10 Things You will Regret not Doing in College Once it’s Over

10 Things You will Regret not Doing in College Once it’s Over:

College can be one of the best times of your life so far, as the next four years will be filled with amazing firsts. Like first time living with a roommate who’s not your brother or the first time living without your parents. And memorable experiences like living in a dorm, taking a class with 400 other students, or rushing a sorority.

With so many awesome opportunities at your fingertips, how can you make the most of the next four years? Start by making sure you don’t miss out any, as you might regret doing so. Check out the 10 things you’ll regret not doing in college, once it’s over.

Living in a Dorm:

We get it, you just want to be on your own, and honestly, dorms can get a kind of icky like communal showers, really? Moreover, annoying blasting music at 2 a.m., the night before a big Chemistry midterm, really? But do yourself a favour, and don’t rush to get out of the dormitory.

Living in the dorm gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people, who you might never hang out with and get to know them on a personal level. It’s a good practice for learning to deal with different types of people. Chances are, you’ll find a few new BFF’s, within those halls. Plus, it’s kind of nice having someone, who can help you with your seminar paper, living right down the hall.

Studying Abroad (if you can swing the cost):

Remember when you were younger, you used to fantasise about travelling the world? Studying abroad is the perfect way to make that dream — a reality. If you can make it work, take advantage of one of your school’s study abroad programs.

Not only, will you get to eat delicious food, meet awesome new people, and learn a different language. But you’ll also get to experience new places and cultures in a way, that will totally open your mind and help you grow.

10 Things You will Regret not Doing in College Once it's Over

Getting ready for Class, sometimes:

Let’s face it, mornings are a struggle especially when you stayed up until 3 a.m. finishing the essay you forgot about, Oops! In college, rolling out of bed, grabbing your books, and rocking a T-shirt and yoga pants all day is totally acceptable. But once in a while, skip the snooze button and shower, do your hair, and put on an outfit that doesn’t include part (or all) of your pyjamas.

Looking put-together will show your teachers, that you’re serious about learning. So at least during that first couple of week, take the extra 30 minutes in the morning to make a good impression. Plus, the kid sitting next to you might one day become your boss or you — her boss. So road-testing some non-bedhead could be a bonus.

Taking a Class just because you’re Interested:

You have four years to complete your major. Take a class or two just because it sounds interesting, not just because it’s required.

These are the classes that you’ll excel in and value the most because you genuinely want to be there. And who knows, maybe it could help you find your major or minor, or lead you down the path to your dream career.

Visiting your High School Friends:

Even though you’ll be really caught up in everything going on at your own school, separating from your high school BFF’s can still be hard. Save up some cash and take advantage of a free weekend, to take a road trip to visit your High School friends at their schools.

Getting to put faces and visuals with the names of all the people and places they’re always talking about, will help you stay connected. Even when it feels like you’re living completely different lives. Plus, as much as you may love your college, it’s good to see what life is like outside of your campus, too!

You can even bring some of your new college friends along for the ride. Not only will your new and old friends get to bond. But their dining hall might be a refreshing break from yours or at least their pizza places.

Joining a Club:

Whether it’s a social organisation like Greek life, or an academic group like the newspaper. Joining a club has tons of benefits. Not only is it a great way to meet new people and possibly some cuties! But it also looks great to future employers.

Getting involved on campus shows that you can balance multiple projects. You can be a team player, and are willing to go above and beyond what is expected of you. Not to mention, it is a great way to pick up some skills that might prove handy on a resume. So go to the Activities Fair your first week even if it sounds totally lame, and sign up for at least one activity.

Taking advantage of your Professor’s Office Hours:

Back in High School, your teachers would come to you, if there was a problem with your homework or if you totally bombed a quiz. There was usually an opportunity to make it up, or at least, it gave you time to turn things around, before the end of the semester.

Unfortunately, college is not like that. It’s on you to take ownership of your grades. How you’re doing in your classes, and get help when needed. Even though your first year is going to be hectic, but you must take out some time, to meet your professors. Talk to them during their office hours.

Enquire about the upcoming paper or something in class you didn’t understand, to why you didn’t get the grade you wanted in your midterm. A lot of professors also hold special review sessions before exams. Go, mate, go!

Dating someone who’s Not your “Type”:

College is for trying new thing and that includes relationships. Normally into jocks? Chat up a musician! Dating different types of people will help you in deciding, what you are really looking for in someone.

That way when it comes time to DTR, you’ll know just what you want to do. And hey, you might be surprised by who you fall for!

Investing in a decent Backpack:

You may be attached to your fav high school bag, but it might not cut it for college. Since there’s no locker, to keep going back to between periods. You need to carry textbooks, notebooks, and a laptop with you, basically everywhere you go.

Best is to invest in a sturdy and stylish backpack, that’s up for the job. A two-strapper will help you avoid a seriously sore back or shoulder. Besides this, backpacks are totally trendy now. So you’ll not have any trouble in finding the perf one to fit your style.

Cheering on your School at a Game:

Even if you’re more interested in what the players look like than what they are doing on the field, college sporting events can be so much fun. There’s nothing like showing your school spirit and rooting for your team with friends.

So spend a Saturday afternoon or Tuesday night cheering on your school. Talking about the game could be the perfect, non-awkward way to chat up your crush.

Switching to the Major you really Want:

It’s hard to believe that at the ripe age of 18, we’re supposed to know exactly, what we want to do with our lives. While there are some people who are blessed and do know, it’s totally fine, if you don’t (or if you change your mind). Your first couple years in college are meant for discovering your passion. And changing your major is like deciding — what to wear in the morning.

Sometimes you have to try on a few different outfits before finding the perfect one. If it turns out that history, finance or pre-law isn’t your cup of tea. Then don’t stick to it, just because you don’t want to start over. Or merely because you have set your mind to become a lawyer, ever since you saw “Legally Blonde“.

Focusing on what interests you is generally the best recipe for finding success. And you’ll be much happier studying that, all those hours at the library. So don’t be afraid to change your major once or twice or even four times. Oops!

That’s all folks! See ya next time.

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