Why Long-Distance Relationship can be Great for Introverts, Loners & People with Social Anxiety

Long-distance relationship can be a complete no-no for some. While for others it can be the biggest opportunity to connect with another human being, without having the need to meet and greet often.

A wise anonymous writer defined long-distance relationship as, “Inconveniently the most effective way to find out if you really love each other.”

Benefits of being in a Long-distance Relationship:

There is always another side of the coin, so let’s talk about the benefits of being in a long-distance relationship:

  • Long-distance couples get to know each other on a deeper level. Hence they don’t believe in superficial love, possessed by beauty and lust.
  • There’s so much patience, and understanding in a long-distance relationship, which eventually cuts down the drama.
  • You don’t have to plan dates and meetings. No need to spent hours thinking, where we will meet, and what shall be the course of action.
  • There’s so much room for you to breathe because you both exist peacefully in your own sphere.
  • Planning dates and meetings is always easy on your pocket, because you get to meet only a couple of times in a year.
  • There’s so much spark and excitement in your relationship. Because you get to meet less, and when you do. It feels like serendipity.
Why Long-Distance Relationship can be Great for Introverts, Loners & People with Social Anxiety

Issues related with Longdistance Relationships:

Just like regular relationships, long-distance relationships have its own pros and cons. And not many people can sustain a long-distance relationship.

Because as individuals our personality, attachment style, and priorities are different from one another.

Some individuals are over-dependant on their partner for emotional support, that they need them to be present 24*7 around them. Which isn’t possible in the case of long-distance relationships.

Therefore it could be a problem for some, while for others it comes as a blessing.

Because when you are in a long-distance relationship, you become more: self-dependent, self-reliant, and confident to take prompt and independent decisions.

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Why Introverts tend to do well in Long-distance Relationships:

Long-distance relationships work pretty well for some personalities, such as introverts and loners. Because they don’t like that constant thrust of energy around them, as it makes them overwhelmed.

However, just like any other individual, they too love connecting with someone on a deeper and personal level. Which I think is very much possible in the case of long-distance relationships.

As it helps them to open up from their comfort zone, and go out and explore the world. Therefore long distance relationship can work amazingly well for introverts and loners.

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I think the introvert in us will agree with this:

“I’m very picky with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity, and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity.” ~ Dau Voire

How Introverts can Benefit from Long distance Relationship:

Introverts don’t like to rush into a relationship before getting to know someone on a deeper level.

Since helps in developing a better understanding, and to know whether you two are compatible or not. Which is the opposite of what is happening today. Because now people meet even before they get to know each other.

Swipes are made, and requests are sent for a coffee date and bam! you are committed. The statuses are updated quickly and are taken down even more swiftly.

This again is the cause and effect of working on your desires and instincts, rather than on your mental and spiritual level. Wherein you contemplate yourself about:

  • What are you seeking?
  • How will you manage it? and
  • Do you have the patience to handle, and cherish another human’s energy?

Therefore, long-distance relationships can be a blessing for introverts, and those who wish to know their muse better.

Apart from this here are other reasons, why long-distance relationships can be great for introverted, and socially conscious people.

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Long-distance relationship tips for introverts

6 Reasons why Long-distance Relationship can be great for Introverts, Loners & alike:

[1] You can ace Communication Skills:

Since introverts often find themselves at a loss of words or often hesitate to express themselves freely. Mainly because of sour experiences with impatient and judgemental people.

Therefore having a partner to talk to will help you to ace your communication skills. This in turn will help you to deal with people, at your workplace, and in your daily life.

[2] Enlightening and Imparting Knowledge, Nerd Check:

Introverts are thirsty for knowledge, and intellectual and spiritually awakening conversations, are our weakness.

So when you have the liberty, time, and, a loved one to share your thoughts with. Then imagine how interesting conversations can be.

How fun it’ll be to peep into your partner’s mind by exchanging info about subjects, that you are passionate about.

[3] Cultural Education and Exchange:

Our world is diverse, and so is the culture. Therefore chances are you may befriend someone from another culture, ethnicity, or place.

You can share amazing folklore’s and songs, which speaks of our culture. Maybe learn another language or dialect spoken by your beloved, because diversity is strength.

[4] Let loose and Chill because you are not being Forced into Anything:

It’s a treat for introverts when they don’t have to do all the unnecessary formalities at the beginning of a relationship.

