105 Jealousy Quotes that’ll free you from Envy and Jealousy

Jealousy Quotes that’ll free you from Envy and Jealousy

Jealousy is one such negative emotions that sabotages your inner peace. Many people don’t realize that, they are having such negative emotions towards their near and dear ones. They easily get carried away by such negative emotions, which makes their relationship with others fall apart like a pack of cards.

Why do People get Jealous:

Jealousy often arises in people when they compare themselves with the other person, and feel like their counterpart is more able and superior than them. This gives birth to insecurity, which pesters them to think and behave insolently.

It not only affects their behavior but also their thinking. As they get into the habit of thinking and wishing negative things for the one, they are jealous of.

How can you Deal with Jealousy in Relationship:

Although, it’s natural for men and women to feel a little jealous at times, especially when you witness somebody getting up close with your partner. Or when your parents compare you with your siblings, and go at extreme lengths to praise them but only have negative things to say about you.

Sometimes, such emotions subside on their own but if it continues for long. Then it might take form of hatred.

So, before burning in anguish and spitting hate on innocent beings. Try to make yourself understand that why such emotions are arising— “Don’t you feel confident about yourself?,” “Do you feel insecure that the other person is more capable than you?” or there’s lack of self-love that you need to practice.

Whatever, the reasons might be but you must work on yourself, to improve in areas you feel, you are lagging behind and try to appreciate the qualities of other people too.

Don’t compare yourself with them and acknowledge the fact that not every time you can be in the spotlight. Be confident about yourself, love yourself and you’ll never think about impressing others.

In order to deal with jealousy in your relationship or envy that you feel for others. You need to recognize the signs, so you can battle this demon with vigor. So go through these 105 jealousy quotes that’ll free you from envy and jealousy.

105 Jealousy Quotes that’ll free you from Envy and Jealousy

105 Jealousy Quotes

1. “Jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often mistakes one for the other, or assumes that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy – in fact, they are almost incompatible; one emotion hardly leaves room for the other.” – Robert A. Heinlein

2. “Jealousy in romance is like salt in food. A little can enhance the savor, but too much can spoil the pleasure and, under certain circumstances, can be life-threatening.” – Maya Angelou

3. “Envy is the coward side of Hate, and all her ways are bleak and desolate.” – Henry Abbey

4. “A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.”

6. “Envy is thin because it bites but never eats.”

7. “Envy is a littleness of soul, which cannot see beyond a certain point, and if it does not occupy the whole space, feels itself excluded.” – William Hazlitt

8. “Rust consumes iron and envy consumes itself.”

9. “Take heed you harbor not that vice called Envy, lest another’s happiness be your torment, and God’s blessing become your curse.” – Wellins Calcott

10. “Jealousy – Tormenting yourself, for fear you should be tormented by another.” – Paul Chatfield

11. “In jealousy there is more self-love than love.” – François de la Rochefoucauld

12. “He that is not jealous is not in love.” – Augustine

13. “It is never wise to seek or wish for another’s misfortune. If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang.” – Charley Reese

14. “The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.” – William Penn, Jealousy quotes

15. “Jealousy is no more than feeling alone against smiling enemies.” – Elizabeth Bowen

16. “Jealousy is simply and clearly the fear that you do not have value. Jealousy scans for evidence to prove the point – that others will be preferred and rewarded more than you. There is only one alternative – self-value. If you cannot love yourself, you will not believe that you are loved. You will always think it’s a mistake or luck.” – Jennifer James

17. “Jealousy is the dragon in paradise; the hell of heaven; and the most bitter of the emotions because associated with the sweetest.” – R. Orage

18. “Jealousy is an awkward homage which inferiority renders to merit.” – de Puixieux

19. “Jealousy injures us with the dagger of self-doubt.” – Terri Guillemets

20. “The jealous bring down the curse they fear upon their own heads.” – Dorothy Dix

21. “O! Beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” – William Shakespeare, Othello

22. “Jealousy would be far less torturous if we understood that love is a passion entirely unrelated to our merits.” – Paul Eldridge

23. “Never waste jealousy on a real man: it is the imaginary man that supplants us all in the long run.” – George Bernard Shaw

24. “Anger, resentment, and jealousy don’t change the heart of others – it only changes yours.” – Shannon Alder

25. “Jealousy is when you count someone else’s blessings instead of your own.” – Roy T. Bennett

26. “Surrounded by the flames of jealousy, the jealous one winds up, like the scorpion, turning the poisoned sting against himself.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

27. “You can only be jealous of someone who has something you think you ought to have yourself.” – Margaret Atwood, Jealousy quotes

28. “He who is jealous, is never jealous of what you see, with what is imagined is enough.” – Jacinto Benavente

29. “Jealousy is the jaundice of the soul.” – John Dryden

30. “Don’t waste time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind.” – Mary Schmich

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Jealousy Quotes to not let it Control your Life

Jealousy Quotes to not let it Control your Life

31. “Jealousy is an ugly emotion that makes people do some seriously whacked shit and when a woman is experiencing it, it’s worse.” – Kristen Ashley

32. “What sort of love is permeated by jealousy? You are jealous because you are unaware that everything you need is inside you.” – Peter Deunov

33. “I don’t ever remember being particularly jealous of anybody, because I figured if I can’t do it myself, I don’t deserve to get it.” – Clyde Tombaugh

34. “Jealousy’s a weak emotion.” – Jay-Z

35. “Jealousy is one of the wickedest of all the passions. It is that which has been the most fruitful mother of tragedies, murders, and wars. But reprehensible though it is, jealousy is almost rather to be pitied than blamed–its first victims are those who harbour the feeling.” – Arthur Lynch

36. “Jealousy lives upon doubts. It becomes madness or ceases entirely as soon as we pass from doubt to certainty.” – Francois de la Rochefoucauld

37. “Jealousy is never satisfied with anything short of an omniscience that would detect the subtlest fold of the heart.” – George Eliot

38. “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.” – Carrie Fisher

39. “Welcome to the wonderful world of jealousy, he thought. For the price of admission, you get a splitting headache, a nearly irresistible urge to commit murder, and an inferiority complex. Yippee. ” – Dark Lover, J.R. Ward

40. “The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.” – Bette Midler

41. “Anger, resentment and jealousy doesn’t change the heart of others– it only changes yours.” – Shannon L. Alder

42. “Gossip is just a tool to distract people who have nothing better to do from feeling jealous of those few of us still remaining with noble hearts.” – Splendor, Anna Godbersen, Jealousy quotes

43. “Margaret was not a ready lover, but where she loved she loved passionately, and with no small degree of jealousy.” – North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell

44. “For a second I was almost jealous of the clouds. Why was he looking to them for an escape when I was right here beside him? ” – Kamila Shamsie

45. “He seems like a man who knows what he wants, and the problem is he wants what I want.” – Breathe, Abbi Glines

46. “Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality.” – Steve Maraboli

47. “Our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy.” – François de La Rochefoucauld

48. “Jealousy isn’t a pleasant quality, but if it isn’t overdone (and if it’s combined with modesty), apart from its inconvenience there’s even something touching about it.” – Milan Kundera

49. “Envy is for people who don’t have the self-esteem to be jealous.” – Bauvard

50. “Cruel people offer pity when they no longer feel threatened. However, kind people offer compassion and understanding regardless.” – Shannon L. Alder, Jealousy quotes

51. “My jealousy is a living thing. Shifting, changing, growing. Like my rage and my mother’s regret.”

52. “What is jealousy but a reflection of your own failures?” – Michael Connelly, The Last Coyote

53. “Humans are suspicious and jealous creatures. When they see something perfect, they want to find a flaw.” – Meitantei Konan, Gosho Aoyama

54. “There is no envy, jealousy, or hatred between the different colors of the rainbow. And no fear either. Because each one exists to make the others’ love more beautiful.” –  Journey through the Power of the Rainbow: Quotations from a Life Made Out of Poetry, Aberjhani

55. “The enemy stays in the hearts of friends. Watch what your friends know about you and watch what you tell your friends, remember, egoism breeds jealousy and ends a relationship in discord.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

56. “My dear young lady, when you are in love, and jealous, and have been flogged by the Inquisition, there’s no knowing what you may do.” – Candide, Voltaire, Jealousy quotes

57. “Men are jealous of every woman, even when they don’t have the slightest interest in her themselves.” – Jan Neruda

58. “When emerging from humble beginnings, those around you tend to underestimate your authenticity because they knew you before you were ‘somebody’.” – Criss Jami

59. “I said I was impressed, Martha. I’m beside myself with jealousy. What do you want me to do, throw up?” – Edward Albee, Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

60. “A lot of people get so hung up on what they can’t have that they don’t think for a second about whether they really want it.” – Lionel Shriver, Jealousy quotes

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Powerful Envy and Jealousy Quotes

Powerful Envy and Jealousy Quotes

61. “I love being in love, but I also love other things, like not being jealous, overly sensitive, or needy.” – Dark Jar Tin Zoo

62. “The moment you have to recruit people to put another person down, in order to convince someone of your value is the day you dishonor your children, your parents, and your God.” – Shannon L. Alder

63. “Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others.” – Buddha

64. “Do not covet your neighbor’s wife, his male or female slave, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.” – Exodus 20:17

65. “A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.” – Proverbs 14:30

66. “But if you have bitter envy and selfish ambition in your heart, don’t brag and deny the truth.” – James 3:14-16

67. “Surely resentment destroys the fool, and jealousy kills the simple.” – Job 5:2

68. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.” – Corinthians 13:4

69. “He hath a person and a smooth dispose – to be suspected, framed to make women false. The Moor is of a free and open nature, that thinks men honest that but seem to be so, and will as tenderly be led by th’ nose, as asses are.” – Iago, Othello, Jealousy quotes

