15 Secrets of Lone Wolves which make their Life a lot Simpler & Happier

Loners are secretive, which is why they draw a lot of attention. And sometimes, raise the eyebrows of social butterflies for their low key life. While some people find them to be anti-social and complex beings. The fact is they are fairly easy to understand than most people.

Since their only reason for not being accessible to others is simply because— they don’t find any meaningful connection. Hence, they rely on themselves and like making peace with the war that goes within.

But if you have a loner friend and you really wanna know how he/she survives without having a social knit around them. Then check out the 15 Secrets of Loners, which makes their Life a lot Simpler and Happier.

1. We like to Gaze for Hours:

As alarming it may sound, we do like to gaze at things that we find beautiful. It doesn’t necessarily mean a person because that would be sleazy. Instead, we like admiring the beauty of nature.

Gazing at the blue sky decorated with fluffy cottony clouds, deceiving us into believing that it’s an art piece. We enjoy sitting on a park bench and carefully looking at every curve and bend of the dusty mountains.

Spending hours in solitude is our kind of thing. Therefore, gazing for long at the freshly watered leaves, dew-kissed flowers or on the bark of a tree is kind of meditative. It relaxes our spiritual muscles.

Loner woman gazing outside, 15 Secrets of Lone Wolves which make their Life a lot Simpler & Happier

2. We like reading People:

Our loner life teaches us to guard ourselves and to be highly aware of things, that are going around in our environment. Since we are alone most of the times, we cannot risk our life by resting our faith in the hands of another person.

We need to understand the psyche of people and how do we do that? By noticing the red flags, gestures, words and everything else. Well, it comes naturally to us. Since we were that kid, who sat alone in recess choosing to observe our surrounding than play with other kids.

Not because they were mean or bossy. But because we preferred solitude. Hence, we like reading people, observing them and understanding how they behave in social surroundings. Which is why we are good at understanding human behaviour.

3. Crowd means Colour:

Being a lone wolf not always mean that we like staying away from crowded places as it scares us to death. That is an exaggeration of facts, which is blown out of proportion. We sometimes enjoy being in crowded places because it brings a lot of colours.

You can see different types of people with colourful personalities. How they behave in public, how they react and respond to situations.

Crowded streets, bus, fairs, events are some of the best places to examine human behaviour. How different people are stimulated by different things. It is the best show for which, we don’t even have to pay any price and can be entertained at the same time.

Playing Holi in Crowd

4. Animal Whisperers:

We have a special connection with earthly beings, who happen to share the same planet with us. It hardly takes any effort for us to bond with animals, be it a dog, cat, rabbit or a parrot.

We can sense their pain, feelings and reciprocate them well. If we are at a party, it would take us no time to find a furry little friend to catch up. It is a narrows escape from the flashy lights and the ear deafening music and also from people, who we barely know.

We can turn our backs on strangers but animals, hell no! They are special, they are precious little beings, who deserve love and affection.

5. We have an inbuilt lie Detector:

Loners are great at picking up signs and noticing human behaviour. We have spent our entire life in staying aloof that it shakes us a little if someone tries to intrude. Since there are a handful of people, who understand us and are accepting of the lifestyle we lead.

We are cautious towards the people who try to befriend us. It is not a self-pitying situation. But it helps us to save ourselves from the energy-sucking vampires, liars, and manipulators.

We can count our people on fingers and also the freeloaders, who only come to us for seeking help and to benefit. Therefore, we take every step with caution.

Loners have an inbuilt lie detector

6. Bed and Deep Thoughts makes a Perfect Duo for us:

Having a small circle of friends means, we are not invited to a lot of social events. Apparently, we have a lot of time in our hand, which we utilise accordingly.

However, the best chilling moments are spent in bed, thinking about things that matter the most to us. New thoughts touch the hemispheres of our brain, every now and then. They keep us entertained and we like to chase them until we get hold of something new.

Being a lone-wolf means you need to tame your demons on your own. For that, we need to train our mind, which we certainly do when in bed. Snorkelling in deep thoughts and dissecting them, one by one.

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7. Books, Art, Music and Creativity is what we Cherish:

Well, this could be a generalised statement but it is true for most of us. We do enjoy being creative, which literally suggests— we like keeping our nose in our business.

The perk is that we get to learn a lot of new things and stuff. It keeps our brain in a healthy, functional state. Grasping new knowledge, content, listening to a new genre of music and writing is what most loners enjoy.

