20 Signs you are an Empath and You must Realize your Gift

Signs you are an Empath:

Empaths are emotional beings who are highly sensitive and intuitive by nature. They can understand and co-relate with how others are feeling and going through by being a receptor to their emotions.

This is due to the fact, that empaths experience feelings and emotions on a deeper level. To the point, that they become emotional sponges, who absorb the stress, pain and emotions of others.

Which makes them great listeners. They constantly worry about— How they are going to help others to get out of the trouble and it makes them guilt-ridden, when they aren’t able to do so.

Empaths also have the power to easily grasp someone’s energy and tell whether it’s negative or positive. Which helps them to know, whether associating with that person could create havoc or heaven in their life.

Who are Empaths:

An empath can be defined as a person, who is highly attuned to themselves. They have an intimate bond with themselves.

They are compassionate and humble by nature, always ready to lend an ear to a grieving stranger. Which makes them an emotional receptor. As they empathize with others, and offer solutions to their problems like a mother.

If you are an empath, then probably you are the agony aunt of your group. Whenever your friends and close ones go through a rough time, they come rushing towards you. As they know, they will surely get some help from you.

As a result of which, sometimes empaths even land into trouble. Since they cannot make peace with their mind. Because they get puzzled as how much help they should do and when to stop helping and allowing the other person to learn to walk again.

Since being a constant figure of support can make you a crutch for others to use and eventually it becomes their habit. They then refuse to give it up and since you are that crutch. Therefore, continuously being exposed to the great sorrow of mankind makes you bone-tired and depressed.

Therefore, its essential for empaths to turn their emotional plugs off for a while by disassociating themselves from the world. They may take a break, turn off their social media for a while or lose touch with their friends to avoid the constant sharing of problems.

Empaths Vs Highly Sensitive People:

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People or HSPs often get confused with each other, due to the similarities they share in between. Though alike, still they have their own fair share of differences, which makes these two personalities different and unique.

Although empaths and HSPs share many similar traits such as: They have a low threshold for stimulation, both crave alone time, have sensitivity to light, sound, smell and avoid large groups.

However, empaths inner experiences can go beyond the capacity of a highly sensitive person. As empaths can absorb other people’s energy and sense the subtle energies that float in their environment. Including emotions and physical sensations on a personal level.

For example: Being constantly exposed to family feuds, causing tension between the family members could make an empath dull and depressed.

As they can absorb the negative energy in the environment into their bodies. Although, they might react differently, showing a lack of interest and avoiding having the talk with parents. As they have introverted personality.

Which resists them from making the first move, as they feel, they’ll be judged for exhibiting their mature side. On the contrary, HSPs could feel the tension but they don’t tend to absorb the energy into their bodies. As HSPs are highly sensitive for themselves as compared to other people or environment.

Empaths Vs Highly Sensitive People or HSPs:

Researchers believe that, empathy is genetic, inherent in our DNA, and passed from one generation to another. Both traditional science and alternative healing practitioners agree to it. As empathy has biological, genetic and spiritual aspects to it. Which offer empaths the ability to sense others on many different levels.

Being an emotional sponge allow empaths to internalise the feelings and pain of others. Therefore, they often have trouble in distinguishing someone else’s discomfort from their own.

Another major trait that draws the line between the personality of empaths and HSPs are: that empaths have the ability to undergo profound spiritual and intuitive experiences with nature, humans, animals and their spiritual guides. Which HSPs can’t associate themselves with.

If you are in a dilemma whether you are an empath or an HSP then, you must check out the 22 signs you are Empath.

As it will clear all your doubts and by reading all the signs you are empath article. You’ll have a better understanding of your own personality and the seed of empathy, that’s been sown into you since birth. So you cam make the best possible use of that treasured gift.

20 Signs you are an Empath and You must Realize your Gift

20 Signs you are an Empath

1. You Feel the Pain of others Like it’s Yours:

One of the most important signs you are an empath is that, they are highly sensitive beings who can sense the pain of others. You can easily tell when a person is not feeling well. Be it emotionally or physically, you know how to offer a shoulder to that person, and help him out from that turmoil.

