13 True Signs of Love to know Whether your Love is Real or Not

True signs of love

When you are under the spell of love, everything feels magical. You see the world with a whole new perspective and even though, there might be many boulders in your path. But with the love and support of your partner, you feel invincible like nothing can stop you from attaining anything.

When you love someone with all your heart, it makes you a better person. You feel like you have been re-born, and your childlike innocence has come back in full grandeur because of your dear one.

Which makes you gentle and kind. Since you put your partner’s happiness before you and constantly wish the best for her. Because when you are in love, the happiness of the other person is essential to you.

Not every Time the Butterflies in your Stomach are a Sign of Love:

In the modern world, the definition of love has become obscure. As people often mistake love for attraction, which later blooms into lust.

Most people are into the wrong idea, that any kind of relationship between a person and the one, he/she is attracted to can be defined as love. Which is incorrect, as it depends on what you feel for that person deep within, your true intentions and your faith in your union, which will eventually decide your future.

That’s why it’s essential for you to know, the true signs of love. So that you don’t delve into the wrong notion of love and live with the guilt later.

How to know Whether its Love or Lust:

Love and lust are like good and evil that exist in everybody. While passion, emotion, and compassion are the driving force of love. On the contrary, strong sexual desire, and physical attraction towards someone are the key elements of lust.

The feelings of love and lust can decide the outcome of your relationship, and how you are going to behave with your partner.

So if you are having butterflies in your stomach and are dreaming of being with the one, you are having strong feelings for. Make sure whether it’s pure love for that person, that is pushing you to make the move. Or they are just temporary distractions caused by physical attraction and lustful desires.

As these temptations can cause havoc in your life. By making you feel guilty for discontinuing the relationship due to the lack of emotional connection and bond. Which could later become the reason for your anxiety. As it could deeply stem the fear of not ever being able to experience true love in life.

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With these True Signs of Love Know, if what You Feel is Real or Not:

So clarify your doubts and don’t make-believe your mind, that it’s love that you are pursuing and not lust. As you can’t trick your mind for long. Because eventually, all the false narratives built by your desires will backfire on you and will take away your mental peace.

If you are concerned about it. Then check out these 13 true signs of love that will warn you, that your vicious desires are manipulating your brain into thinking it’s love.

So don’t build a false narrative of love with someone and be a reason for their pain. To be sure of your feelings, quickly go through true signs of love to know whether your love is real or not.

13 True Signs of Love to know Whether your Love is Real or Not

True Signs of Love Happiness

1. You cannot Think of Any other Person as your Lover’s replacement:

Love is an emotion that when one experiences, he feels like it’s an eureka moment him. All new lovers know that when their heart is pierced by love, they fully act on their feelings.

Hence, they desire to talk to that person all the time. As they are their source of nectar, an oasis in the midst of a desert where they want to dwell.

Since you are soul tied to your person. Therefore, no other person can become her replacement. Because deep down you know that, you derive a sense of peace, happiness and satisfaction from that person.

You understand that there are many beautiful faces in the world and many friendly people, who are ready to hold your hand. As they feel attracted towards you and are smitten by your beauty, status, nature and your aura. But you do not get distracted by anybody because you are head over heels for your partner.

There exists a relationship or a connection between you two which is sacred and unique in itself. You know that no matter how much you fight, you will rebound and nobody can ever take her position. Because there isn’t a replacement of your lover and such is the beauty of your union. If you feel so, then it’s one of the true signs of love.

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2. The Exposure to Love has Brought about Positive changes in You:

Love is no ordinary emotion when one experiences it, he becomes a changed person. Love has a magnetic pull of its own. When one experiences love, they go through several ups and downs in their emotions.

With the touch of love, you get to see that tender side of yours.

Love softens up the most hard-hearted individuals. It makes them realise that there was a side of them, that they were unaware of.

It’s one of the true signs of love, when you feel that you have become a better person for your beloved. The sweet emotions of love make you abolish the bad habits, that you were into. Your partner’s affection and acceptance for you motivates you to be sober.

Therefore, we often get to hear that, true love has the potential to change the most gruesome people into angels. The ethereal power of love not only transforms their life, but brings happiness and joy to the couple.

3. She stays in your Mind 24×7, her Sweet memory brings a Smile on your Face every time:

You know it’s one of the true signs of love, when you cannot resist but think of her. She is always in your thoughts even on waking up and before going to sleep.

Not a single minute goes by when you don’t think of your beloved. Her sweet memories offer you great company and it brings a smile on your face.

You daydream about her and often find yourself smiling, while having a flash back of her cute talks, that she shared with you. You constantly live in a peaceful zone inside your mind. Because you know you have her by your side.

She stays in your Mind 24x7, her Sweet memory brings a Smile on your Face every time

4. You long to Talk to her Even if you Don’t have anything to Share:

Only a minute of conversation with your beloved can make you feel alive and rejuvenated. Which is one of the true signs of love.

Even on the busiest day of your life, your mind automatically thinks of her and you wish to talk to her even though, you are in a haste to meet your deadline. As a short conversation with her can boost you up with vigour, and also breaks the dullness of the tedious day.

