10 Funny Things Girls know about their Brothers

Brothers are insane, they are like an atom bomb which can tick anytime. They make you go crazy; they make you go mad. But they are your best secret keeper and your personal bodyguard.

It’s hard to live with them and even harder to think of separating. So here’s a small dedication to our beloved brothers. Dive down, to know the 10 Funny Things Girls know about their brothers.

1. You are his Lab Rat to pull Pranks on:

Guys like pulling pranks on their mates but that won’t stop him from trying his tricks on you. He will occasionally use his evil powers to scare you. Either by presenting a dead cockroach to you or by bringing his smelly socks near your nostrils. Brothers can be a pain sometimes. Yuck!

2. His weekly Sob Stories are a Trap:

Ugh! Once or twice a week, he will come up to you, begging money by putting that puppy dog face. No matter how much you try ignoring him. He will still come after you, again and again. Weaving a new story every time. But what can we do? He is our little munchkin.

3. Portraying the Macho Man image in front of other Guys:

Well this is cute because he actually cares for you. He might be a softie at heart but will take that Macho Man avatar, to protect you. So that no creep dares to mess with you. You are his princess and he loves you to death.

4. Giving weird Nicknames to you:

He will tease you by spoiling your name. He absolutely enjoys doing that and loves watching your reaction. If you are getting irritated, then chances are he will increase the intensity of his humour, to make you boil with anger. If you want to backfire, then just stay quiet because he won’t like it.

5. Trying to fit into your Girls Gang:

Don’t get me wrong, he isn’t an agony aunt who wants to give advice to your girlfriends. But he actually wants to get closer to them, so he can win their hearts. Keep him away from your girls otherwise, he will ruin the pact. Men will be men! Just remember that.

6. Secretly using your Beauty care Products:

Ever wondered how your face wash or the new lotion you bought gets emptied soon? It could be none other than your brother. Yes, guys, these days love pampering themselves.

They like taking care of their skin and that’s actually good. But please buy your own products because you might be ruining your sisters budget. Sorry!

7. Requesting you to Befriend his Love Interest:

This is the most requested thing we get from our brothers. And it’s pretty harmless because we love keeping in touch with our brother’s love interest. It gives you the opportunity to know the person and you can hang out with her often.

Can go shopping and for brunch. And sometimes, when there’s some turbulence in their ship, you can settle the matter to make them stay together. It’s cute, isn’t it?

8. Giving Crazy Fashion Tips:

One thing every girl will agree is that brothers come up with unsolicited fashion advice. From telling you to dye your hairs pink to advising you to wear orange pants, so you look like a pumpkin.

He can beat the top fashion labels and world-class designers, with his out of the box fashion ideas. But he will still come to you, asking whether his t-shirt goes with his shoes or not. Brothers are one of its kind.

9. Will silently Support You:

Although he portrays that angry young man image but inside, he is a real gem. When mum pa is against you, he will come to your rescue. If you want to hang out with your friends or want to go to a party.

He will support you, so you can enjoy like he does. From leaving the city for work to working alone in a project. He will do his best to help you out in times of distress.

10. He is a Clown and a Piece of your Heart:

When he cries, you cry too and when he is happy, you feel elated. Such is the brother-sister bond. You both share laughter, sadness, and happiness together. He might a real pain sometimes, but that doesn’t stop you from loving him. He is insanely adorable.

Cheers to the brother-sister bond! Let thy spirit be high in love.