Little House Sparrow Returned Today: Sparrow who loves Roosting on Tube light

One fine evening, when I was sitting in my room completing my pending work. I saw a tiny sparrow fluttering over the LED tube light, struggling to perch on it. Upon noticing, I found out there were two lady sparrows, quarrelling with each other to own the spot. Because they wanted to roost there.

The cheepy verbal fight took place for about twenty minutes, after which one amongst them, got the victory. So the winner mounted on the tube light lifted her bottom and squeezed her body to fit in the bar. She shoved her puffy pumpkin bottom and made herself comfortable.

The bird, who lost the fight, saw her with mercy in her eyes. Begging her to allow her to roost on the tube light. But the tiny ferocious bird didn’t give her a green flag, to snuggle inside her tube light bed.

Solitude loving, Single Lady Sparrow:

Since sparrows are monogamous, male and female sparrows can be often seen accompanying each other. But this lady sparrow seemed to be single, with no male partner around. She didn’t want someone to put a ring on it!

At most times, she was accompanied by another female sparrow, who wanted to steal her spot. Like other animals, birds are also possessive about their territory and they safeguard it. So no other bird could trespass their boundary. Which means this little birdie wasn’t an exception.

Studying the behaviour of House Sparrow, who loves Roosting on tube light:

Timid by nature, sparrows fly away easily, if you try to come close to them. Therefore, the lady sparrow is always aware, if there’s any human activity going on in her frontier.

She comes to her roosting place at 5 in the evening and leaves early in the dawn. If someone is walking around the periphery of her roost, she peeps like a child to check– what the alien members are doing. But stays in her place, undisturbed by the activity of others.

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Little Sparrow Returned Today: Sparrow loves Roosting on Tube light
Sleeeeeep, sweet sparrow of mine…Sweet-e-e-e-t Sparrow of mine….

One day, my friends and I were sitting on the stairs of the porch, talking about the weather of Doon. The lady bird flew above our heads to sleep in her place. At first, she gracefully sat there. But soon after, she hopped from one window to the other.

Since she does that sometimes, I thought, she might be getting comfortable before crashing into bed. But the bird was savage, she actually wished that we’d leave. As she was feeling threatened by seeing new alien species around, new faces and a new crowd.

So we decided to move; when she saw this from afar. She quickly slipped on to her place, jumping hither and thither on the tube light, before finding her favourite corner to snuggle in. She does that every time.

How does a Sparrow sleeps or Roosts:

Ever wondered how does a sparrow sleep? You must have, even I was curious to know this. Thankfully, I got the opportunity to see it live. Birds roosting in trees might sleep in another fashion.

But the one, that built its haven on the tube light, slept with its bill facing downwards. And her head tucked under her bosom, partially fluffing up her body to keep it warm. Sometimes, struggling to balance her head, as she was in deep slumber.

Despite this, she was always alert even in sleep. A little movement or noise of human or animal activity could wake her up. All in all, it was lovely to watch a little sparrow lost in midnight memories, travelling in the kingdom of dreams.

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No Room for Sparrows:

The tiny sparrow stayed with us for over a month, visiting daily in the evening for a goodnight’s sleep. Then one day, when I was opening the door below her roost, the little bird got startled.

Though, she never bothered to pay heed other times, as she roosts high on the tube light. But that day, she got scared and flew away. I instantly regretted to have opened the door, as the bird didn’t return that evening. And neither the other day and the day after.

Yay! Little House Sparrow returned Today:

I felt bad for her, thinking if there were more trees around, she wouldn’t have to struggle, trying to fit in here. The trees that are planted in the backyard are already nursing a bulbul, who has built its nest.

And the vegetation around has been cleared to make houses. Maybe the poor bird has lost her house or she wants to take refuge here. So she can be marked safe from the heavy rains.

Soon a week flew by but the sparrow didn’t come to her old spot. Then today out of the blue, I heard wild chirps of two sparrows echoing in the porch.

They were none other than the two female fighter jets, fighting again to own the spot. I felt happy to see them back. Especially the early bird, who sleeps like a child on her LED tube light bed.

