10 Reasons why Introverts love Cloudy Days

I love cloudy days, as it reminds me of the best days, I spent gallivanting in my city with a dear friend I made in my early teens. We were two introverted peeps who enjoyed taking those long-backbreaking trails, meandering towards the road less traveled.

As there were lesser unknown faces around us, and less wandering to stare at our faces for a one-long creepy minute.

Since we were in our early teens, exploring the underrated trails of our city made us feel like— we were two independent ladies on their adventurous journey.

Why Introverts like Cloudy Days:

Back then, I used to tell her that I love cloudy days, as everything becomes so gloomy and mystical. The colourful foliage outshines the man-made construction sprawling everywhere, and the commotion halts for a while.

She too agreed with me. Soon I learned that other introverts and people with reserve nature felt the same about cloudy days.

So if you are an introvert living in a city that is boiling with heat, then let’s experience the magic of cloudy days and relive those moments, and why we wish cloudy days would surprise us more often.

If you are not an introvert but you love cloudy days, then you are most welcome to experience the beauty of cloudy days. So without further rambling, let’s check out—

10 Reasons why Introverts love Cloudy days

Introverts Love for Cloudy Days

1. Best reason to skip School with the due Permission of your Parents:

I think every introvert will agree that, although we enjoy learning but we hate going to school. This is when cloudy days comes to our rescue.

As it was our best excuse to skip school in which our parents cooperated with us. Because they didn’t want us to come home drenched in rainwater, with our noses blowing like a balloon.

As a kid, I used to pray to God, ‘Please make the clouds rain so I can stay at home and chill. And when it did happen, I wouldn’t express my euphoric feelings to my parents.

To conceal my happiness, I would sigh! and say, ‘Ohkay! I’ll stay at home’ even though I was rejoicing inside.

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10 Reasons why Introverts love Cloudy Days

2. Cloudy Days encourages Introverts to pursue their Creative Endeavours:

Cloudy days are a blessing for creative introverts. As it gives us an excellent opportunity to pursue our creative endeavours like drawing, writing, singing, dancing, and expressing our happiness in the form of art.

I remember countless moments when I drew the scenery of lofty trees outside my room, swaying with the gust of the wind. Wrote my feelings in an old diary, made paper boats and parachutes from old poly bags, and flew it away as an expression of joy.

Those are some golden moments associated with the nostalgic cloudy days that I have lived in my life.

3. On Cloudy days we like to Gaze into Nothingness and Hone our Observation Skills:

Undoubtedly cloudy days are an introvert’s daydream. Since it gives us a quaint environment to hone our observation skills.

During school hours, I used to watch the colourless sky from the window, and wish I was at home making merry. My eyes would stick to the view from the window, from where I carefully studied the shape of the clouds.

Some were round, fat belly, swollen with water, the others looked like fleecy cotton about to burst into laughter.

However, my favourite were the careless, backpacker clouds who used to meander on its own in the ethereal sky.

4. An ideal time for Introverts to go deep into the Woods and hear their Heartbeat:

I feel cloudy days are the best time for introverts to go on small adventures, and explore the nook and cranny of the place where you reside. Because there’s less crowd and clamour on the street.

The best kind of adventure and rewarding moments I’ve had in life were, when I explored something new in the outskirts of my city. Most of which were done on cloudy days.

It’s a joyful experience to march towards the woods, and smell the moss fattening itself under the coiled roots of the lanky trees.

If like me, you too have an undying love for wild flora and fauna. Then you must throng the woods on a cloudy day to hear its heartbeat.

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10 Reasons why Introverts love Cloudy Days

5. To enjoy Silence and Express Gratitude for Mother Nature:

During cloudy days there are lesser vehicles running on the busy street, and the passers-by can be seen running towards shelter like strays. This fascinates me as man and animal are in the same shoes during this day.

I think all introverted and solitude loving personalities find cloudy days a treat for their soul.

Since we get an opportunity to think, and practice stillness while studying the raindrops pelting on the window sill. When the euphonious sound made by raindrops chimes in our ears like a meditative track, it soothes our spirit.

My heart fills with joy and gratitude towards Mother Nature for making me witness her magnificent beauty.

6. Cloudy Days blows away our Worries and makes us Hopeful for Future:

My love for cloudy days is such that after a rough night, it elevates my mood. I think other introverts will relate to it as well.

Whenever I see the clouds carelessly floating in the colossal sky. It makes me happy that everything that’s existing in any shape or form is here for a reason, and it makes me hopeful.

I feel sometimes it’s good to just go with the flow, like the clouds travelling in the dark sky with the course of the wind. This makes me believe that cloudy days are the best, yet they are so underrated.

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Introverts and Cloudy Days

7. Selfies and Nature Portraits comes out beautifully on such days:

Most introverted people I befriended in life or had short meetings with had one thing in common— they all were nature lovers. We shared equal love for cloudy days, and quietly admired the changing moods, and colours of nature.

On cloudy days I become a shutterbug and enjoy taking pictures of flowers blooming in my garden. Since every detail on it is clearly visible in the close-up shots.

Another thing that I love doing is taking candid shots of insects going on their daily business. My phone’s gallery is filled with such pictures and nature portraits that I took on cloudy days.

If you are a fan of taking selfies, then you’d know how the grey cloudy adds a rustic black and white undertone to your pictures.

8. Unwanted plans of Introverts get cancelled on Cloudy Days:

Introverts dislike sudden plans, and meet and greet sessions with long lost friends, who bump into us online or offline. There are times when we don’t wish to meet someone.

Since its weird for us to be friendly and chatty with someone, who we haven’t met or spoken to in years. And only said hello, while accidentally meeting them in the school or college campus.

But sometimes making excuses doesn’t work. So whenever I was close to such awkward meetings, and clouds enveloped the sun with heavy chances of rainfall, my plans often got cancelled.

I felt so relieved because then I don’t have to persuade myself to socialise with someone, I wasn’t enthusiastic about meeting. This is one of the guilty pleasures of introverts.

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10 Reasons why Introverts love Cloudy Days

9. We can cuddle with our Furry friend, sit near the Window and Sip our tea:

Today is one of the best cloudy days that I have witnessed in my lifetime, and every time I get this feeling, I become a child. Who with her inquisitive eyes looks outside, and watches the plants showered by fresh drizzle.

While I am writing this, the breeze is blowing the curtains away, and is communicating with me in silence. Telling me to switch off the fan, and feel the wind touching my bare legs.

Now when I have turned off the fan, I can feel the fresh chilly wind working its magic on me.

My rabbit Vinnie is sitting next to me while I am working on my blog. I am gently petting her crown and touching her cold wiggly nose. We both are enjoying this warm exchange

Whenever the clouds wear a sombre expression, Vinnie runs in the lawn, performs binkies, and shakes her floppy ears to express her happiness.

10. We get ample Time to spend with Ourselves and Relax in the perfect Ambiance:

At last I like to conclude by confessing that we introverts enjoy spending time with ourselves, alone and introspecting ourselves. Therefore, the quietude and the glum aura of cloudy days make it all the more interesting and engaging.

We get the perfect ambiance that we need to thrive and the peaceful vibes with less honking, hullabaloo of people on the streets makes it a daydream.

On such days a cup of hot coffee and ramen is a treat that we like to give to ourselves while being in sync with the numb weather outside. Not to forget that the perfect weather calls the sleep dust fairy to cradle us to sleep, hence we sleep like a baby.

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