22 Signs He Loves You and You Are The One He’s Looking For

Some men aren’t vocal about their feelings, and they sure know many ways to hide it. They might not say it out loud or express their love by using— those three magical words you crave to hear from him. But true love is difficult to hide as it cannot be contained, and always finds a way.

Though he may not be too direct in expressing his love, or is an introvert who isn’t too open, and upfront about his feelings for you.

He may not enjoy praising your beauty like they do in movies, or use cheesy dialogues to flirt with you, or fake promises just to impress.

Rather he could be someone, who proves his love to you by sticking to his words. One who cares, and bathes you with his selfless acts of love, and likes to make you shine by losing fights with you.

If you are eager to know the signs that prove he loves you, and you are the one for him. Then you need to dive into the content to get the answer to your biggest question— Does he love me, and What are the signs that prove he loves me deeply because he doesn’t say it.

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So if you want to know whether he is truly, madly and deeply is in love with you. Then check out the 22 signs he loves, and you are the one he’s looking for.

22 Signs He Loves You & You Are The One He’s Looking For

22 Signs he Loves you and You are the One He's Looking For

1. Enjoys your Attention:

He loves when you talk about him, and smiles when you look at him. His face lights up, and glows when you playfully tease him. He never gets angry when you try to pull his leg rather enjoys it. 

You don’t have to go the extra mile to make him happy. Spending leisure time with you doing nothing exciting can be a perfect date for him. Because he wants your company and attention than anything else. 

However, sometimes he can be a little bit jealous too, especially when you give other male friends the same amount of attention, like him.

Though he might not be vocal about it but his actions prove otherwise. As he is more distant, and aloof when you are being over-friendly with others.

Then this is one of the major signs he loves you, and you are the one for him.

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2. He takes your Compliments Seriously:

Men aren’t used to getting compliments and they aren’t very generous in giving compliments as well. Therefore, when someone compliments them, they don’t know—how to react.  

They may nod their head or bring out another topic of discussion, not because they are mad at receiving one. But because they don’t know, what to say, and how to respond to someone’s compliment.

Inside they might be feeling all jittery and excited but are relaxed on the outside.

If you find him taking your compliments seriously by wearing the shirt you told him looks good on him, or styling his hair the way you like it. Then its one of the signs he loves you, and your words mean everything to him.

A compliment is a verbal sunshine and can work as positive affirmations. So be generous with your compliments, and keep pouring love to him. This is one of the major signs he loves you.

3. Kisses you Like he Means It:

Kissing and pecking are the physical gestures, that suggest he loves you and desires you. 

If he randomly kisses you and smiles before leaving for work, or when you are lying on your couch in an old worn-out sweater, and with no make. Then it means, he is blessed to have you in his life and is in awe of your simplicity, and calm demeanour.

Every kiss sends a different message each time. If you want to reciprocate it, then you close your eyes to feel it.

“A kiss punctuates whatever relationship a couple has. It can assume the form of a comma. It can show as a question mark. And it can be as expressive as an exclamation point. All of this should be known to the woman.”~ Anonymous

22 Signs He Loves you and You Are The One He's Looking For

4. Mirrors your Actions and use of Vocabulary:

In psychology mirroring behaviour indicates liking, and rapport between two individuals.

We usually mirror the reflexes, and vocabulary of our friends with whom we have developed a special bond. Therefore, we exhibit such behaviour as it sends a message of trust, and affection for that person.

When a guy mirrors your moves or speech he is subconsciously telling you, that he likes you.

If he sits the same way as you, copies your slang or use of vocabulary, leans his head in the same direction as yours, then it could be one of the many signs he loves you.

5. Laughs on your Silly jokes and Plans date ahead of Time:

Whenever you two catch up, he exudes positive energy that recharges you, and he cannot stop gushing and laughing at your silly jokes.

He makes you feel special by listening to all your silly conversations, and jokes that you might have repeated many times.

Even though he is a bit forgetful but never ditches your dates and plans with him. Therefore, he always plans them ahead of time, and keep tab of the upcoming events. So his work and love life don’t collide with each other. This is one of the major signs he loves you.

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6. Corrects his Posture and Plays with his Hairs whenever He sees You:

He pays extra attention to his posture, and appearance when you are around him. He makes sure, he is all tidied up, prim, and poised whenever you meet or see him.

If he touches his face, repeatedly run his fingers through his hair, rolls up his sleeves, and corrects his posture whenever he sees you. Then it’s one of the tell-tale signs that he loves you, and is hush-hush about it.

