12 Heartfelt Things Only Introverts Can Relate To

12 Heartfelt Things Only Introverts Can Relate To:

Introverts have a snuggly place inside their mind, where they like to retreat more than often. Since introverts have a special bond with themselves.

Therefore, when it comes to partaking in activities and tasks that others consider as adrenaline pumping. They tend to hold a different view as they don’t feel the same about it. 

This why sometimes, they feel a bit awkward and not so comfortable to engage with others, for which they have to push themselves in doing so.

This is why, they often turn to themselves for comfort and find their peace within. So here are some of the situations, that you may have encountered, if you are an introvert like me.

Checkmark how many of these things you can relate to if you are an introvert and share your response with me.

12 Things only Introverts can Relate to:

12 Heartfelt Things only Introverts can Relate to

1. You are an introvert if you like celebrating your birthdays alone or at home:

This is one of the most common things only introverts can relate to. All my introverted friends I know enjoy celebrating their birthday alone or at home. Since we believe it’s like any other day and can be special as any other day. 

Back in school, when kids were busy pleasing the birthday boy or girl to get an invitation from them. There I was silently minding my business, wishing, “Please don’t invite me to your birthday party.” I guess other introverts can relate it with too.

So whenever my birthday came, and some old school pals enquired about my plans for the day, I responded them with, “Nothing much I’ll celebrate it at home.”

Their sorry reactions were hilarious. Because they thought, I am lonely and doesn’t have anybody to celebrate it with, and was wasting the big day of my life by not partying with friends.

On the contrary, I was happy celebrating my birthday with no forced treatment or making special efforts to please people around.

The joy of being all by yourself and receiving warm wishes from your small circle. While having appetizing food with your family and feeling grateful for it, is our kind of fun which is wildly understated.

2. Although we feel a lot but we are bad at consoling others:

The most uncomfortable situation for an introvert would be consoling a dear one. Because only we know how weird it gets for us. Not because we are insensitive or doesn’t have empathy or we dislike other beings.

Because being up-close and personal with others makes us a bit uncomfortable. Firstly, because we don’t know to deal with such situations. Because it’s like entering into someone’s personal territory which they would or wouldn’t welcome.

Secondly we don’t vent our feelings or express the same way as others do. We are stoic like rabbits, and deal with pain by retreating, and dislike receiving words of sympathy from others.

On the inside we would be erupting into a volcano of emotions but on the outside we are like a wounded rabbit, calm and composed.

Therefore, we hesitate whether we should silently offer a shoulder, or console with words (which we fail to share as we are little kiddos inside).

Thirdly because we feel very uncomfortable in sharing personal feelings which are too intimate for us to share, which could take some time, days, years or sometimes forever.

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3. We get aroused by deep conversations and alarmed by drama:

Introverts are cautious about who they share their energy with, and selective when it comes to making friends and who they interact with.

If our small circle of friends or people we see once in blue moon have a contrasting personality. And wherever they go, they carry drama along, and feel disappointed— if we don’t wish to join or agree with them.

Then it’s a red flag for us, we get alarmed by such people. Because we don’t like disturbing others, nor we want others to disturb our sanctuary of peace.

Therefore, introverts swiftly leave such people and never wish to see them again. Because we love our sweet solitude, and baseless pointless conversations with such people bore us out.

Whereas, when introverts find someone, who they can talk to for hours without tracking time, and share the same passion for understanding the nature of things.

It feels like a reunion of two lost souls, connecting with such people gives us a high rush like one experiences, when they do something that excites their spirit.

4. We find quiet people minding their business extremely attractive:

Because of our observant nature, we often find ourselves getting entertained by the things going outside. Since introverts like to study their environment. Therefore, we enjoy watching dexterous people and animals carrying on the duties of their day.

Sometimes we remember people by the genuine expressions on their faces, and wonder, “What their story is?”

Amidst these quaint and harmonious interactions, we learn that humans are extremely attractive and interesting from afar. As it creates curiosity for the kind of personality they carry within, which we can ponder on deeply.

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5. We can connect with someone without talking or knowing much about them:

Although introverts find it extremely exhausting and sometimes difficult to make human connections with people around us. But when it comes to making connections based on energies, we can be quite creative.

Therefore, sometimes we connect with random people, who we spot from the crowd, because of the serene energy they radiate.

Only introverts will understand when we humbly admire someone’s aura, we connect with them instantly. Whenever we see that person, it’s like we know them well, and understand them without knowing or talking to them.

It can be someone from your school, a daily commuter at the bus, a coworker you never spoke much to, but share a connection in your head. Because deep down you know, what kind of a person they are.

