There isn’t a Perfect way to Love because Love comes in many Expressions

Love is such a pure feeling in this world that it cannot be described in mere words. It nor can it be limited to a certain gender, species, age, colour, and race.

Irrespective of what you are, how you feel, how you look like, you are bound to experience love in one or the other form. It could be between your family, friends, the pet that you own, or the plants that you take care of like your own children.

Self-expression isn’t Bad, neither does it make you Weak, so Express yourself freely:

Whenever love will warm your heart with its tender touch, you will express it in different ways. Some of us do not express our feelings openly, as we have this constant fear of being snubbed or corrected for doing so.

While others bathe in it and sprinkle it around, whenever they get an opportunity to do so. They swim in it, and shower it on their beloved, without feeling hesitant to showcase their feelings to the world.

Hence, they burst like a volcano full of emotions, and share their primeval feelings with their friends, family, and everyone they know. Because they can feel love coating their heart with a sugar crust.

On the contrary, some are hush-hush about it. Because they don’t like breaking the ice before it forms. Hence, they wait for their relationship to ripen before sharing the news with their pals.

Since everybody is different when it comes to the way they feel and how their personality is formed from their life experiences. Therefore, each one of us will express our feelings of love differently.

How different people Express their love differently:

There isn’t a rulebook for love and you should never try to give a meaning to it. Or compare it with, what they show in movies, where saying— I love you, sends shivers down their spine.

For some, it may just be words, which doesn’t have much impact after some time. Because when you say the same thing repeatedly, it becomes normal like “Hello!”

However, they might give importance to actions. Since actions prove what words fail to express sometimes.

But if you like expressing your emotions with words then you must. Because we all are doing the same thing. We all want to express, share our love, and make our loved one know—Yes! you matter to us.

So express the way you want and don’t discourage anybody to express their love for you. Or try to correct them by saying— No! this isn’t the right way to do it.

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Different ways of expressing Love:

Maybe your own partner doesn’t like saying those three words to you. But what if they express it differently?

  • Like sticking by your side in times of destitute,
  • Writes to you,
  • Asks you whether you are doing fine,
  • Catches you, when you lie about your health,
  • Can smell your tears before, they roll down on your cheeks and fall,
  • Tries to comfort you, when you haven’t opened about what’s hurting you inside.

If these are not expressions of love, I don’t know what it is.

Also, there’s a guideline for love, that most people follow and force others to do the same, in order to be “normal.”

Which includes:

  • Love between same sex individuals,
  • Saying I love you (even if they are fighting, cheating or not into it).
  • To be available on phone or text 24*7,
  • Celebrating Valentines because others are doing,
  • Forcing each other to like or meet their friends,
  • Calling each other before sleep, and texting on waking up.
There isn’t a Perfect way to Love because Love comes in Several Expressions
When people hate others for falling in love. There is something wrong with this world.

I sense a pattern here, how everybody is following this religiously. Have they learned it from others? Or humans, in general, don’t know how to express love or aren’t creative enough.

Everybody I see, have met or have spoken to, friends, etc. is following this. Are they brainwashed by their peers, or are simply influenced by this age of social media and cell phone culture?

The more a person does this, the more they expect their insignificant other to follow it to the T.

The Harsh reality of Over-expressing and Under-expressing the feelings of Love:

Some people need to be screamed in their ear to make them feel, you love them. Because for them love is when you express it in front of someone, a crowd, social media, or by parroting the words, that means the same.

And when love knocks their door, they can’t see it tiptoeing inside. Because they are enamoured by the fictional romance, they envisioned for themselves. When in reality things are different.

On the other hand, some people don’t appreciate the subtle signs of love. And discourage their partner to express their love for them. Even when they aren’t being a loudmouth.

Such people have a strong image of themselves, which they like to maintain in the society. As they don’t want to be seen as soft. Because it’ll crush the image, which they feel proud of inside.

Hence, they often discourage their significant other to say, express, or even try their bit to make them feel special in some way.

This unwillingness could come from ego, trauma, or some underlying issues related to their personality, and the way they look at life.

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If your Partner makes you feel Bad for expressing yourself, then its a Red flag:

One of the disturbing realities that exist is that, some people try their best to make others believe, that expressing yourself is bad. It’s a wastage of time and such things can be felt in silence too. Which is true to some extent.

However, if someone wants to express then let them do so. Love doesn’t harm anybody, and expressing yourself shouldn’t be a crime, or something to feel bad about.

Ironically, such people need love to heal themselves. And they do acknowledge love, when it comes their way. But at the same time, they want to stitch the lips of their partner by maintaining a list of do’s and don’ts.

If you don’t like being loved. Then you shouldn’t ignite such feelings in someone’s heart. Because this push and pull kind of thing will disturb your lover and will make them question about their value in this relationship.

There isn’t a Perfect way to Love because Love comes in Several Expressions
Love locks hanging at Pont des Arts bridge in Paris.

Being a Romantic isn’t bad, but Expecting the same from your Partner is:

Cringe romantic movies have given such a bad reputation to romance, and being a romantic at heart.

When it’s just a cute medium of self-expression, and there’s nothing petty about being one, and doing things you like, such as:

  • Going on outings and being a shutterbug for your beloved by making videos with them.
  • Couple dancing to your favourite tracks or singing songs for them,
  • Celebrating all the dates that benchmarked the important milestones of your relationship,
  • Recording precious memories with them in a time frame.
  • Wearing matching outfits etc.

However, if your partner isn’t a romantic and expresses their love by doing things, they feel like is important for sustaining a healthy relationship. Then it’s of no use to fight or persuade them to do so.

Since they are doing what’s needed and their way of expression is different from yours. Because they feel the same inside, and there’s room for two inside their heart.

Express, Love and share the Positivity because the world needs it:

Though our way of expression is different when it comes to love. But inside we all are the same.

We all have similar desires and wants, that are essential for our survival. Love only makes that journey pleasant, especially when there’s mutual feelings of love and respect for each other.

“To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask no further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.— Victor Hugo, French Poet”

Love comes in different Forms and we must Embrace it with open arms:

Know that love comes in many forms:

  • Like teasing your sibling by making faces,
  • Carrying your pet in your arms like a baby,
  • Pecking your mother’s face,
  • Giving random names to your nieces and cousins,
  • Fidgeting with your partner for playing the song that you like,
  • Feeding the birds and watching them with awe,
  • Going on long evening walks with your friend,
  • Saying I love you infinite times, to the one, you love.

Whatever your way is, its good unless it hurts someone. Offer love but don’t expect the same. Because the person on the receiving end, may have their way of expressing it.

Sometimes you may not get the same amount of love, or will be corrected for doing so, by your loved ones. Then what?

If you feel, you are being disrespected or being mistreated then talk, and don’t forget to self-talk (for expert opinion). And more than anybody pour that love to yourself.

Have been failed by Humans?

Try giving that love to animals, they need it the most. Pet therapy works wonders on your mental health, and also gives you, your best companion.

With that huggable body and charming smile, who wouldn’t fall in love with them? More so, when they are elated to receive it and to bond with you. And will usher more love on you than you’ll ever imagine.

Since we are alive, the best thing we can do is to give to send positive vibrations to the universe, and the more you do so, the better you will feel.

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Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

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