Monsoon Breeze- Nature Poetry

I was half awake when the sultry dawn was above me,
It was tempting me with its winsome beauty ,
to wake me up and fulfil my duties.
But I was looking at the ceiling, forcing my mind to make vivid imagery.
While the monsoon breeze was caressing me,
and crickets were performing a ceremonial dance from the tribal valley.

I was partially awake, conscious of all the activities going on.
Some earthlings were getting ready for the day’s labour,
while others partially dead like me,
Drunk in beliefs and hallucinating in thoughts,
by throwing up memories of the past.

Soon an angel came by,
It was covered in a veil from head to toe.
Or was it a woman draped in a chiffon saree?
I couldn’t figure it out,
Because my mind lost backtracking the reality.

So I waited for that mythical creature to say something,
Then I recalled some clues from Shakespeare’s work,
which hinted that supernatural elements don’t speak.
They only wander to different places to say, Hi!
Like little squiggly floaters in our eyes.

I was lost in the present, feeling the tenderness of the moment,
Soon the chummy monsoon breeze said hello to the curtains,
Tickled them, making the lavender-blue certain,
The lace curtains lost their stick-straight posture and giggled.
The curtains danced to the rhythm of the monsoon breeze.
Swayed its body like a Galway girl, showcasing acrobat to the audience.

With all its might the curtain raised its body,
Moved from its place and allowed the sun to glimmer inside,
The hungry walls were feeding on the sunlight after a long time.

The monsoon breeze was dancing in the gallery.
The moss rose yawned and stretched its tiny boughs,
The baby Aloe vera suckled the moisture,
that mother Monsoon breeze was feeding it with,
And the fuzzy honey bees toddled in the air,
A little sparrow’s hair raised on its neck,
as it felt the cool breeze kissing on its neck.

I stole this heavenly view from inside,
when the Monsoon breeze was busy spreading smiles….

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