Loving a Lone Wolf: How to keep a Relationship on with a Loner

Loving a Lone Wolf: How to keep a Relationship on with a Loner

To maintain a healthy relationship with someone who likes to be alone is not as difficult as climbing a mountain. Despite choosing to stay away from people and being lone wolves, loners are extremely affectionate and caring once they come close to you.

If you and your partner have contrasting personalities and are finding it difficult to adjust. Because you have an outgoing nature and he/she seems happy whirling on their own. Then swim below to learn– How to keep a relationship on with a loner.

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1. Give your Lone Wolf enough space to be Himself:

Instead of dragging your lone wolf from his space, give him the liberty to himself. When dealing with a loner remember that patience is the key.

Once you start cherishing the moments of solitude with a loner, he/she will confide in you, and will not hesitate to accept you with open arms.

2. Let him Recharge on his Own:

Loners need their time-off to recharge and bounce back to their true self. Allow them to do so and don’t be clingy. If you have an anxious-preoccupied attachment style, you will have a hard time dealing with a loner.

However you two must communicate and share your insecurities with each other. To resolve the issues that you may have, as you two have divergent personalities.

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Loving a Lone Wolf: How to keep a Relationship on with a Loner

3. Don’t force your Lone Wolf to accompany You at every Social gathering:

Loners dislike being surrounded by people for long. Therefore, they try their best to avoid places, where they might be forced to initiate any sort of conversation.

This includes going to parties, social gatherings or public events, where you are most likely to meet random strangers.

In such a case, you must respect each other’s boundaries. And give your partner the liberty to say ‘No’ when needed. Because doing things half-heartedly is nothing but punishment.

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4. Have Patience as Loners take some Time to Open up:

Patience is the key when it comes to bonding and loving a loner guy or girl. They might seem to be off-key sometimes because they keep a lot to themselves.

But just like any other individual, loners too enjoy having intimate and personal relationships, which fills their heart with love and care.

All you need to do is have some patience and learn little by little. Not everybody likes unravelling different layers of their personality at once.

5. Don’t try to become a Therapist:

Everybody is concerned about their partner’s well being. They want them to lead a fulfilling and stress-free life. But some go to the extreme and wonder whether their partner feels insecure– living in a shell.

Because for loners that isn’t the case, they have chosen the loner lifestyle because it works the best for them.

So don’t come up with unnecessary advice like– you should become more social or you must hang out more than often.

Your partner might be intimidated by this and would dislike you for being ignorant and judgemental. Loners don’t need a therapist but a small circle of good people, who they see, when they wish to.

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Loving a Lone Wolf: How to keep a Relationship on with a Loner

6. Make Deeper connections by Spending sometime in Solitude:

Dating a loner means, you must step out of the fuzzy romantic love and feel the free-flowing cosmic connection, that will bring you two closer.

Instead of going on dates or hanging out in public all the time, try and plan something that works well for you two. Go out for hiking or camp under the star-studded sky.

Your partner will appreciate it as loners are sensitive, and they love building deeper connections.

Remember in silence, you will get to know more about your partner than in the maddening clatter of the city, which will only mute your partner’s voice.

7. Let your lone wolf feel comfortable before introducing him with your family and friends:

Before making all the plans for your loner partner, make sure he/she is ready for the new changes. Loners usually take some time to open up and be comfortable enough to initiate conversations with others.

They don’t like robotic and dead conversations, which generally happens when they don’t know a person well. Therefore, you must give some time to your partner before planning a dinner or brunch date with your family members.

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8. If you use phrases like, “You need to change yourself” often then just SORRY!

There are people who later in life complain about their loner partner for not being fun and interesting, like other boys from the block. This creates tension in a relationship because nobody likes being accused of being themselves.

If your man loves you, he will make efforts to do things that you find interesting. But if you are putting words in his ears and expecting him to behave the way you want, sadly it won’t work ever. Nobody likes being governed by anybody. Stay calm and do not say, you need to change your ways.

Loving a Lone Wolf: How to keep a Relationship on with a Loner

9. Do not rush, keep things slow:

If you are expecting too much from your partner, then you need to slow down. Because nothing will ever work if you’ll lose patience.

Sparks fly, when two divergent personalities collide. Therefore, you must understand each other before committing yourself to one another.

10. It’s not a mental health issue so relax:

Everybody has a different personality and their emotional needs are different. While some crave attention, others don’t. They do well when left alone or with someone, they bond well with. It gives them ample time to turn inward and focus on themselves and their goals.

To get attuned with their “self” and nurture food for thought that isn’t maligned by the opinions and drama ignited by the powerful members of the society like– media, affluent biggies and other sources. They like keeping a clear conscience by living a solitary life. So just relax and let your loner guy/girl do what they want.

Key Takeaways:

1.Give your loner partner enough space to be himself
2.Let them recharge on their own, give them time
3.Don’t force your lone wolf (loner partner) to accompany you at every social gathering
4.Have patience as loners take some time to open up
5.Don’t try to become a therapist
6.Make deeper connections by spending sometime in solitude
7.Let your loner partner feel comfortable before introducing him/her to your family and friends
8.Don’t use phrases like, “You need to change yourself”
9.Do not rush, keep things slow
10.Being loner not a mental health issue so relax

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