That’s why you often see that people come to you for help. As you comfort them in the situation of despair. The downside of which is, that sometimes you feel drained out. Because of dealing with a lot of energy and feeling the pain of others.

Hence, by treating them, you feel exhausted and worn out. Since, you are taking their negative emotions and transforming them into positive by giving them hope that, they will soon get back on their feet again.

This is the reason why people keep coming back to you for support. As they know you are capable of curing them and listening to their grievances, which others don’t pay heed to.

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2. Great at Providing Therapy:

Empaths tend to be more sensitive to others’ emotions and moods. Whenever they listen to the pain of others, they have the instant urge to help them.

They can easily detect the emotional state of a person and tell what that person is going through, without even being told. Which makes them equally good therapists. Because they have the power like nobody to understand their emotions, and to help people to cope with their situation.

They empathize with the pain of others and offer guidance and therapy like no other. They have this innate ability to heal open wounds with their kind words. By offering support and care like a mother, especially at a time when a person is feeling lost, dejected, and lonely in life.

So if you can associate these qualities with yourself, then it’s one of the prime signs you are an empath.

3. A good Listener, who doesn’t Get fed up by Listening to others’ Grievances:

One of the major signs you are an empath is that, you can listen to the problems and complaints of others without getting bored out.

As they understand, that people tend to open up only to those with whom, they feel safe and secure. That’s why most empaths derive pleasure from helping others.

They know that, if they are offering a shoulder to someone during their bad time. They are doing a great service to humanity by helping people to cope from their depression and anxiety.

4. Finding meaning in Everything:

Empaths like going into the realm of everything and love to find the meaning in everything. Small experiences in nature or with random strangers can give them profound life lessons. As they believe everything happens and exists for a reason and we simply don’t get certain experiences by chance.

Empaths take their relationships seriously and nourish them with abundant love and care. They are serious about every experience be it love, friendship or encounters with strangers, that move them deeply.

No matter how worse the situation might be but empaths always manage to find the positive in everything. If you are someone, who is always on the lookout for the hidden meaning behind all the small and big wonders of the nature. Then its one of the signs you are an empath, that too an inquisitive one.

5. You are an Emotional creature who Mirrors the Emotions of Others:

Empaths are emotional beings with raging emotions springing into life. Which makes them a bubbling creek of emotions.

Whenever they see someone expressing their agony, their energy gets synchronized with that person. That’s why you often find yourself tearing up on seeing your close ones in grief.

You feel embarrassed when you notice that tears have welled up in your eyes. Because you tend to quickly catch other people’s emotions, which seem to resonate within you like a sad song. Making it possible for you to empathize with people and to understand their situation.

If you often experience this thing, then it’s one of the possible signs you are an empath.

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20 Signs you are an Empath

6. You can Sense Good or Bad Energies:

One of the unique traits of empaths is that, they have this super human power of sensing energies. Which helps them in critically analyzing someone’s persona or the social façade that he/she is wearing.

As empaths don’t get tempted or impressed by external appearances, and how a person is trying to portray himself in front of them. Rather they notice the person from the kind of aura, they are reflecting.

This unique quality of empaths helps them to draw a conclusion, that whether they should sustain the relationship with someone or not.

This comes off as a blessing because with this superpower. They get to escape from awful situations and they also save their close friends from getting into trouble. If you have this unique quality in you, then it’s one of the important signs you are an empath.

7. Violence and Negativity Creeps you Out:

Actions that are done with the intent to harm other fellow beings can make empaths lose faith in humanity. As empaths get creeped out by violence and negativity.

One of the major signs you are an empath is that, you cannot see violent acts being done on anybody. Which leaves you debilitated and depressed. As you cannot understand, why the world lacks compassion and what drives people to do such maniac acts.

Therefore, empaths choose to stay away from negative people and content that showcases violence of any form. As it shakes them from within and makes them feel bad for not being able to help.

