To the Dreamer in Everybody

When I was a little girl, I reminded myself not to keep dreams in those starry eyes, especially in broad daylight. To support this idea, I had various notions that I made up in my mind. The fearful child in me believed– big people, rich people, outspoken and confident people have dreams bigger than life.

Simple people, kids and curious souls, who think about stars and universe don’t dream. They live in reality– the not so pleasant and astounding “present”. Hence, they aren’t oblivious of uncertainty and failure. They understand sometimes things don’t work as we plan. While other times, you just follow the path that you’ve carved for yourself.

This ordinary road fails to charm others because, nor it is glorious neither does it lead to paradise. But walking on it feels pleasant; it feels rewarding. Because there is peace and quietude, and freedom and adventure.

All these things make up “life,” the definition of which is complex. Since you and I have constructed a different meaning of it. But irrespective of whether you have found a meaning of ‘life’ or not, you must dream.

Dream Space, Poem on Dreams

I never dreamt of anything until I realised that everybody is capable and worthy of dreaming. Dreams have the power to challenge your present and future. In the words of C.S. Lewis, “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” So here’s a poem for the dreamer in everybody. Keep on dreaming!

The most beautiful people are those who have a dream,
No matter how small or big,
Unattainable, unrealistic or insane.
It’s lovely to see them glitter with the dream in vain,


Even when the sombre clouds pass by,
The dreamer paints the blank canvas with a million dollar smile,
The dream is what keeps him sane,


Forgetting the blues, he thinks of endless possibilities in a single frame,
It keeps him moving,
It keeps him entertained,
It keeps reminding of past events.
The good,
the bad,
and the mundane.


But the dreamer never stops dreaming.
When the feelings of helplessness, sadness, and despair trouble his universe,
The dreamer halts for a day,
and hits back like a wave.


‘Time is ripe,’ the dreamer says and I shall live this way.
To be mediocre is to never dream,
and live a life synonymous to pain.

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Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste