept their new environment. Hence, they never get to see their adorable side, which is full of love, and snuggles.

Free Roam Rabbits are Healthy, Happy and Hearty than Caged Bunnies:

Mine is a free roam rabbit. Both the rabbits that I owned used to stay very little inside their cage, only for sleeping at night.

Most of the time, they were either inside our room. Or were busy burrowing the kitchen garden, binkying in the lawn, hopping on the terrace. Basically coming after us, wherever we went.

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Rabbits are amazing Pets:

I am such a rabbit fanatic, if I start writing about them, I’ll never stop! And even to this date, my biggest dream is to build a home for rabbits, and have a big playground for them, which is safe from predators.

But as of now, I have a female Albino rabbit named Vinnie, who is 8 months old and is a Queen. Before her, I had a male Albino pet rabbit, who had the most unique name, that none of you could have ever thought of.

Can you guess what??? It was Bunny 😉 I’ll share his tales, and why I chose his name Bunny, and what I learned from him about me, in another post. In my drafted articles I have written extensively about Bunny.

Hope my Precious little Bunny is Happy in Bunny Heaven:

My dear Bunny boy, passed away last year, and parting him was awful because I was used to having him around. Days, later I wrote a poem for him.

Bunny and Vinnie are polar opposites of each other, and I have learned a lot about male and female behaviour of rabbits by petting them.

However, this post isn’t about that, but about the cute sassiness of bunnies, who are little jelly beans, ready to take over my home on their paws.

Wanna know why Rabbits are Awesome Pets with Super Interesting Personality?

When it comes to petting, only a small fraction of people like it. Because rabbits demand a lot of care and attention.

But at the end it’s worth it, and the way these tiny snowballs jump around, and send out positive energy with their little bunny steps. It just kicks out feelings of emptiness and loneliness.

If you enjoy caring for people and are an empath with lots of patience, then you’ll love them a lot.

If you are eager to learn more about the personality of rabbits, and how to care for a pet rabbit. Then dive below, where I have shared a few caring tips, and things that make rabbits adorable, sassy, and badass.

So let’s check out 12 reasons why Rabbits are the Cutest Badass Pets + Some Cute pictures and Tales of my Pet Rabbit, who is hella notorious!

1. You cannot Keep your Things away from your Pet Rabbit:

12 Reasons why Rabbits are the Cutest Badass Pets bunny
This is Goldilocks the rabbit in circa 2018.

This is Bunny, my pet rabbit who passed away in 2019. He used to play with wool, whenever my mum used to knit sweater in the winters.

One day while he was punching the ball of yarn, we loosely wrapped it around his earns. And he was jumping around like little Goldilocks.

2. Having a Pet Rabbit means your Eden will be destroyed Once in for all:

Tales of my Pet Rabbits
I am a good boy, I eat all the greens!

Munch, munch, I like to eat new plants and sweet-smelling roses and hibiscus are my weakness. Oh no! she caught me while devouring my favourite plant. I should make that guilty face.

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3. Sometimes your Rabbit blends in with the Aesthetic:

Why Rabbits are Amazing Pets
Bow before me, I am the king of this grassland ha ha ha…

Last year our kitchen garden was brimming with sunkissed flowers of mustard, which looked pleasing to the eyes. And bunny was going gaga over it.

He used to sit there for hours, and chill. I captured one of his pictures, while he was taste testing the flowers.

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4. Baby Bunnies are little Cotton balls who are Curious little Beings:

Why Rabbits are Awesome Pets
Ah! there is a cockroach on the floor. HELP ME!

This is Vinnie, I brought her after Bunny passed away. As soon as I brought her home, she was so happy to be free and being fed generously.

Even as an infant, Vinnie was already climbing the taverns, binkying around. At night, she used to jump on the dustbin, and scratch it, and then jump back on the floor.

5. Rabbits are the Cutest, Huggable, and Stoic creatures on Earth, who only deserve Love:

12 Reasons why Rabbits are the Cutest Badass Pets cute bunny
Peek-a-boo! She found me.

Bunny was such an awesome rabbit, that he used to follow us everywhere. He enjoyed our company and was always eager to get inside my room.

The above picture was taken on the auspicious day of Diwali. Our little fluff baby was getting scared of the noise of firecrackers. So I was playing with him to make him comfortable.

Later I took the opportunity to seize the moment. In the picture, he is looking like a little bride, who is wearing a white chunni (veil).

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6. If you let your Pet Rabbit roam freely, he will Develop an Interesting Personality:

bunny watching a mirror
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest bunny of all.

Rabbits are underrated pets who have such vibrant personalities, and you can only see it when you give time to them. Because rabbits take time to make themselves comfortable in an environment.

My precious little bunny had such an amazing personality, he knew every nook and cranny of our home.

Once while deep cleansing our abode. We placed the mirror on the porch, and Bunny took the opportunity to check himself in the mirror. Luckily I captured Mr. Smarty Pants in his sassiest avatar. Have a look!

7. Rabbits are Notorious, they love Jumping on Sofa and Beds, when no one’s looking:

Baddest Bunnies Tales
I am going to jump! a dare devil bunny

Here’s Vinnie, climbing on the sofa and running on seeing me. She does this all the time and plays with curtains.

Before taking this picture, she was sitting on the crown of the sofa, waiting for me to tell her to get down.

She is so notorious that she does this on purpose. And when she doesn’t get my attention, she keeps running two and fro on it.

8. Rabbits are Chewtastic! If you don’t Keep your Things at Place, they’ll Cut them to Pieces:

Naughty Rabbits Tales
No! I didn’t do it.

Last week, I kept my earphones on the window adjacent to my bed and slept. The next day, I woke up to the view of this.

Vinnie sneaks into my room in the morning, and she might have found them dangling by the shelf.

Hence, she got the opportunity to chew it into pieces. I bought these earphones amidst the pandemic from a local shop nearby. RIP to my earphones!

9. Rabbits show their Notorious side as Soon as they Set their Paw in your Room:

This picture was taken on the first week of bringing Vinnie home. She was elated to be here, and was over-enthralled by the new environment.

She was jumping, bouncing, and tasting everything, so much so, that she didn’t even spare the walls. While working on my laptop, I found she has some deep fetish for the walls. As I have seen her scraping and eating it.

Why you should keep your Rabbit away from the Walls:

Since eating paint and plaster from walls can be hazardous to her health. I tried offering her new things to eat, play, and give time to adjust.

Because when your bunny is new to your home, picking and forcing to bond can make her stressed, and anxious.

Even Bunny used to project the same kind of behaviour, when he was little. But he stopped doing it once he was comfortable with us, and we built a strong friendship with each other.

Vinnie is new to the family, and she sometimes lazes under the bed and chews the plywood. But this is a rare phenomenon.

How to stop your Rabbit from chewing your Furniture, and destroying Things:

If your rabbit is a terrible chewer and destroys your woodwork. Then offer haystacks to him so he can chomp it, and give him things to play like cardboard boxes.

Try to grab your furry’s attention by petting him on his forehand, and grooming him. Rabbits love soft harmless touch, so give as many head rubs and belly rubs.

Albino Pet Rabbit Stories
She is coming. Noo!

10. Rabbits have the Sassiest attitude, and Things can easily Get on their Nerves:

Albino Rabbit Nature and Personality

Rabbits are high on attitude, and they don’t like being picked up. However, my rabbits have always been pretty chill about hugs.

During winters Mr Buns enjoyed being picked up, patted on his back, and sticking around my family members.

The picture above is my favourite. Bunny was angry that day and was threatening me with his small grin, to remove the cardboard wall from the gallery.

He wanted to come with me, but I was schooling him that day because he was ravaging my Cherry blossom plant.

11. Rabbits are the Cutest muse of their Pet owners, they give the best Natural Poses:

Why Rabbits are Adorable Rabbit
Professor. Bunny is here. Kids come to my classroom asap!

This is my gladiator bunny, who is a bookworm, and enjoys reading novellas. See how he is turning the leaf of his favourite book.

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12. Rabbits have the Cutest Hippity Hoppity butt, that they Flaunt with Pride:

Albino Rabbit Nature
I run faster than Usan Bolt. Don’t challenge me!

Rabbits are fluffiest, softest, and cutest pets ever. I am obsessed with the round bottoms of my badass bunnies, which they flaunt with pride.

See how my hippity-hoppity bunny is playing around with the wool, and was escalated to receive our attention. I hope he is doing well in bun-bun heaven.

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Foot Note:

If you are motivated to get a pet rabbit because of this post. I would advice you to research more about rabbits. Because owning a bunny comes with a lot of responsibilities, and no rabbit deserves to be abandoned.

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Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

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