They then go into existential depression and wonder — “What they are doing in this world?” Since they are having such intense emotions. But do not have the power to put an end to the mass blood-shed, and violence inflicted on innocent beings all around the world.

8. Your Love for Animals is Abound which Makes you Fight for their Rights:

Empaths are compassionate beings, who get enraged when somebody tries to harm animals. Which is one of the reasons, why they abstain from using products made by doing animal abuse.

One of the biggest signs you are an empath is that you know, your conscience never allows you to buy products, wear clothes or consume food made by inflicting violence on animals.

You believe that every creature alive on this planet has the equal right to live as we do. Therefore, through your words, you always try to educate and inspire people to give up on the lifestyle, that promotes animal cruelty. If you feel so, then it’s one of the many signs you are an empath.

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20 Signs you are an Empath

9.  You love Spending time in Nature:

One of the sure-shot signs you are an empath is that you are a staunch nature lover, who worships nature. Whenever you feel exhausted from the clamor and commotion of the concrete jungles. You retreat towards the woods, where the lovely company of nature rejuvenates you.

The eternal silence of nature helps you to connect with yourself, and  to find solutions to your problems. So you can get back on your feet again and have victory over your fears.

No matter how worse the situation might be and the kind of negative space your mind is swimming in. But the small splendors of nature such as— the rustling of the leaves, the tiny squirrels hurrying up on the willows to hide their favorite nut, and the sound of rivers gurgling nearby. Makes you realize this world has enough love for everybody, the fact is that the source from where you get it might be a little different.

If you realize it, then it’s one of the major signs you are an empath. Who loves finding magic in every nook and corner of the woodland.

10.  You tend to Isolate yourself from the World sometimes:

Since empaths are continuously exposed to the energies of others. Therefore, too much peopling can make them feel exhausted.

This is the reason, why empaths aren’t much excited about socializing, which drains them to the core. Hence, they feel they are better off with their small circle of friends.

That’s why empaths seldom take small on-and-off breaks from the world, to turn the noises off.  Which is very important for their overall well-being. Because being a receptor to others’ feelings can be exhausting. If you can relate to it, then it’s one of the vital signs you are an empath.

11. You Love Introspecting Yourself in your Me-time:

Personal me-time is very important for empaths, as it is essential for their own well being. Since it allows empaths the opportunity to self-examine themselves and to deeply analyze their actions and motivations.

As it helps them in having a better understanding of themselves, which increases their efficiency and allows them to make better life choices.

Therefore, empaths love introspecting themselves for which they require absolute peace and detachment from the outside world. To be able to turn inwards and listen to their conscience.

So they can be assured that, they are doing well and are not getting influenced by anybody in their thinking and actions. If you have noticed this thing in you, then it’s one of the prime signs you are an empath.

20 Signs you are an Empath

12.  Music casts a Spell on You:

Empaths are musicophiles, who appreciate music like an aficionado. They are great connoisseurs of music, who get a rewarding feeling by listening to their favorite music.

As every chord, every dulcet tune penetrates their heart and creates a positive memory in their mind. Which they like to revive again and again by listening to their favorite songs.

Since empaths experience high stimulation in the regions of their brain related to auditory, emotions, and sensory-motor processing. This makes them relish music and go into a transcendental state while listening to it.

Researchers posit that, highly empathic people get more stimulated and involved, when they listen to familiar music.

According to the report, empaths have the ability to enjoy music to a higher degree than others. As the areas of their brain’s social circuitry get activated when they listen to music.

That’s why they derive great pleasure from listening to music. As it gives them a boost of dopamine which activates the reward centers in their brain.

Empaths are music enthusiasts, who love exploring new genres of music. Especially instrumental music which has a calming effect on them. It’s like a stress buster for them, a companion in loneliness, and their biggest motivator, that increases their work efficiency by giving them a dose of motivation.

One of the key signs you are an empath is that, you get chills or goose bumps while listening to music, that you feel connected to. It arouses you and makes your hair stand on your body because you are having such an enriching experience.

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13. Need plenty of Time to Bounce back from the Turmoil:

It’s not easy for an empath to deal with the fights and problems, that occur in their day-to-day life, related to family, friendship, and relationships.