You long to talk to her all the time. As it gives you immense peace and comfort. You can discuss about anything with her. Because you know, she will listen to you with patience. Which is hardly possible with others.

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5. With her, You got to Know what is Mental Intimacy:

Physical attraction between a male and female is common but having mental attraction is rare. Therefore, if you feel you can share every bit of your mind with your partner and speak your heart out. You know that it’s something that’s beyond attraction. Which is one of the important true signs of love.

When you start feeling so, you develop a strong mental connection with your partner. Which makes you feel safe to share you feelings, your inhibitions, your mental quests and your curiosity, that leads to mindful dialogues between you two.

While doing so, you realize that you won’t be able to develop such an intimate mental connection with anybody. As there’s only few who can patiently listen, handle and continue an intelligent yet intimate conversation without getting bored.

6. Silence can be a Curse or a Blessing with Her:

Silence is a language that lovers understand well and it has several meanings, that can only be comprehended by true lovers.

If you truly love someone, you can never ignore the stillness of silence. Sometimes, it brings contentment in the heart, because you feel loved and cared for in her company. Even words fail to convey how happy you feel with her, that’s why the eyes do all the talking.

Whereas, when there’s turbulence in your relationship. You feel like the earth has moved from under your feet. Hence, the eeriness of the silence haunts you which is a true sign of love.

The unsettling silence makes you feel like something bad has happened or is about to happen. Because you are scared of hurting her and making her regret about her choice or life decision.

Silence can be a Curse or a Blessing with Her

7. You constantly Crave her Company as she Makes you feel Good:

She has a radiating positive aura which makes you feel blessed for having her by your side. You constantly crave her company, as she makes you feel good.

You often find yourself searching for her in the crowd and trying to keep her busy with you. Because you are bewitched by her charming personality and her strong presence, that makes you go gaga over her.

If you agree with this, then it’s definitely one of the true signs of love, that proves you love her from the bottom of your heart.

8. You feel Safe in his Company:

He gives off positive vibes, which makes you feel safe in his company. As he takes care of you like a child and pampers you when you feel down. He tries to give you good advice and is concerned for your safety like a daunting parent.

You derive a sense of security from him because he is always on his toes for you.

No matter how busy he might be but whenever it comes to dropping you at home from work at late night hours. He makes sure he is there for you. So you don’t feel afraid of going all alone.

Though, you being strong and independent coerces him not to take the pain. But he still does it every time without uttering a word. Because he cares about your safety and doesn’t want to take any risk regarding it.

If you have observed this quality in him, then it’s one of the true signs of love, that proves his love is pure.

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9. You keep him Before you Because you Consider him as your Priority:

He is your priority and you always keep him before you. You selflessly love and care for him. He doesn’t have to worry about a thing when you are near him. As you have solution to all his problems and know how to handle his emotions.

You always take out time from your strict schedule to listen to his grievances. You patiently lend an ear to all his problems. And never try to make him feel that he is always complaining or being too desperate for attention.

You try to save some time from your tight schedule to spend quality time with him. When the times are tough, you stand alongside him like a strong pillar. If this isn’t one of the true signs of love then I don’t know what is!

You keep him Before you Because you Consider him as your Priority

10. You aren’t driven Sexually but Emotionally towards Her:

Although it’s natural for males and females to be attracted towards each other as they have the power to procreate. But it’s not the only reason which makes you go crazy for her.

Because you know that she possesses those qualities that are rare to find in an individual. Which makes you adore her and you fall in love with her over and over again. Which is definitely one of the true signs of love.

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11. You are Completely drawn Towards him by an Invisible Thread of Love:

There is a kind of energy that oozes out of him, which makes you fall deeply in love with him. When you are near him, you can feel a strong connection. Which can’t be described in words and can only be felt.

Because real love has the ability to awaken your soul with the wholesome emotions of love, that penetrates into your soul and lights up every corner of your heart.

No matter how long the distance or how insurmountable the problems. But nothing can stop you from falling for him, over and over again. Which makes you realise it’s one of the true signs of love and not a temporary feeling.

12. You fight on Silly things like Tom and Jerry but are Serious about your Relationship:

You quarrel with each other over small things but are quite protective of your relationship. Even though you fight and bicker on small things like children. But whenever it comes to supporting her, you are always there for her through thick and thin.

There’s a famous quote by an anonymous writer that says~

“Most relationship fails because couples fight with pride more than they work with love.”

So if you fight like Tom and Jerry, but are always trying to put your best efforts to preserve this beautiful bond forever. Then it’s surely one of the true signs of love.

13. You plan to Settle down with Her as soon as Possible:

You plan to settle down with her, because you are excited to start your life with her as soon as possible. Because her invigorating presence fills you with vigour and strength. It gives you the courage to take down every hurdle with a smile.

You are happy to be her only one for the rest of your life. You don’t want to take any chances, and risk your probability of having a bright future together. Which is one of the true signs of love. That’s why you always assure her that she is the only one who will be yours forever.

Let thy spirit be high in love, Namaste!

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