Beautiful Illusions of Self-Deception: The Consequences of Lying to Yourself

Life has a way of teaching lessons that we are supposed to learn at the right time, age and phase. Nobody is spared by it because to live is to learn. If you run away from the truth, no matter how hard it is. Sooner or later, it is going to hit you back.

Living in illusion can seem comforting because life seems a lot brighter inside that. However, we forget that there are events and situations that we might be escaping, just to deceive ourselves and our mind. But when the brain connects the events like dots and clears the grain of sand from the illusion.

Life slaps us by showing us the bittersweet reality. We know we’ve been lying to ourselves from years by shying away from the truth because it was hard to gulp. Alas, you are exposed to it and it is ready to tear you down.


Creating illusions to hold onto your fragile self: 

The consequences of lying to yourself and running away from the truth can be lethal. Especially when you are constantly feeding lies to your subconscious mind. In order to make it believe that the illusion in which you are living is real, is workable and you can continue living like this.

Deep down you are aware of what harm you are causing to yourself. Still, you want to step your foot onto the trail that leads towards the door, hiding the truth. So you can lock it and happily sit outside, holding the key of the door that safely keeps all your forbidden secrets.

You feel happier because you don’t want to raise the curtain. Because you are cherishing the reality that you have created for yourself. It is like a script that you have written for yourself. Keeping yourself in the centre stage. Therefore, it appeals to you. But it won’t work for long.

Living in illusions

When truth knocks the door:

Self-deception is one of the best ways to ignore what lies in front of you. It could be because of various reasons, depending on the person and situation. For instance, many of us lie to ourselves by making us believe– we are incapable of hurting anyone.

As a matter of fact, we all have played the role of a villain in someone’s life. Accepting your mistakes won’t make you any smaller. On the contrary, it will make you aware of the severity of your actions.

Like how your irrational behaviour can cause havoc in someone’s life. Since you are not only deceiving yourself. But everybody around you, including the one who has close ties with you.

When truth knocks the door

In what ways humans deceive themselves:

Not many of us realise the thread of lies we weave over a lifetime in order to make our journey pleasant. The most common way in which people deceive themselves is by holding on to people, relationships that are toxic by nature. In short, they are bad for your emotional and mental well-being.

Still many of us hold onto such relationships, which later results in severe mental outburts. Because we find it difficult to break the illusion in which we are living in. Since we self-curated the character of our significant other, which was beyond perfect. However, the reality is far cry from it.

We only see what we wish to see in our partner barring all the imperfections. And when their vices come out in broad daylight. We rub our eyes to see a couple of times, whether he/she is the same person we were madly in love with. Yes, they are the same person. In fact, they always have been. It’s you, who were lying to yourself by ignoring their true self. Because you didn’t want to hurt yourself and lose the person you dearly love.

Lying to yourself, sad woman

Imaginary life that we live in our head: 

Living in fiction seemed perfect to you back then. Because everything was all rainbows, hearts, and smiles. When in reality, nothing was the same. This kind of mental suffering is worse because you are deceiving yourself and making yourself suffer by holding onto that malicious relationship.

It is not only bad for your emotional and mental health but for your future as well. One who is abusive and manipulative will only bring madness and rage.

It will fill every inch of your life with drama and distress. This kind of relationship doesn’t work in the long run, especially if you are planning to settle down and have kids.

Imaginary lives

What are the other ways in which we deceive ourselves and put ourselves down: 

  • Believing that you are the centre of every important matter, which in the long term can make you narcissistic.
  • Living in our bubble of lies, wherein we believe that everything is perfect. This creates a false reality which hinders us to live with the problems of the real world.
  • Self-sabotaging yourself by constantly speaking ill about yourself and fearing to put forth your opinion.
  • Wrongly evaluating your talent and potential instead of working on them.
  • Making yourself a victim in your eyes, when you can tame all the demons and threaten them not to return.

The potential consequences of deceiving oneself:

  • Creating false imagery inside your head.
  • Duality of thoughts, not being able to withhold a strong opinion.
  • Harassing your mind by creating a web of lies, which you find difficult to escape from.
  • Inviting mental health problems by holding onto toxic thoughts, people and relationships.
  • Developing a weak personality since you aren’t attuned with your “true self”.


Bitter Truth and Sugar sweet lies: 

Despite the struggle between choosing the hard truth or comforting lies, always steer towards the light– the truth. No matter how unpleasant it may be. One cannot live in ignorance and call it bliss.

When the illusion breaks it causes severe mental trauma because one doesn’t find comfort in the real world. It is scary, dull and difficult for them to deal with.

Being honest with yourself will attune you with your own true self and will define the relations that you have with others. This will help you to invest your energy in people, situations and tasks that will provide content to your heart.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste