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Yesterday was a great day, which was smooth as butter and the weather was surprisingly pleasant. Which can be accredited to the infamous Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19), which the entire world is facing the wrath of.

No Mayhem in May?

Since the industries have been shut down, which is one of the biggest contributors to the world’s pollution. Therefore, the weather is fine these days. And even in the peak of the summer season, it’s going down well.

Although its May but most people are doing well without fans and ACs. Ah! what a relief, May never felt so easy going.

When a Good day unexpectedly turns into a Nightmare, that you’ve been avoiding:

My yesterday can be summed up into a lemon drink, which was chill and relaxing. However, the good spirit of the day didn’t last long, and it accidentally spiralled into a bad episode.

Which made me feel crushed for quite some time and I wondered, Why? (although I knew). So let me start this with one of my many thoughts, that I observed and enquired yesterday.

Introverts and their Struggle with sharing their Energy:

Initially I felt very hesitant of sharing such thoughts because they are personal. But as time have progressed, I feel much comfortable in giving words to my feelings.

Because I feel there might be other introverted, low-key people/writers like me, who feel the same.

And I am here to tell you, there’s nothing wrong with you. You are just a normal being, feeling the high’s and low’s of sharing your energy with the world.

When Writing, which is the most Therapeutic activity becomes Exhausting:

I was doing great yesterday and was admiring the moss roses, growing in one of the terracotta pots.

The deep-tangy orange and pristine white colours were bleeding through. And I thought, how lovely will they look, when all the flowers will bloom at once.

I was feeling neutral, which to me is synonymous with being happy, as happiness is a state of mind.

Soon enough, my minding my own business went downhill, when I picked up my laptop to write something. Then started the self-sabotage, which I experience from time to time.

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Why did this Happen? What did I Write, which made me uncomfortable and Sad?

Since writing is such a therapeutic experience, then can how someone feel bad while writing?

The answer is simple. If you are an introverted soul, who feels not so comfortable about sharing your energy, so frequently with the world, then you know how it feels.

Without guessing, I can say that fellow introverted writers/bloggers must have felt the same, at some point. Or they often do from time to time.

I can feel you, as it can slow down your work, and can make you anxious that you aren’t doing well enough. Since you are incapable of pouring content into a cup without refilling your jug.

Questions that often comes across in the Mind of Introverted Writers:

Since I cannot fathom the constant mind chattering, that comes along with writing. Hence, I self-interrogate myself with these questions:

  • Would you rather want to speed up the process of writing and face burnout?
  • Or would you rather continue doing what you love without giving up?
  • Would you rather take that break and be more creative.
  • Or tap aggressively, then shut off the device to rest, and feel guilty, because your mind doesn’t want to indulge in subliminal talking.
  • Am I spilling too much info about myself? (a little can be too much for introverts)
  • Why am I not able to write, when I my mind is swollen with ideas? (because you are exhausted just by thinking of that virtual connection)
  • Would you rather write only what the audience wants to read? And not what you like because it doesn’t bring more views, visitors, and traffic.
  • Or would you rather learn new things, study and implement technical knowledge. While creating a balance between things that work, and things you enjoy writing about.
  • Would you rather want to offer a slurry to your readers, which you are sure is something that you wouldn’t like to publish.
  • Or would you rather invest your time in writing something you feel proud of, when you read it the next time or years later.

These are some of the many thoughts that often come across my mind. Which makes me want to burry all the unedited articles in the draft box.

What Happens when an Introvert Writes:

The most recurring thought that comes to me as an introverted person is that, at times, I don’t feel comfortable about writing certain things.

Though it’s not mandatory for anybody to write about stuff they don’t want to.

But at times, you feel, you have the potential to write about things you’ve personally dealt with in life. And have found success in making peace with the dark times.

You want to help others by sharing your life learnings and experiences.

But you hold back because you know, once you are finished writing it. It’ll stay in the draft box, where it’ll sleep forever. And will be lost in the flood of other drafted material, that you think is too personal to publish.

Because you are well aware of the self-sabotaging thoughts, that’ll destroy your mental peace. And overthinking about it just makes you shovel your words at the back of your mind.

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Inside the Mind of an Introverted Writer:

Another thing that I often find myself battling with is— no matter the subject is personal or not. But the mere process of writing and sharing thoughts, makes me feel overwhelmed at times.

Wherein, I feel drained. Because when you write, you are subconsciously talking to an audience.

What Happens when Introverts Write, Typewriter

I can’t say for all but when I write, I feel, like I am conversing with a smart audience, that questions back. And debates with me by sharing contrasting opinions, that I have in mind.

Therefore, when I am finished working, I feel like— I already had many discussions with people. So, I break the monotony by vanishing for a couple of days and cutting every thread off.

Although, I do crave working on new topics that chime in my mind every now and then. But I don’t!

Because I know with so many thoughts in my mind. New ideas, and things I am passionate about writing, will only create a hocus-pocus of emotions and self-deprecating thoughts.

Which will hinder my work and will only make me feel bad, lost, and a complete wreck. Hence, I wait for some time. So I can feel restless and a little depressed, which fuels me to write again.

Introverts can deeply sense the Virtual Reality Simulation:

Since introverts take time to adjust in a new environment or setting. Therefore, this virtual reality is no different. Because you are subconsciously talking to people.

Similar to real life, where introverts take time to be well acquainted with the environment they are working in.

Likewise, in this virtual world, they have to struggle with a lot of thoughts before getting comfortable. As they have to give a direction to their thoughts, make networks, and communicate with the audience, they are writing for.

One may Question:

  • Why do I write?
  • Should I write daily to give a good kick to my writing career?
  • Or should I ponder on whether it’ll sap my energy and creativity to the point where I hate it?
  • Am I the only one who loves to write, yet holds back a lot and panic later?
  • Should I allow others to know what goes in my mind? And many such questions that may arise from time to time.

They run a deep Analysis before giving a Green flag to their Work:

Since introverted writers are highly aware of the energy, they are sharing with others. They tap their social interactions or any other minute info, they give away in their write-ups.

Because they know as the views go up, x number of people will get to know them from their work. Like what you did today, and what are your thoughts about a particular topic.

At times, one could feel, should I write this or not, it could be too personal? Or it could be behind the shared boundary, that I usually keep between me and others.

Introverted Writers, you need to Plug-off when needed:

But all of this boils down to one thing, that we need to replenish ourselves in order to enjoy the process of writing.

  • This lone time will help you to be more creative instead of lacking the zeal to work.
  • So turn from writing and spend some time alone, whenever you feel exhausted of the connection.
  • This alone time will do wonders for your mental health and will make you appreciate the connection you have with your audience.
  • Stop wishing you could write more, when you don’t feel it in your bones.
  • So write when you want, and do smart work, because quality always overpowers quantity.
  • Fix a number of articles, poetry, prose that you’ll publish in a course of time. Setting a goal will help you to balance work and leisure.
  • Keep a pace and maintain it, rather than forcing yourself until you give up.

Introversion isn’t a Bane but a Boon, make good use of your Unique personality:

Certain triggers can make me feel worse, unwanted, lost, dejected and a loser at times. You need to fix this because over time it becomes a part of your personality.

Don’t let the way you feel come in between your work. Because introversion has its benefits. You are a ball of emotions that cannot run from ideas to work on.

So maintain a balance. Reserve a few moments of sweet solitude for yourself, and then pour your heart out.

I usually take the plug off when needed. It is when I engage in other activities and de-clutter my mind. However, sometimes I do enjoy wasting my time doing nothing, which has its own merits.

As it Makes me Realise:

  • Why I do what I love,
  • Why working on your passion is necessary,
  • Why work is important, and how it keeps us busy.

Because without toiling and engaging ourselves in healthy activities, we’ll have so much time to damage our minds with negative thinking.

The Pro’s of Writing: 

  • Writing disciplines you,
  • It makes you confident and organised,
  • It improves your memory,
  • Makes you proud and happy of what you’ve created from imagination,
  • And most importantly, it makes you own your personality.

So be as you are, and don’t ever try to be someone who you aren’t. Not even when you are writing. Hence, I wrote this for people who feel like me, hope it helps. And keep writing to have that dopamine rush.

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Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

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