The Golden rules for balancing Relationship with Studies

Being in a relationship is the most wonderful experience one can ever have. Every relationship grows with time and devoting time is not that easy. We all are often busy in our own lives and it becomes a bit difficult to take a phone call or text when you are amidst something really important like ‘studies’.

This is exactly the kind of situation where you can’t focus and help yourself from being distracted. So here are few tips to the rescue that can help you in maintaining an equilibrium between studies and relationship.

Mutual understanding:

It is important for you to have a good understanding with your partner. Both should understand that you need not have to talk for hours to keep the relationship alive. The relationship sustains only when you see your partner growing and nobody wants to see their academic downfall.

If you know that your academics are suffering badly then it’s time for you to have a good talk about it. This doesn’t mean that you should put a halt to all the hangouts and chat but the need of limiting and balancing it with your studies.

Spend your time wisely to build a healthy relationship

Spend your time wisely:

In whatever you indulge yourself with just remember to spend your time judiciously. Make sure that when you sit down to study, you are actually studying and not passing your time on your cell phone.

Likewise, choose the hobbies that work as a stress buster for you. It’s only when you are relaxed, you can study attentively so try to manage your time accordingly.

“Order and simplification are the first steps towards mastery of a subject”
― Thomas Mann

Know your partner’s routine:

Most people in a relationship complain about not getting enough time for their partner. So if you know when your partner is busy and when he is up for you, then this can be of great help. Set your schedule accordingly.

It is by and large not mandatory for you to set up a timetable (that you know you won’t follow!) but you can just plan about how long you can study and complete your other work as well. So that by the time your beloved is free you can also spend some quality time with him.

Stay focused:

It is really necessary that when you are studying you are completely engrossed in it. Try to stay focused as long as you can and study with full concentration. Take breaks in between if you lose your focus and most importantly, don’t spend your time in studying when you are feeling lethargic or simply not in the mood.

Always study with a fresh mind and make sure that you are not just reading the letters but also understanding the concepts. This will help you to make up time for your dear one.

“Study hard, for the well is deep, and our brains are shallow.”
― Richard Baxter, The Reformed Pastor

Quality, not the quantity of study

Quality, not the quantity of study:

When you sit down to study, challenge yourself that you will finish off studying the given chapters in a fixed time. This will help you in staying focused and enthusiastic while studying.

Also, reward yourself when you are able to keep up by calling up your partner or spending time with him. Believe me, you will feel glad and confident about yourself. This will even save the extra time that you waste while dreaming and not studying.

Your relationship problems should not affect your studies:

A common reason for most breakups is that – “I can’t focus on my studies along with the relationship and because of this frustration; I am unable to give myself entirely into this relationship.” So if you don’t want to experience this then you should not mix up your relationship issues with your academics.

You will never be able to study with full heart until your mind is clear of the other distracting thoughts. You can’t study with a distracted mind and a broken heart. Therefore, it will be better if you can sort out your problems by talking, else you should have a firm mindset of not letting your emotions meddle with your brain.

Motivate each other:

It is not something that can cram things up in your brain automatically but yes, if you motivate and support your partner for studying rather than getting annoyed if he/she is unable to answer the call or join you somewhere when he/she is into books.

You should always comprehend without making your partner feel guilty for not sparing time for you. By incorporating these few tips in your love life, you can feel more confident and optimistic about your relationship.