Such grooming behaviour suggests, he wants to look presentable, and dapper when your eyes catch a glimpse of him. This is one of the major signs he loves you.

This kind of body language is common in the animal kingdom too. Wherein male kangaroos attract their potential mate by inflating their chest, and by showing off their biceps, and pectorals to woo the females.

Natalie Warburton a researcher from Murdoch University says, “Dominant males frequently adopt poses which best display their muscularity and size.”

7. He notices You and Remembers small Details about You:

He pays close attention to you, whenever you speak or share stories of your childhood, and the difficult times you faced in life.

He seldom shocks you by bringing up subjects from old conversations you shared with him, that even you don’t remember now.

He notices you and compliments you on the little changes you made with your lifestyle or appearance. Like getting a haircut, changing the room décor, or being active and conscious about your health.

Sometimes he even helps you to remember stuff that you forgot in haste like— places where you keep your phone, notes, keys, and accessories.

Though many say that, men don’t seem to notice anything unless you tell them. But a man who loves you notices even the smallest change in you and gives utmost attention to you.

Scottish author and playwright beautifully quotes, “To be noticed is to be loved.”

So look out as its one of the prime signs he loves you, and adores everything you do.

8. His friends and Family know about You:

Whenever you go to his place for chilling or for work. His friends or family members giggle, and pay extra attention to you.

They are curious to know you, and keep smiling and nodding at him, when you two are doing nothing but only minding your business.

His friends chuckle, and nudge him when they see you passing by. They playfully tease him with your name but are respectful towards you.

If you have observed this happening with you, then it’s one of the tell-tale signs he loves you but hasn’t broken the ice yet.

9. He gives You sweet Little Touches:

When you have feelings for someone it shows no matter how much you try to hide it. The easiest way to find out that, he is head over heels for you is to observe his body language. 

He gives you sweet little touches, shakes hands like he wants to hold it forever, and never misses an opportunity to sit next to you. He is friendly yet knows his boundaries, and is extra caring towards you.

Sometimes giving a tender touch and taking someone’s hand in yours is the beginning of a new journey. While other times, it sends across the message that you can hold my hand forever. This is one of the major signs he loves you.

22 Signs He Loves you and You Are The One He's Looking For

10. He is Serious about his Gifts:

He puts a lot of thought, and effort in his personalizing his gifts for you. He makes sure it’s something that will remind you of the bond you share with him, and you will use, and cherish it in the long run. 

Since he knows what you like, he goes the extra mile to make it happen. Even if it falls out of his comfort zone— like planning a surprise party with your friends. When he’d choose a quiet evening over partying with strangers any day. 

If he does this, then you’ve hit the jackpot in love, as its one of the major signs he loves you dearly.

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11. When he Says something, he Means it:

He isn’t the kind of guy, who says something only to impress you then forgets about it, and laughs telling you that it was a joke.

Rather he is a man of his words, and whenever he makes any promise, he keeps it. Because he values his words, and also the person, who they are directed to. This is one of the signs he loves you.

Always remember, “Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them …” ― Stephen Richards

12. You are his Priority:

Although he is a busy bee, but never misses an opportunity to spend time with you. He always looks forward to meeting you even if it’s a short encounter. 

Whenever you need help, he is the first person who comes to rescue you. He takes out time for you from his busy schedule, and even postpones his important meetings, and call of duty just to check— whether you are doing fine. 

 “So many men think women want money, cars and gift. But the right woman wants a man’s time, loyalty, effort, passion, honesty, smile and him choosing to put her as his priority.”~ Anonymous

13. He Stares at you Intensely:

You often catch him locking eyes with you. He makes prolonged eye contact with you, and looks at you like you are a dream.

An intense glaze is like a secret weapon that men use to woo women. In psychology, frequent and intense eye contact is a sign of deeper interest.

When a guy makes prolong eye contact with you, and looks at you intensely. It usually means, he is interested in you either romantically or sexually.

If you want to decode the secret message that he is trying to convey. Then you must observe him, and extract information from the conversations he strikes with you. This is one of the signs he loves you.

22 Signs He Loves you and You Are The One He's Looking For

14. He Beams with Joy when You are around Him:

Every time you meet or see him, his face glows like a thousand vat bulb, and the joy he feels in meeting you reflects on his face.

He is carefree, goofy, and spontaneous with you, and brings along a positive aura that attracts everybody’s attention.

You and your friends often chuckle about it, as it isn’t his usual avatar. If you can relate it with then it’ one of the tell-tale signs he loves you, and is interested in being with you.

15. You are a Part of his Big life Decisions:

He always includes you in making big life decisions or changes that might affect his and your life.

He never hides anything from you, and informs you beforehand about a major change or action he is planning to take in life. Like changing his career path, taking loan, or investing in a start-up, or moving abroad for work.

You play a big role in sharing a different perspective, your opinion, and feedback are always welcomed by him.

He often calls you a problem solver, and even though he might differ from you on some occasions but is always respectful towards you. This is one of the signs he loves you.

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If he does that then it’s one of the prime signs he loves you, and you are his pillar of strength. So keep holding on.

16. He feels Safe opening Up to You:

You are the only go to person, therapist, and friend he thinks of— when he is disturbed or in need of advice.

He tells you that, he doesn’t have to think twice before asking for your help. As he feels comfortable opening up to you, and talk about his problems, and insecurities with you.

He has high regards for you and often tells you that he trusts you a lot. And feels relieved in sharing and discussing problems with you, and doesn’t want it to ruin it at any cost. This is one of the biggest signs he loves you.

17. He is always Nervous and Excited around You:

When he is around you, he is extra conscious and agitated. He stutters when he talks to you, and keeps tapping his feet. He has difficulty in maintaining proper eye contact with you, and looks down instead. 

He laughs at nearly anything you say, keeps smiling at you, is reluctant to talk but enjoys your attention. He goes sweaty, and keeps fidgeting with things when he sees you.

If you have noticed these signs, then it proves he loves you, and is a bit scared to reveal his feelings for you. This is one of the major signs he loves you.

According to Science, “When you find someone desirable your dopamine and norepinephrine levels instantly increase. This is why you get focused and excited to see that person around you. At the same time, it makes you nervous, and cautious.”

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Since guys always want to be in control and in charge of their emotions. Therefore, when they like someone, it makes them excited as well as nervous. Because they don’t want to ruin it by doing or saying something stupid.

18. He sends Random texts Suggesting that he Miss you: 

He isn’t chatty but seldom texts you to know— how you are doing, and whether your day went well. Not a single day goes by when he doesn’t text you.

His messages are more of a conversation starter, because he doesn’t want your conversations to end with him. He is quick and witty with his replies, and makes efforts to engage you in his conversations.

He isn’t too direct with his messages but sometimes sends romantic quotes and songs. Which is his way of telling you— his heart skips a beat when he thinks of you, and you are always on his mind because you are the one.

19. He is Curious about your Life time Plans:

He is interested in knowing what are your plans for the future, and whether you are settling down with someone soon.

Therefore, he is curious to know— what are your long-term plans, and whether marriage is on the cards or not.

If he enquires about what kind of a partner do you want to have in the future. And what are the qualities that you are looking for in your husband, then it means he is into you.

Because men usually don’t ask personal stuff or are bothered to know about— someone’s relationship status, dreams, and vision unless they are interested in you.

If he does that, then its one of the major signs he loves you. And wishes to develop a deeper and meaningful bond with you.

22 Signs He Loves you and You Are The One He's Looking For

20. He partakes in Activities with You that he Otherwise finds Boring:

One of the biggest signs he loves you is— when he partakes in activities with you just to make you happy.

Because he doesn’t want you to feel alone and left out. Hence he makes sure that he accompanies you to shopping and helps you in cleaning and cooking.

He is cooperative and caring towards you. Sometimes, he gets surprised when he realizes—how organized he has become for which he gives full credit to you. This is one of the major signs he loves you.

21. He makes You feel Desirable:

He enjoys basking in your glory, as he sees you as an epitome of beauty, intelligence, vitality, and love.

He makes you feel positive about yourself by loving the parts of you, that you see as major flaws, and feel insecure about.

You feel confident in your skin, when he gushes at your inner and outer beauty, which has made your journey to self-love easy. This is one of the major signs he loves you.

22. He never Stops getting to know You:

Every time he learns something new about you, he gets excited, and wants to know— what all secrets and talents you possess. This is one of the major signs he loves you.

He enjoys listening about your childhood, what all mischiefs you did, and laughs recklessly at your innocence.

Though you have spent decades together but he never stops getting to know you. He is all ears like a child, who wishes to listen to a bedtime story because he can never get enough of you.

The more he learns about you, the more he falls in love with you. If this is the case, then it’s one of the prime signs he loves you, and you are his muse.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

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