By the time you two meet, you are chill and relaxed. There’s a genuine aura of free flowing energy between you two. Which allows you to truly enjoy yourself, because you don’t have to act in a certain way.

It’s more like yeah! I know my buddy, let’s take over the day with our sass. I think this works well for introverts.

Because we don’t like being pushed into situations, where we feel heck! Where am I? What am I doing? and Geez! people actually like this.

So chill and make a good rapport with each other before setting your foot on the aisle.

[5] Not too Close neither too far, that’s a Perfect space for Us:

Distance isn’t a problem for introverts because our priorities are different. We are more concerned about the nature of the relationship than the distance.

If we look at the other side of the coin, being in a long-distance relationship helps you to focus on your dreams and aspirations.

Nor you are too engrossed in each other, neither you get the dopamine rush which regular relationships give. As an outcome of it, you eventually stray you from your goals.

Whereas, long-distance relationship maintains that balance by giving us a natural dopamine detox.

[6] Your Insanely attractive Solitude will still be with You:

Your sweet, sweet solitude isn’t hampered by anybody. You get time for yourself to self-contemplate, to recharge, and to accept things as they are.

You can dive in and feel that stillness inside. While keeping that sacred energy of your significant-other safe in your heart.

This in turn helps in securing that bond between the couple. As you get time to channelise your energy and appreciate what you have in between.

Why Long-distance can be a Personality Development Tool for Socially Anxious People:

People who have social anxiety often find it hard to get into relationships. Because they know that getting involved in one would require meeting that person. Then his/her family, and friends which are unknown to that person.

Therefore, the very thought of being in a relationship discourages socially conscious people.

Because of the uneasiness felt before meeting that person. And the awkward silence that persists, when you two meet for the first time, can harass you for days.

As a person who was formerly too conscious of my self-image, and was socially anxious most of the time. I know what all goes into our minds.

Although I wasn’t meek or had low self-esteem or confidence. But I always felt out of place with people around. Thankfully with time, I learned how to open up and adjust to the environment.

Now I know when to involve, and when to retreat for my mental peace, which is now a priority. Hence, I understand how problematic things can be if someone wishes to bond but fears about the outcome.

How people with Social anxiety can benefit from Long-distance relationship:

If you are someone who is dealing with social anxiety and even friendly social interactions, and reunions. Or first meetings with people makes you anxious, and form negative opinions beforehand.

Then I would highly suggest you not to abruptly throw yourself in such situations, and challenge yourself for no reason.

Instead, give a gentle push to yourself and keep taking baby steps at the same pace. In the beginning, you might feel awkward and squeamish.

But when you’ll start planning such meetups with people or someone you are interested in, with a positive outlook. Then you’ll start appreciating that beautiful connection.

This will help you to:

  • Form friendships with like-minded people and bond with them.
  • It’ll give you an exposure to situations, which demands dealing and interacting with people.
  • You can form a positive circle with your special person, where you two built your own support group.
  • Constant human interaction with a positive person will help you to come out of your shell, and experience new things.
  • You’ll start feeling comfortable in doing simple tasks, which you felt intimidated about earlier. It could be dancing, swimming or simply doing things in front of people, which made you nervous before.
  • Most importantly, long-distance relationship saves you from predators, as time reveals their true intention even before meeting them.

When you Find that ‘one person’ who isn’t Judgemental, you’ll find your Tribe:

Inside we all want to bond and connect. But bad experiences with bad people at bad timing, makes us form strong opinions about “people” in general.

Some are gold and you must find them, even if it is one person or two. It could be a family member or an elderly person, who shares wisdom with you like a guru.

Why forming Healthy relationships is Good for you:

Maintaining healthy relationships with good people will keep a check on your mental health. Thereby, multiplying your happiness by tenfold.

Hence, I believe long-distance relationships can help socially anxious and socially awkward people to open up.

Because in a long-distance relationship you get to know a person skin deep, before planning a meeting. This saves you from many awkward moments, that happen because of the excitement, and hurry to take the decision.

By the time you meet that person, you are in a good space mentally, where you have accepted them as a friend and companion.

You feel comfortable in meeting, and there’s no room for anxiety and stress. Which is important for cherishing any kind of human relationship and interaction.

Personal Note from me:

Here I am leaving the definition of a relationship to you. Because a relationship could be sacred or satanic, depending on where you chose to invest your energy in.

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Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

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