8 Best Qualities of Introverts and How to Benefit from It

The Power of Introversion: 8 Qualities of Introverts & How to Benefit from It:

Introversion and Extraversion, commonly known as “extroversion” are personality traits. Which were first introduced, and popularized by Swiss Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst Carl Jung.

Who is an Introvert (What is Introversion):

Introversion can be described as a state of being predominantly interested and invested in one’s own self. The reason being, that introverts are more easily stimulated than extroverts.

Some people often correlate and confuse introversion with shyness. But introversion is a preference, while shyness stems from distress.

According to other well-reputed psychologists, the energy of an introverted person expands through reflection, and dwindle during interaction.

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The Quiet Power of Introversion: 

Introversion can be defined as having a preference for a quiet, more minimally stimulating external environment.

Introverts generally don’t prefer exchanging their energy quite often with others. Unlike extroverts, who obtain gratification from outside themselves, usually socializing or being around people. In order to elevate their mood, and for their mental and emotional well being.

Introverts are reserved, reflective, and have an independent personality.

Since extroverts are quite vocal about their feelings, they need people to share it with. Whereas, introverted people keep things to themselves.

Therefore, they can battle bouts of loneliness, as they think of it as a “state of impermanence”. This realistic approach for situations helps them in dealing with problems.

“…I also believe that introversion is my greatest strength. I have such a strong inner life that I’m never bored and only occasionally lonely. No matter what mayhem is happening around me, I know I can always turn inward.” ― Susan Cain

Some of the Unique Personality Traits of Introverts:

Check out some of the unique personality traits and qualities of Introverts:

  • They prefer calm, minimally stimulating environment.
  • They get overwhelmed by too much stimulation from social gatherings and engagement.
  • They regain their energy by spending time alone, and engaging in activities that offer mental peace.
  • Introverts tend to view the world differently, and like observing their surroundings instead of blending right in.
  • They ponder deeply and take calculated risks, which saves them from accidental damage.
  • Introverts prefer concentrating on a single activity at a time, and function better like this.
  • They like to observe situations before participating, especially observed in developing children and adolescents.

How Introverts can use Introversion for their Benefit:

Introverts have many superpowers and qualities in them, which they can take advantage of.

If you are an introvert or in a layman’s terms are someone— who likes being on their own, and can do well without any external stimulus, like human interaction.

Then congrats this could be an advantage for you. Because there are so many great qualities of introverts, which they can use for their own benefit.

If you want to learn about the power of introversion and how you can take benefit from it.

Then quickly dive into the info and check out below 8 Qualities of Introverts and to Use them for your Benefit:

Power 1. Masters of the Art of Silence

Since introverts thrive well in silence and only speak when needed. Silence can be your tool to slay the haters and their negative comments, that they keep pelting on your ears.

Although, introverts don’t react easily or get triggered by trivial things. But when they do it’s like a volcanic eruption (I too am guilty of it).

This powerful tool will come in handy for introverted friends who:

  • Don’t have a good circle of supportive people,
  • Live in dysfunctional families with abusive parents,
  • Or have to deal with the toxic positivity of colleagues every day, who keep backbiting you.

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So use the superpower of silence to tone down your haters. The less you interact with such negative ions, the less you’ll get charged up or affected by them.

Because staying silent means, they won’t get any new content from you to talk about.

I always practice the art of silence, whenever negative people sabotage my mental health and try to destroy my temple of peace. Hope you’ll try it too because it is one of the best qualities of introverts.

The Power of Introversion: 8 Qualities of Introverts & How to Benefit from It

Power 2. Alone and Happy

If you haven’t realized this, then I’ll introduce you to your biggest superpower. It is the power of being alone without feeling cranky and unhappy.

Since introverts will any day embrace loneliness than forcing themselves in conversation, or with people around, who they struggle to talk with.

Why Extroverts don’t Enjoy alone Time:

Quite contrary to this, for extroverts, the very thought of being lonely is unfathomable, and unenjoyable. As it can severely impact their mood, behavior, and mental health.

Because extroverts like being surrounded, and close to people. Which offers them an external stimulus, which keeps them satiated and sane.

This is why extroverts don’t enjoy being on their own for long. As they recharge themselves by socializing with people.

How Introverts can use Alone time for their Benefit:

While introverts derive pleasure from being alone and turn it into the gold, that is solitude. Therefore being alone comes naturally to us.

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So fellow introverts use it to fuel your imagination and be more creative. Because great work, art, and realizations only occur, when you isolate yourself from the world.

It’s dark, yet it’s intriguing to us because it is something, we have known for long. Hence, we feel comfortable in being on our own.

So make great use of it, be productive, and use your alone time to feed your curiosity. Read, write, work, meditate etch plans for future to step on the ladder to success. It is one of the best qualities of introverts.

Power 3. Introversion: Being Friends with Yourself

There’s a quote by Rumi that I dearly love, it says:

“Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.”

When I read it first, I was so in awe of it, because it made me realize, I am friends with myself for so long.