Confronting other people or giving justification for their actions can be excruciatingly painful for empaths, as it exhausts them. It’s difficult for an empath to easily move on and forget about the pain and hurt, that they have caused others and vice-versa. As they take time to balance their emotions.

So instead of squabbling and ruining everything with your words. Because of having a sudden outburst of emotions. Empaths like to silently deal with it without sharing with anybody. For which, they take some time alone to patiently deal with their own chaos.

Which helps them to bounce back with a clear mind and conscience. If you can relate to it, then it’s one of the clear signs you are an empath.

14. Not helping Someone gives you Pangs of Anxiety and Guilt:

2018 study conducted on 403 teenage inpatients revealed, that there’s a direct connection between anxiety and empathy. The study emphasized the positive correlation between affective empathy and anxiety: The more affective empathy a person has for anybody, the more increase in anxiety levels are observed.

This happens because, when someone opens up their wounds to you. You feel their pain and want to help them out. When you are unable to do so, it makes you feel guilty about not being able to help or support your loved ones. At a time, when they need you the most, which makes you feel guilty and anxious.

As you overthink about all the possibilities of getting your bond weakened by not being able to help. Which makes you think, that they might feel disappointed in you, which could sour the relationship between you two.

This perception could instill the fear of always getting judged in the relationship, which could leave you feeling anxious. If you too feel so, then it’s one of the prominent signs you are an empath.

15. Highly Receptive to others’ Emotions:

Empaths can catch others’ emotions easily and are vulnerable to negativity. Being emotional sponges, they absorb negative and positive emotions quickly, despite not trying to color themselves in others’ emotions. If you too feel so, then it’s one of the strong signs you are an empath.

Dr. Judity Orloff quotes:

“Empath is an emotional sponge. They absorb the stress and also the positive emotions into their own bodies from other people.” 

However, when they are constantly exposed to negative energy. It can weigh down their spirits and make them behave erratically, as they are unable to manage this surge of negative emotions.

Which can give them a constant negative vibe, if they get in touch with someone, whose energy they find disturbing. This can make them avoid and ignore certain people at home, school or workplace.

If you get up-close with someone whose energy you don’t like and feel negative around. You can get repulsed by their presence in the same room to the extent, that it becomes unbearable for you to stand that person.

That’s why empaths carefully choose, who they want to befriend and interact with daily. As it can greatly influence their mood, thought process and lead to difficulty in concentration.

20 Signs you are an Empath

16. You are easy Targets of Narcissists and Energy Sucking Vampires:

The more welcoming an empath is the more prone they are to energy vampires. Who sap out their energy by bothering them with small things of no relevance. Which they do often for seeking attention.

This is the reason, why empaths don’t like to socialise much. Because they don’t want the drama and the emotional residue of energy sappers to pile on them. Which deteriorates their mental and emotional health.

Since empaths care abundantly for others and give more attention than required. This makes them a favorite prey of narcissists and energy vampires. Who often exploit them by taking unfair advantage of their kind nature.

As they know, empaths hate giving up on people, and not being able to help others, makes them feel guilt-stricken. If you have observed this trait in you, then it’s one of the clear signs you are an empath.

“Empaths may hesitate to save themselves first because they think that doing so is selfish, which is not the case. If you’re an empath, know how important it is to take care of yourself first in order to be able to help others. Sometimes there is only so much you can do for others; you might even be doing everyone a disservice by stepping over boundaries.” – Catherine Chea

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17. A Friend of Solitude:

One of the tell-tale signs you are an empath is that, empaths are naturally drawn towards silence and quietude. The precious muted moments spent alone suffuses them with the elevated state of solitude.

Whenever, empaths feel they are getting fazed out by the echoes of the moribund life. They like to disconnect from the world. So they can practice the therapy of silence, which helps them to contemplate and feel placid inside their body and mind.

This energizes them, as they get exhausted by dealing with so many vivid emotions of those around them. The euphoria, they feel in solitude makes them feel grateful for being able to experience emotions on such a deeper level.

18. Highly Intuitive:

Empaths are highly intuitive creatures, who you can easily figure out when somebody is trying to manipulate them or take advantage of them. As they are attuned to their own self and have this innate ability to dissect the meaning of words and contemplate the course of events.

That’s why they can easily examine others’ intentions, which at times can be detrimental to their own self. Because when they enter into a relationship, they get signs from everywhere, and their intuition works like a hamster on a wheel.

It keeps giving them snippets from past events. When they got played as they didn’t trust their intuitive voice and brushed it off as a false assumption. If you have experienced this, then it’s one of the vital signs you are an empath.

The power of intuition can be a curse or a blessing for empaths, depending on how they perceive it.

Sometimes an empath could feel, he is overthinking. When in reality his intuition is trying to warn him about the danger. While he is being tempted by the outward show of the people.

When empaths become mature, they get to realize the true potential of their power of intuition. Which helps them and their loved ones to take a narrow escape from devastating situations.

It also helps them to stay away from deceptive people. Which makes empaths good advisors, as they teach their friends how to judge people.

19. You are a Natural Healer:

Empaths have this special power of understanding the pain of others. They know how to calm someone by being an outlet for their loved ones to express their emotions and to confide in them.

Which is a rare thing in this world. Since nobody has the time, energy, and patience to sit quietly and be a source of strength to someone, who is going through a rough time.

That’s why they often get complimented by others for being natural healers. Even strangers feel comfortable sharing their problems with them. As they have this power of easing the pain of others. If you can relate to it then, it’s one of the prime signs you are an empath.

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20 Signs you are an Empath

20. You are an Animal Whisperer and a Lover:

You share a special connection with these sentient beings. You are the one to notice the changing behavioral pattern of your pets And always come up with unique therapies for your grizzly companies to ensure their good mental health. That’s why they keep following you like Pied Piper.

This endearing love between you and your pets is mutual. They adore you and can easily sense whenever you are feeling glum.

Though incapable of expressing feelings through words. They exhibit their love and care for you through gestures.

Like your notorious kitten, who usually feels happy in her zone. But rushes towards you to lick your hand and offers her paw, when you are feeling sad. As if she wants to say, “Don’t worry I am here for you!”

That’s why you always look around for your furry friend, whenever you are feeling lonely and miserable. Because you know, your little companion will make you feel good with its presence.

Which makes you feel grateful to be able to experience such pure and gentle love, which comes as a perk of being an empath. If you get this feeling, then it’s one of the signs you are an empath.

21. You Internalise your Emotions:

Although empaths are excellent listeners with whom, you can share anything with. But they are the ones, who keep a lot themselves.

As they feel, they shouldn’t bother others with their problems. Therefore, they keep all their scars hidden from the world and wear a smile when, they are breaking from inside. If you do this often, then it’s one of the clear signs you are an empath.

Due to which, they develop this stoic attitude and offer service to all by being their pillar of support during their bad times. Without expecting any reward in return, which makes them self-less individuals.

Donna G. Bourgeois author of ‘Life with Ollie’ writes~

Empaths have to be careful not to internalize others’ feelings, as this can cause them to feel anxious, sad, or even depressed. It can leave the empath feeling drained or exhausted. They must learn to set boundaries so as not to let toxic people drain them dry.”

22. You like to Rely on Yourself:

Empaths are generally self-reliant by nature. They don’t like to project their insecurities and fears on anybody. Nor do they help others with the intent of expecting help from them in the near future.

Empaths are passionate about their self-development and are critical about their personal growth. They often contemplate the good and bad parts of themselves. Therefore, they strive to be better than they were before.

One of the biggest signs you are an empath is that, you don’t have any qualms about owning your mistakes. You like to work on your self-improvement by having self-talk. As you feel that nobody understands you better than you do.

Therefore, you are responsible for getting your life back together as you have answers to all the problems. If you can point-to-point relate to it, then it’s one of the sure-shot signs you are an empath.

Let thy spirit be high in love, Namaste!

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