6. For some reason, we enjoy when people think of us as weird because it pushes negative people away:

Not being liked by others or being judged could be a grave problem for some, while for most introvert’s this isn’t something to lament upon. Since we don’t pay heed to what others think about us, and give up on our reservoir of peace for some rumours.

Introverts crave tranquility and to achieve that state, we keep our sanctuary clean from the energy of negative people. This is one of those things only introverts can relate to.

Therefore, we don’t care much when people think of us as weird, boring, or arrogant. We low-key enjoy it because then we don’t have to put any efforts to get rid off their negativity.

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7. The more someone tries to force themselves on us, the more we dislike that person:

Introverts have a valley of peace safely tucked in their mind, wherein their fortress of sanctity lies. Therefore, whenever someone tries to plunder our sanctuary of peace within our mind, and tries to erase that imaginary line between us and the society.

They make us lose our interest in themselves. Our intuitive mind signals us that the intruder can be clingy and needy. Which is a red flag for us because we like to have our space so we can peacefully observe, feel, and cherish the beauty of little things that often gets missed. I guess this is one of those things only introverts can relate to.

8. Introverts love their company and can go to extreme lengths to avoid meeting people:

Introverts enjoy their me time, and feel happy and contented when they are left alone in their own company. Being alone helps us in achieving stillness, and turning inwards to bond with ourselves.

The euphoria and bliss we get by staying in the present in ‘the most undisturbed state’ is simply magical. This is why introverts do absolutely fine even when they are alone, as their strong personality makes them immune to loneliness.

Therefore, when people try to persuade us to join them for parties, or to hang-out in places with clutter and madness, we refrain from doing so as it doesn’t align well with our spirit.

This is when we find new excuses and creative ways to escape plans and meetings because we don’t energized by it, like others do. This is one of those things only introverts can relate to.

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9. We don’t like parties but if we invite you at home, we can be great hosts:

Although introverts aren’t party people but can be great hosts, if we call you over for a small brunch, lunch, or scrumptious dinner cooked at home.

Since introverts excel in individual tasks, therefore when they undertake a task, they put their best foot forward and do it with perfection. As they like to take full responsibility for the things they do.

Also, we know the best and worst of both worlds. Therefore, we have an upper hand when it comes to the likes, dislikes, and preferences of all kinds of people. Which checkmarks that nobody leaves our place feeling unwanted, empty, and not having hot out of the oven food.

10. We can be chatty around some, but extremely quiet with others:

Those who have introverted friends know that they can be a chatterbox once you get to know them well. While extremely quiet with others, especially with new people, or with those who aren’t the kind of peeps we wish to bond.

Since introverts are quite intuitive they can pick someone’s energy by noticing their behaviour from afar. Sometimes we just click with someone instantly and become friends with them in no time. This is one of those things only introverts can relate to.

Whereas around some people, we prefer to be quiet, and just be present in the conversation without having to add anything. Because words don’t seem to burst from within.

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11. We like kids but we love infants more because they don’t talk much:

Kids are super cute and fragile as a flower. They can talk about anything and everything, and sometimes their conversation stretches like bubblegum. This is certainly one of those things only introverts can relate to.

They jump from one topic to another in a second and radiate the vitality of fresh young life. Hence, their curious minds never stop asking questions.

Their flamboyant energy, and sometimes, their not so gentle behaviour can be too much for introverts to handle. This is why we love infants more because they are untouched by the shrewd society.

Infants are precious because they haven’t been influenced to favour or think in a particular direction. Being around them, caring, and watching them in their initial stages of growing up makes us feel, how beautiful a life form can be.

Whilst making us delve upon— what these little magical beings think, how they view the world around them, and the dreams that make them smile when they are fast asleep.

12. Sometimes we feel, that we are old grandpa and grannies of the hood:

Introverts like to reserve a few minutes or hours of the day to churn solitude from it. During this time, we don’t like to be disturbed like oldies snuggled in their quilt. Because this is our time to turn inwards, and feel the bliss.

We silently swear by the motto, “No demands, no tantrums and no disturbance to anybody around.” and boy! we are vocal about it. This is one of those things only introverts can relate to.

Therefore, if someone constantly jabbers, move around us in circles, repeats their same old tales to seek constant attention. We shoo them away like old granny and grandpa, but politely because for smart people a small hint is enough.

Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung said, “Solitude is for me a fountain of healing which makes my life worth living. Talking is often a torment for me, and I need many days of silence to recover from the futility of words.”

Those were the 12 Heartfelt Things Only Introverts Can Relate To. Share with other introverts like us.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

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