Since mind can replay all the good, bad, and the worse times, we shared like a camera roll. And only I know, how I truly am.

No human friend will ever understand, what I sometimes try to tell—that this thing affects me, or I felt so because of this.

How you can use this friendship to become a better and stronger person:

Frankly speaking, I am happy and now I don’t even try to convey things like I used to before.

I have accepted being friends with myself, and I often rebuke, question, and teach myself. About, where I went wrong, what I need to do to hush negative voices, and how not to overthink, and be the way I am.

Because everybody needs to be comfortable with who you are, and how you feel, to be able to attain mental peace.

Introverts do use this superpower because when you are friends with yourself, you don’t fan your ego.

You correct yourself, make positive changes, motivate yourself to make progress in the right direction, and feel good about being your quirky self.

The best thing about being friends with yourself is, you don’t trust people easily. And take time to observe them, so you don’t fall on your face again. It is one of the best qualities of introverts.

Power 4. Escaping problems with Self Help:

Are you patting your back, already? I think, this doesn’t need an explanation.

Because there have been numerous times, when we worked so hard, on that particular problem, an office project, or a craft back in school. To be able to master it. So we don’t have to ask help from someone, even our closest friend.

Not because of ego, but for the sole reason, that we don’t want to bother them, and hinder their work. And take trouble for us.

When I look back at it, I actually have learned so many things because of it. So use this tool efficiently!

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”― Jim Rohn

Power 5. Not getting Bored

Back in childhood, when kids of my age use to get bored, I was busy doing stuff.

I was either drawing, writing, sewing clothes for my doll, reading books, trying my hand at calligraphy, and the best was watching underwater sea life documentaries. Geez! I loved it so much.

I remember, when the first time, I learnt that male seahorses become pregnant, and raises their young. My mind was blown away by this fact.

Since the female seahorses transfers her eggs (as many as 2000 at a time), to the male’s abdominal pouch, made of modified skin.

The male then releases sperm to fertilize the eggs and incubates them for 24 days, until they are born. Learning about such awesome facts made me a nature aficionado.

How introverts use this power to give wings to their curiosity and in learning new things:

Have you been asked by your peers, “Don’t you get bored at home?” And you wonder, what does getting bored means?

Because introverts can look at a ceiling for hours, and be absolutely contented with it.

Therefore introverted people don’t get bored. As it gives you ample time to do things you love and channelizing your energy in productive things.

Hence, getting bored isn’t an option for us. So use this superpower of not getting bored to chase your passions, being productive and less on thinking, about the shortcomings. It is one of the best qualities of introverts.

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Power 6. Getting Energized by Yourself 

For extroverts, the very thought of being on their own, without getting energized by humans can aggravate them.

Because they get their energy from people. And not interacting or expressing themselves to others, can make them sad and depressed.

Extroverts love being the ball of energy and look to others for motivation, so they can gain energy from that exchange.

They recharge their battery by socializing. Which fills their heart with vigor and content. It is one of the best qualities of introverts.

How Introverts can use this Power to be more aware of their Emotional Needs:

On the other hand, introverts enjoy being alone, as alone time helps them to turn to themselves, to feel the bliss of solitude.

Unlike extroverts, introverts don’t need an external stimulus to make them feel better. This is the reason why they do well without socializing and enjoy their own company.

This personality trait of introverts, makes them stay away from gossiping as it saps their energy.

So use this introvert quality to connect with yourself, and give time to our personal development.

Don’t ignore your emotional needs, and listen to them.

Since you are the one, that’s in-sourcing the energy to run your thought mill. Do feed positive thoughts to your brain. Once in a while, it’s okay to appreciate yourself for being the dark horse of the race.

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Power 7. Self Motivated Human Vehicle

While most people believe that introverts don’t feel happy and confident about themselves.

I disagree because introverts slay confidence not on the outside but inside, where people often doubt, “Who am I and do people like me?”

While we assure ourselves, “This is who I am and I will never try to be someone who I am not.”

What makes this a powerful trait, and how to take maximum benefit from it:

Introverts enjoy working in silence and get motivated by the time, energy, and efforts, they put into their work.

Reading success stories, motivational dialogues, or quotes don’t work for them. Because it feels to shake their core.

Self-motivation is one of the powerful traits of introverts, that you need to consider. So use personal development tools like– self-talk, constructive criticism, and have an inner dialogue with yourself to push boundaries.

Make best possible use of this powerful trait of introverts, which can help you to achieve your goal in life.

Power 8. A Lone Soldier in the Crowd 

Introverts don’t fear to stand alone, and it is one of the best qualities of introverts. This helps them to view life as it is, which is full of hope, distress, possibilities, happiness, and misery. It is one of the best qualities of introverts.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” ― E.E. Cummings

The stoic nature of introverts makes them rely on themselves for dealing with tough situations.

This in turn makes them a lone warrior, and they feel extremely comfortable standing alone for themselves. Instead of waiting that someone will help them. Being alone and happy is one of the best qualities of introverts.

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