Loners & Relationships: What Happens when Two Loners Fall in Love

When the universe makes the meeting of two loners possible. It creates magnificent chemistry. They don’t necessarily do all the romantic stuff, that has been fed to us, by the cinema. But they certainly do all the good things together. Which creates a healthy relationship like getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Birthdays, anniversaries may go like seasons but the love in their hearts continue to grow. Because they can completely be themselves without being formal. So if you are a lone wolf or are simply curious about one. Then do check out– What happens when two Loners fall in Love.

Protectors of each other’s solitude:

Loners treasure solitude because answers to some questions are best found when one is at peace. That is why loners protect each other from getting wasted in the crowd.

“The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude”. — Aldous Huxley

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Explanations become redundant:

When two loners enter into a relationship, unnecessary explanations become redundant. Since you two have a similar lifestyle, you know your partner’s likes and dislikes. The perk of which is, you can be completely free from any formality like meeting each other’s friends, remembering their birthdays and anniversaries.

What’s best is rather than complaining, your partner is cool with it. The plus point is there are no cold nights, where you sleep feeling like– you are a monster in someone’s life. Merely because you are failing to keep up with your partner. As you have to explain every bit of your silence, to make them feel assured of the union.

They have their secret code for escaping the crowd:

Loners value the time and energy they invest in a person or relationship. Which means, they often stay away from gossiping and exchanging information, that’s absurd in nature and lacks authenticity.

Since loner couples are on the same page, they know how to save their partner from drowning in mindless conversation. Hence, they come up with their secret codes to cut themselves out, from the thread of conversation. Well, let’s not disclose the secret codes here. ☮️

They grow together:

Loners are aware of their self-worth and they acknowledge it by treating their dear one with love, integrity, and care. When two lone wolves fall in love, it is nothing but a miracle. Given the fact that there are only a few, who can match your energy.

It is like dancing with the wind, which sometimes smothers you. While other time rises in the form of a hurricane. Therefore having a twin flame, makes you leave behind the troubles of tomorrow, and focus on today. Hence, they grow and blossom together.

They know how to help their partner when one runs out of fuel:

Getting caught up in social obligations can be a little frustrating sometimes. You know there’s no escape, especially in workplace culture. Where you have to work with different kinds of people, having contrasting personalities. Sometimes, sitting in your cubicle, minding your own business, and putting all your energy in your task isn’t enough.

Because some people will find a way to force themselves in your chamber of solitude, wanting to dig deep inside. The rest of the peace is snatched away by the office parties that your boss throws around. Although such parties are meant for team building. But they are seldom wasted on beer, booze and debating.

So when you are frustrated of being dragged into office politics, parties or college fests. Your solitude loving partner saves you from being eaten up by the crowd. He/she keeps reminding you– no matter how difficult it gets. You two will never lose because you know how to stand alone, even in difficult times.

No fake apologies:

Since you two lie on the same spectrum, you don’t have to apologise to your partner for not being a public person. You both understand, there’s no guilt associated with being on your own sometimes.

The foundation of a strong relationship is based on understanding, and negotiations only rupture it. Therefore, one should work on making each other’s lives better, and not on pointing fingers at each other.

They don’t beg for attention:

Neither of them begs and fight for attention. Loner couples know, heartfelt connections don’t require pomp and show. Since loners are inclined towards peace and growth. They like to invest their time in self-contemplation.

Therefore, they happily give space to each other without being selfish. Being possessive of someone, who is already yours only causes anxiety. To maintain a healthy relationship, one needs to feel liberated and not suffocated.

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They are wild for each other:

Being emotionally intelligent creatures, loners know it takes time to make heartfelt connections. Nobody can force it, either you vibe or you don’t. There’s no need to stretch a conversation, meeting or a relationship like an elastic band.

That is why loners take time to commit. They put efforts where they feel, they are being understood and are not seen as a project to work on. And when they find someone from their tribe, sparks fly. Their intimacy is multidimensional. It’s emotional, spiritual, mindful, physical and much more than that.

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They express love without putting it on display:

In today’s brag and boast kind of social life. Many of us feel the need to put everything on display on different social media apps. Including our shiny possessions, career milestones even our emotions. And the worse, sharing info of others without their permission.

Surprisingly, many couples do that. They post pictures, stories and personal info of their partner, without seeking their consent. Many of us knowingly or unknowingly rob our loved one’s privacy by sharing their details.

But this isn’t an issue when two loners date each other as they both dislike publicising their lives. Therefore, they keep their love intact in their heart by not violating each other’s privacy. They like keeping their private life to themselves by feeling the warmth of a loving relationship.

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They care for each other like wolf pups:

Loners don’t need much if they have someone to love. They treasure meaningful companionship and care for each other like little wolf pups. Loners can be passionate for each other and honest at the same time. And when they find one. It’s like a silver lining shining in a sky full of dark clouds.

But their challenge can be well explained in the words of British writer Warsan Shire, who wrote: My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

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