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Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

25 thoughts on “Little House Sparrow Returned Today: Sparrow who loves Roosting on Tube light”

  1. Nice read. Good to find nice observations about birds who do not communicate the way we can. One has to be sensitive to be able to make such observations. Keep writing.

  2. That was a detailed post about behavior of those sparrows. You’re very observant and attentitve to details. The fight of the lady sparrows reminds me that it’s not only humans that disagree. Animals do too. They reason and they fight for rights, they have sense.

  3. Thank you so much for such sharing such great insight. Indeed, we are similar to other species in a lot of ways. Although, we are different on the outside and have more powerful brains. But every other species that thrive on this planet respond to love, care and affection in the same way. It’s just that we express it by saying, while animals and birds through their actions and bodily movement. All we need to do is to observe. Take care, have a wonderful day ahead 🙂

  4. Awww. This is soooo sweet, Pragati! They are so very fun to watch!!! And if it makes You feel any better, where we live there are tons of trees. We are right up against many acres of woods and there are trees all over the place anyway. And still birds will argue over who gets to live in the awning over our door. Very funny. I reckon there’s just something about odd places they like. I’m so happy Yours came back! They can be very viscous and comical when staking their claim!!! Thanks for the smile You just gifted and Cheers!!! 🤗❤️🤗

  5. Wow, Katy. You made me visualise the place where you live in. With lots of birds and trees, very happy to hear that. It must be a treat for the birds. So true, they do like nesting in odd places 😄 I’m happy reading this made you smile. Much love, dearie ❤️

  6. Lovely post on sparrows..
    I remember when I could see sparrows all around which is not the case now…

  7. Wow, I am so relieved and happy at the end that beautiful sparrows returned. I can understand how it would have felt when they were gone.

  8. You are amazing i really appreciate the way you’ve observed so deeply the fight between sparrows i like the way you write

  9. Wonderful story. I am happy that finally, little sparrows returned back, they are soul of the concrete jungle. In the balcony of my house, there’s a nest of wire tailed swallow (taarpuncha). They are fierce, territorial. They build nest from mud. Love the happy Ending.

  10. Wow, man. I never heard of them before. Now I’m eager to learn more about them. Thanks, Ankit, for reading this and stopping by to comment on my story.

  11. Birds are so fascinating. Sparrows are so beautiful, they have become so rare in our place. We see them near grocery shops only. Every year a bulbul couple try very hard to build a nest on the tubelight corner. They keep trying, the dry leaves and sticks keep falling. I keep thinking that there will be no time for them to build a good nest somewhere else. I feel so happy when they go away. Nice post.

  12. Sparrows are lovely and it’s sad to see them struggling for little spaces, that are left. Don’t know for how long I’ll see them here. Since constant jabbing of trees have lead to a decline in their numbers. What you said about Bulbuls is absolutely right. They build their nests near the door or tubelight and usually such places don’t support nest building. I too feel bad when their efforts go in vain.

  13. My pleasure. Yes, they are wonderful creatures. Wire tailed swallow is often build a nest in city homes. Earlier i thought they were migratory, but no, these beautiful ones are local.

  14. Unfortunately, here in coastal Karnataka we see very few sparrows. There were so many of them. But there are a lot of bulbuls who keep trying to build their nests inside the house and even on tubelights. We cannot allow them to do so because we close the windows in the evenings. Thank you for a wonderful post.

  15. It’s the same in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. However, the place where I live has a decent population of these avian creatures. Over the years, the construction of houses has been rampant but I haven’t lost hope in serving these beautiful birds. I feed them daily, change the water in the bowls, and try my best not to invade their privacy. Therefore, birds perch on the windows of my house, and try to build nests (we too don’t allow them to do so for their own safety). However, after installing birdhouses, they are quite cherry, and so am I.

    It was lovely to hear from you, I would humbly request you to feed birds, and conserve our distant cousins residing, and evolving with us on their planet. Take care, dear.

  16. Padaku your photograph of tubelight shows its filament tubelight, not the LED tubelight….hahaha

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