70. “You may think it all very fine, Mr. Huntingdon, to amuse yourself with rousing my jealousy; but take care you don’t rouse my hate instead. And when you have once extinguished my love, you will find it no easy matter to kindle it again.” – Anne Brontë

71. “Men, though they know full well how much women are worth and how great the benefits we bring them, nonetheless seek to destroy us out of envy for our merits.” – Moderata Fonte

72. “I refused to believe that love could take any other form than mine: I measured love by the extent of my jealousy, and by that standard of course she could not love me at all.” – Graham Greene, Jealousy quotes

73. “Isn’t it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up?” – Sean Covey

74. “Never hate jealous people. They are jealous because they think you are better than them.” – Paulo Coelho

75. “But jealous souls will not be answered so. They are not ever jealous for the cause, but jealous for they’re jealous. It is a monster begot upon itself, born on itself.” – William Shakespeare

76. “Insecure people only eclipse your sun because they’re jealous of your daylight and tired of their dark, starless nights.” – Shannon L. Alder

77. “There’s always this one girl. She’s desperate and she’s weird and she’s jealous, and you’re stuck with her, no matter how hard you try to get her off your back.” – Courtney Summers

78. “The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents.” – Salvador Dali

79. “No one can have all he wants, but a man can refrain from wanting what he has not, and cheerfully make the best of a bird in the hand.” – Seneca, Jealousy quotes

80. “Trifles light as air; Are to the jealous confirmations strong as proofs of holy writ.” – William Shakespeare

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Inspirational Quotes on Jealousy

Inspirational Quotes on Jealousy

81. “Man will do many things to get himself loved; he will do all things to get himself envied.” – Mark Twain

82. “I am convinced that the jealous, the angry, the bitter, and the egotistical are the first to race to the top of mountains. A confident person enjoys the journey, the people they meet along the way and sees life not as a competition.” – Shannon Alder

83. “Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretense of keeping it alive.” – Havelock Ellis

84. “Noble hearts are neither jealous nor afraid because jealousy spells doubt and fear spells pettiness.” – Honoré de Balzac, Jealousy quotes

85. “There will always be someone willing to hurt you, put you down, gossip about you, belittle your accomplishments and judge your soul. It is a fact that we all must face. However, if you realize that God is a best friend that stands beside you when others cast stones you will never be afraid, never feel worthless, and never feel alone.” – Shannon Alder

86. “Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.” – Robert A. Heinlein

87. “People hate those who make them feel their own inferiority.” – Lord Chesterfield

88. “Whoever envies another confesses his superiority.” – Samuel Johnson

89. “People only rain on your parade because they’re jealous of your sun and tired of their shade.” – Anonymous

90. “A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything.” – Robert A Heinlein

91. “So full of artless jealousy is guilt, it spills itself in fearing to be split.” – Gertrude, Hamlet

92. “Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon.” – Paris Hilton

93. “Jealousy is a disease, love is a healthy condition. The immature mind often mistakes one for the other, or assumes that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy – in fact, they are almost incompatible; one emotion hardly leaves room for the other.” – Robert A. Heinlein

94. “It is not love that is blind, but jealousy.” – Buddha

95. “He who envies others does not obtain peace of mind.” – Buddha

96. “Wisdom I know is social. She seeks her fellows. But Beauty is jealous, and illy bears the presence of a rival.” – Thomas Jefferson

97. “The closer you get to success, the more the heat of the naysayers may increase. Work even harder, listen, answer all questions and objections – focus on the work, not yourself. Don’t expect everyone to cheer your successes. Some will be jealous.” – Lisa Marie Stringer, 5 Rules to Persevering In Your Life

98. “Your time is too precious to be sacrificed in wasted days combating the menial forces of hate, jealously, and envy.” – Og Mandino

99. “Jealousy cuts across, and does not necessarily blend with, other aspects of a relationship.” – Terri Apter

100. “Blessed is he who has learned to admire but not envy, to follow but not imitate, to praise but not flatter, and to lead but not manipulate.” – William Arthur Ward

101. “If you’re suffering from problems of self-esteem or from constant bouts of jealousy, it didn’t happen overnight.” – Bailey Jackson

102. “Comparison is a very foolish attitude, because each person is unique and incomparable. Once this understanding settles in you, jealousy disappears.” – Osho

103. “Jealousy has a lot to do with how people see themselves. If you are comparing yourself to someone, stop doing this. You were created to be exactly who you are.” – Stanley Steel

104. “Jealousy is not a barometer by which the depth of love can be read, it merely records the degree of the lover’s insecurity.” – Margaret Mead

105. “To live each day also means to allow forgiveness. By holding a grudge or allowing spite to rule your day, you are placing emphasis on the negative and not on the positive. Get rid of envy or jealousy.” – Byron Pulsifer

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