Since we are all by ourselves, so we have ample time to invest in learning and introducing our brain to new things. It is a win, win situation for us. Passing your time in being productive is kinda cool, ain’t it?

Books, art, music and creativity is what loners cherish

8. We often Speak to Ourselves:

We no speak no Americano. Lol! Call us crazy but we do enjoy talking to ourselves, especially in the shower space or when alone in a room. Recalling the craziest things we saw, spoke or situations we’ve been in.

Even if we felt embarrassed during that moment but once it’s over and we are in our home sweet home. We rewind, replay it and laugh our heart out.

Mumbling to ourselves and acting it all out. It is our way of cheering ourselves and letting go of all the good, bad and stupid things we said or did. We all are crazy to some extent and that is okay!

9. We are a Bag full of Hidden Talent:

Although we hate being in the centre stage but we aren’t dull, as people suppose us to be. We do enjoy doing all sorts of recreational activities. But of course within our boundaries, which means secretly. Or with someone, we really like and connect to.

We can be funny, goofy and crazy only if we feel comfortable around you. Once there is mutual trust and understanding, you’ll be amazed to see how many hidden talents we possess.

Don’t be shocked, if you find your loner friend to be a great poet, a dancer, a musician or an artist. There is always more than what our eyes can meet. Enjoy every bit of their mysterious personality.

We are a bag full of hidden talent

10. We are Emotional:

Loners are often tagged as being anti-social. Suggesting they do not like people or are incapable of having close relationships. Since they aren’t emotional.

However, this is untrue because we are emotional or could be more empathetic and sensitive than others. Which makes us build a wall so strong, that harsh energies can’t touch us, leaving us bruised.

We sometimes fear people because once they come closer, they are capable of shredding you into pieces. Since we do not have many people in life or we don’t allow many people to enter our lives because of the unwanted drama. Therefore, maintaining a distance or staying aloof work as a defence mechanism for us.

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11. Our Love knows no Bounds:

If a loner has opened up to you or feels happy around you— this means you are damn special. The walls don’t demolish for everybody. But they do for those who are too good to be true.

A little patience from your side may help your lone-wolf to pour his/her feelings for you. And when this does happen, you will notice a different side of their personality. Which they have safely kept only for that someone special, which could be you.

Our love knows no bounds

12. We are Selective:

While others gel along easily and mingle with everybody. Loners take time to build healthy relationships, which is good for their mental and emotional well-being.

They detest the idea of having friends, who make them feel trapped or expect them to involve in activities they don’t find engaging. It’s all about maintaining healthy relationships by giving enough space to someone— to be completely themselves.

Therefore, loners are quite selective about choosing people, who they want to stick around. It could be a companion, a friend or a lover. They ponder deeply when allowing someone to become a part of their peaceful life, where there is no room for drama.

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13. Trustworthy Secret keepers:

Since we don’t socialise much, we only have a few friends that we barely see from time to time. But they do hold great importance in our lives. Not having many friends and unwanted acquaintances mean we don’t have an outsider to share secrets with.

We oppose the idea of sticking ourselves to those, who like meddling in other people’s lives. Therefore, we can be trusted because we too expect secrecy. Neither your info nor your name is going outside as no grapevine is involved here.

It stays safe in our mind, where all the good memories rebound. Also, feel at ease when you are with a loner, they are more accepting than others. Since they don’t go by any rule book.

Loyal Loner Couple

14. Loyalty runs in our Blood:

Although, we find it difficult to initiate we do realise the importance of relationships. How helpful they can be in our personal growth and also in living a fulfilling life. The perk of dating or being in love with a loner is that— they don’t like being up-close with someone, who they don’t bond with.

Loners dislike playing games and running in circles. Either they are into someone or they are all alone, tumbling and stumbling over thoughts. They are loyal towards their kin because they know how loneliness feels like.

Hence, they don’t want their loved one to feel the same. If you bond well with a loner, he/she will truly cherish you as a person, offering mental and emotional support to you.

15. Run Wild because we offer ample Space:

It’s all about that space. Yes, loners are too uptight about their personal space. They don’t like when people try to jump into the surface for invading their space.

If you are someone, who likes to run wild for chasing your dreams, passion and exploring other dimensions. Then you will do well with a loner.

Like everybody else, loners too desire to find someone, who match on their level of crazy. One with whom, you can discuss everything and cherish meaningful silences with.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste