How to take care of the Emotional & Mental well-being of an Empath Child

Empath kids are a gift to humankind. They are wise beyond years, are sensitive, kind, aware and generous. All these traits come naturally to them. But being an empath is not always sunshine and rainbows because they feel too much. Sometimes the feelings of love, fear, sadness, grief, and despair remain etched in their hearts for a much longer time than expected.

Empath kids match Energies and Vibes:

They can sense the emotions and understand what the other person is going through, which feels like they are walking in their shoes. As they mature, they become too overwhelmed by emotions. Which makes them live, breathe and swim in emotions.

Sometimes their emotional quotient may take over their rational thinking. And they might lose themselves in the process of seeking deeper connections.

How can you Help your Child:

If parents recognise their child’s underlying personality and their emotional needs at a younger age. It’ll be easier to raise mentally and emotionally healthy kids.

Ensuring that we nurture strong, kind, loving and peaceful individuals, who give back more than they acquire from the universe. So let’s discuss a few ways to fulfil the emotional needs of an empath child.

Empath kids match energies and vibes

Talk to them like a Friend:

From time anon we have been taught that friendship knows no bounds and it’s true. It doesn’t matter whether you are following the traditional parenting methods or the modern ones that are glorified in the health and wellness magazines.

A word of Advice:

Break the shackles, think of the time when you were a kid and what you wanted from your parents. The answer will always be— love and care.

So befriend your child, take out time from your busy schedule to cuddle with your little one. Hold their hand, make them feel comfortable around you so, they can share what their heart holds.

Talk to your empath child

Develop a Deeper Bond:

Empath children are sensitive to emotions. They can have a hard time developing deeper connections with people. Since they are mature in thoughts, it makes it rather difficult for them to bond with kids of their age.

Because they look beyond the lines and hardly find anyone, who understands the dustiest corners of their mind. Such kids observe a lot. Hence, they learn a lot from their environment.

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A word of Advice:

If you want to ensure, your child is mentally as well as emotionally healthy. You should reach out to him more than often. Try to make him feel comfortable by not forcing your friendship on him. But by understanding your child’s personality, interests, likes, dislikes, and hobbies.

Appreciate him when he does something that interests him like painting, singing, dancing, etc. Partake in activities with your child by doing so, you two bond naturally. Let loose and be patient when your child speaks his heart out.

These little things will help him in understanding the nature of relationships. How to trust people, the kind of friends they should keep and how to converse with people of different age groups. This will work as a stepping stone for your child in building healthy relations outside his comfort zone— house.

Develop a deeper bond with your child

Yay to reasonable answers and Nay to rotten Thoughts:

Due to their ability to think out of the box, an empath child can give you a hard time questioning things. They have a great understanding of human behaviour and emotions, thinking about which can create a cesspool in their mind.

If your precious little one comes up to you, with questions that are bothering him. You must never give absurd answers to satisfy his yearning, which will consequently kill his curiosity.

A word of Advice:

The trick is to come up with smart answers by reading and learning about things that interest him. This will not only brush up your knowledge. But will keep your mind in a functional state because you’ll touch new topics.

The mind should be trained rigorously to keep it fresh and anew. Before giving away all the answers, make sure to tickle his brain by asking questions from him. Challenge his thoughts, so he comes up with his own answers and doesn’t depend on you.

Yay to logical answers

Be affectionate, Hug and Peck your Child:

It is very important to show subtle signs of affection because empath children hold back their feelings. Therefore, it is necessary to tell your child that expressing yourself isn’t a crime or a sign of weakness. Many adult empaths still struggle with this situation.

Since their caregivers failed to offer love when they were young or mortified their feelings when they tried expressing it. For example, some families lack communication between them. Kids who are raised in such an environment hide their emotions.

A word of Advice:

Caress your child and tell him that you love him dearly. Not just by words but by building trust and understanding. This will acquaint your child with emotions that are hidden skin deep.

So he doesn’t feel threatened to share his feelings and easily expresses himself in public. Being affectionate towards your child will ensure that he/she will have healthy relationships in the future.

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Be affectionate towards your child

Teach them how to accept Death and Suffering as a Part of Life:

Empaths are highly sensitive; they can be best described as a bouncy waterfall of emotions. Feelings of love, care, attachment are deeply rooted in an empath, which sometimes makes it hard for them to accept the truth.

For instance, in some cases, empathetic children find it hard to accept death as a part of life. Since they feel, they have put all their efforts to build an inseparable bond with that person— be it a family member or friend. And their loved one cannot depart, leaving them behind in the journey of life.

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A word of Advice:

To avoid such a situation, parents should raise the curtain— expose death and suffering as inevitable truths. This will help your child to accept every pain, sorrow and struggle in life.

So his mind doesn’t retaliate when such situation hits, which could result in the development of several psychological disorders. Since the mind is constantly revolting by disowning the truth.

Introducing death and suffering as a part of life

Tell your Little one that saying No is Good, sometimes:

Empath kids have a heart of gold. They are willing to cross their limits for making others happy. This can be hazardous sometimes because toxic people can exploit them, resulting in emotional and physical abuse.

A word of Advice:

Tell your kid that he doesn’t have to say “Yes” always— to people or events they find distasteful. By doing so, you will save your child from being trapped in situations, that only saps his energy and doesn’t offer value of any kind.

On the contrary, offer alternative or choices in which your child may find some sort of fulfilment and happiness.

Empaths have a guilty conscience and they feel sorry for every little thing. Therefore, you must tell your child that he shouldn’t feel bad for choosing his happiness over people and events, that leaves him feeling numb.

Tell your little one that saying no is good sometimes

Make your Child understand that he/she cannot Save everybody:

Children with an empathetic personality can sense the pain of others. The caregivers of empathetic kids must take up the responsibility to make their child understand that he/she cannot save everybody.

Apparently, such children get troubled when they fail to help others. This happens because empaths have a healing aura, which they use for fixing broken people.

A word of Advice:

Such kids are problem solvers and they like extending personal support to others. However, when their constant efforts don’t reap good results. They torture themselves for not being able to help.

As a result, they blame themselves, which can be a mental suicide. Therefore, you must tell your tiny being not to stress when such situation arises.

You must advice your child to save those, who are willing to save themselves. Since healing someone is a two-way process. You cannot revive someone, who has already given up. That individual must put some efforts from his side in order to reach the shore.

Make your child understand that he/she cannot save everybody

Understand your Child’s personality and Gift:

Empaths have a diverse personality which many aren’t aware of. Firstly, you must understand that not all empaths are intuitive. As their personality can range from being a dream empath, telepathic empath, earth empath, and pre-cognitive empath.

Each holding a unique trait that makes them special like dream empaths are great at understanding and getting clues from their dream sequences. A telepathic empath child can read someone’s mind, without receiving any information from that person.

While earth empaths are attuned to the natural world and the changes of the earth. Sometimes, they feel overwhelmed by the benevolence of nature like watching a romantic sunset, feeling the droplets tumble on their skin and other such invaluable moments.

A word of Advice:

Earth empaths can also feel depressed like when witnessing a thunderstorm, lightning or other natural phenomena’s, that can change the course of nature.

Pre-cognitive empaths are great at receiving messages or predictions of the future, which they get from their dreams. If you want your child to use his gift for a better purpose, then you must tell him to have faith in it.

Understand your child's personality

Advice your Little one to never Discredit his Gut feelings:

If your child is an intuitive empath, you must advice him to never disregard his gut feelings. Since intuitive empaths often turn inward and consult their unconscious mind. To know whether the signs, they are getting want to convey something— are lifesaving or just random thoughts.

If your child is an intuitive empath, he/she may have gut feelings about things they find fishy. As a result, they might have dreams or visions about people and events— they are uncertain about or have little faith in. Empaths have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others.

A word of Advice:

Their life is unconsciously influenced by the desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods of people they come in contact with. They can easily pick up the energies of other people. In order to make your child realise the gift that he is bestowed with.

You must instil his faith in himself, since he has the ability to distinguish between good and bad. Tell your little one to trust his instincts and never allow his intuitive energy to take a back seat.

Your child has the ability to perceive physical sensitivities, motivations, and intentions of other people. Therefore, self-analysis is necessary.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste