15 Signs that Suggest you have an Empath Child & How to Embrace the Gift

15 Signs that Suggest you have an Empath Child & How to Embrace the Gift:

Empath children are those who understand, feel and sense the pain of others like as if it’s theirs. Not many people are born with the heart of an empath, and one cannot marvel this art unless he is born one.

Children in their younger years show signs of being an empath child. Most prominent being, emotionally attached to other creatures, despite their size and stature.

Such kids are sensitive towards others pain, as they understand what the other person might be going through. They not only go through the same ordeal.

But they feel bad, thinking how can someone hurt another being. Many feel emotionally exhausted and disconnected from the outside world. Because they feel it’s too harsh for them to breathe in.

In such a case, you need to understand your child’s psyche to make him feel better.

If you have a kid, who you feel is either highly sensitive towards others pain or can be an empath child. Then notice these subtle signs, that’ll prove your child is an empath and how to embrace the gift.

1. Your Child is an Empath if He or She is Compassionate towards all beings:

An empathetic person will show signs in their younger years. If a small cut of yours makes your child wail or cry, then it can be an indication. Such kids are troubled by seeing people in pain.

If you notice your child helping, consoling and trying his best, to comfort a sad, wounded person or animal, then he might be one.

2. Empath Children are highly Intuitive:

Empaths have a deeper connection with their soul. They can sense negative energy and vibes. If your child tells you, there’s something wrong with somebody or dislikes a person. Then this may suggest something.

Such kids can smell foul play or if someone is trying to outsmart them in any way. In such case don’t push your child to befriend someone. Give them the liberty to choose their own circle.

3. Empath Children cherish Solitude:

Kids who have an empathetic personality like spending alone time. They might be chirpy and jovial around their loved ones. But still, they would choose a few moments of solitude anytime.

So don’t persuade your kids to have forced interactions and give them enough space to be themselves. Sometimes it’s okay to let your child figure out things on their own– by letting them bond with their soul.

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4. Have a special connection with Nature:

Empath Children not only admire nature’s munificence but are deeply touched by its glory. They are gratifying towards nature for nourishing them from birth, until returning to earth, in the form of dust.

Many enjoy gardening, going for nature walks, cycling, bird watching or simply sitting in the open, under the shade of their favourite tree.

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Empath child: Compassion towards all life forms

5. Animal Lovers:

Such kids have a heartfelt connection with animals and are gentle towards them. They will never hurt, chide or even yell at an animal or pet, as they feel happy around them.

Many empath children abstain from meat. Since they feel it’s barbarous to kill another living being for food.

While others believe, there’s no point of taking the life of another being, when they can get the same nutrition from plant sources. For some, it’s the best option available that does not include cruelty, and also satiates their food cravings.

6. Have a Deep Understanding:

Kids who are empath are ahead of their age. They have a deeper understanding of life. They not only understand you better but are great listeners.

You can share anything with them and they’ll respond like a mature person. This makes you pour your feelings into their little cups, which isn’t less than a blessing.

7. Are Healers:

They might comfort you in silent ways, either by lending an ear to your problem or by hugging you, when you are emotionally drained. Notice these signs. Kids who are empaths will sense your grief and will try their best to ease your pain.

If your child tries to strike a conversation with you when you are sad, just listen to what he wants to convey. Assure him that you are doing fine and are blessed to have him around.

“The sad thing that many of us empaths don’t realize is that often our desire to heal others is a disguised cry for help for our own healing.

Because many of us weren’t taught how to value or nurture ourselves at a young age, we tend to unconsciously seek out our own healing in the healing of others.” ― Mateo SolAwakened Empath

8. They feel too much:

A child who is an empath may cry when you are physically and emotionally hurt or disturbed. They will easily catch your feelings and it might affect them to the core. Some may even cry, feel a little low and will request you to leave them alone.

If you shout or yell at them, they may not talk to you for hours or will stay away from you for a moment. This is because they feel too much and love too much which makes them hurt easily.

Thinking Tanks

9. Are Thinking Tanks:

If your child thinks a lot and remains inside his head, then chances are you might have an empath child in your hand. Such kids enjoy self-talking and loathing.

If you notice your child rambling or mumbling about anything then ask him whether he is doing fine?

Try to initiate a small talk, inquire if there’s something that’s bothering him or if he wants to ask something? This will not only strengthen your bond with your child but will also make your little one feel better by opening-up.

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10. Lucid Dreamers:

If your child tells you about having vivid dreams or talks while dreaming then he might be one.

Empath children see surreal dreams and some even lucid dream. However, this can be frightening as a bad dream may haunt them for days and some may make even panic while dreaming.

If your child wakes up panting and sweating then calm him down by telling him that it was just a dream. Sleeping next to your child can help a lot. Hold his hand, hug him tight and always remind him that you are there for him.

11. Question Everything:

The one who thinks a lot often questions everything before blindly believing in it. An empath child does the same, they dig questions out of nowhere.

You may find them questioning on sensitive subjects like love, life, poverty, mankind, cruelty, war, death and everything that tickles their mind.

Don’t turn deaf on their questions, try to answer them as much as possible. Only then your child’s mind will be at peace and his heart will be at content.

12.  Is Artsy:

Since empath children feel too much, they vent their emotions by producing art. Such kids have creative minds and they thoroughly enjoy creating a craft. Notice your child’s capability, he might be gifted.

Many are good at writing, singing, playing instruments etc. Even studies have found the correlation between musical training and cognitive abilities.

If you have such a child then consider yourself as lucky. Support and guide your young one to do the best so he may carry it forward as a passion.

Albert Einstein, a great physicist, and Nobel Prize recipient, began playing the violin when he was 6 years old. By the age of 13, he was playing Mozart’s sonatas. Einstein once said

“Life without playing music is inconceivable to me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music… I get most joy in life out of music.”

Different from other kids

13.  Feel like a Misfit:

Children who have this trait may feel like they don’t belong here. They feel out of place in groups or with kids of their age as they believe they are way mature in their thinking than their peers.

Such kids have a hard time understanding the gift they’ve been bestowed with. If your kid complains that he feels lost around kids of his age, then tell him how special he is and how beautiful his soul is.

14. Acting weird in Crowded places:

If your child feels overstimulated in crowded places then this might be a sign of an empath child. Many empath children don’t like being a part of the crowd as it soaks their energy.

Sometimes they might act around and throw tantrums to get out of the crowd. Parties, fairs and public gatherings may not entice them.

15. Avid readers and Movie bugs:

They have a penchant for books and movies. Many empath children love to read and they completely immerse themselves in the world of books.

Since they are driven towards art, they love watching films and reading books during their free time.

If you have such a kid then instead of buying materialistic things go for wisdom. Build a home library for your kid to savour the fragrance of the freshly printed books.

Let thy spirit be high in love! Namaste