Sparrows of the Dawn- Studying the behaviour of Birds

When the streets are silent and the sparkling lights of Mussoorie are about to turn off after a night’s display. My veranda beams with life. A flock of sparrows visits here every day to my delight. Before getting up when my eyes are still sore. These little chirpy birds put on a show on the roof of the adjacent house, which appears like a skyscraper from my window.

The male sparrows sit on the rooftop like school boys and shriek on the top of their voice:

The lady sparrows accompany them but they are small in numbers. Their shrills can be easily heard from a distance. That’s their meet and greet time, deciding where to fly in search of food and water.

Sparrows flying
The flight of sparrows

Some coolest of the lot put up an acrobat show, which is widely supported by their peers:

They open their feathers, twist their neck and hold a great stance, to take swift flights in the jade-blue sky. Some birds who are still numb after a cold night, fluff themselves to keep them warm, making them appear like little cotton balls.

The daredevil male sparrows and coy female sparrows:

Few daring male sparrows dive from the over-reaching branches of the trees, to sit on the ivy creeper, that decorates my lawn. Amidst the constant clatter of the thoughts, which never seem to hush after a long break of sleep. This glaring sight warms my heart from within.

Sparrow drinking water
Female sparrow quenching her thirst

Few birds have honed the art of masking their fear of humans:

When I go out to feed them, they fly away, only to return when I am gone. They sit on the green wall and tweet, signalling me to leave, as they want to be left unbothered.  As soon as I abandon the place, they happily peck millet from the lawn. After which they quench their thirst by drinking water from the earthen bowl.

Everyday morning ritual followed by a quick grooming session:

Few, I feel have a morning ritual, as they bathe and wet their feathers in the platter. Post this, their grooming session begins. The chirpy feathery earthlings are so naive that they are unaware of their shrinking habitat. The green foliage near my place is being hacked to death for building human encasement.

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House Sparrow
House sparrow collecting grass to build his nest

Shrinking greens and the dwindling population of sparrows is a grave concern:

How ironic, it is that we humans build our houses, by destroying the abode of our fellow beings. My house isn’t an exception, as we too killed a beautiful patch of wilderness, to build our home. We are selfish and crude! Now the view of wild sage, where many birds live, brood and whistle will be gone.

Sparrows are retreating:

The green bushes have been burnt and now their residue is left, where many birds still come, to smell the ash of their divine abode. The minion creatures are finding it hard to leave their battleground, where they held several chirping and flying competitions. Which was often trespassed and ruined by cattle, who came to hog on the fresh greens.

Sparrows sitting on the window railing
Sparrows sitting on the window railing

Now a house will stand tall here and the view of the window will be gone:

The beautiful vista of the untouched foliage will now reduce to a gigantic cement wall. It is sad to witness the plight of these feathery pollen carriers, who never claim their right on Earth or on their nests. Their patch of nature- their home.

Humans have interfered with nature in every way possible:

We rightfully claim lands and forests, the natural habit of our fellow beings by trading it with money. The human race has become self-absorbed that it comes naturally to us. Since we have never been taught, to take care of our fellow beings.


Our mother Earth has laden us with many free gifts but we have forgotten how to serve her:

We get so mad when an intruder tries to confiscate our place, home or country. It becomes a political matter that needs to be addressed soon. But when we do the same to our fellow beings, we don’t feel guilty. This hypocrisy should be abolished. Our environment needs concern. The human encroachment must be checked to make the small lifespan of our fauna, worth hustling for.

I have successfully managed to bring back the sparrows, that left our place. Shall discuss it in the next article, so you can try it too. Stay tuned!

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste!