Showers of Blessings: Spiritual cleansing with Rain

Showers of blessings have started in the verdant valley of Dehra. I’m thrilled to see the rains shushing up the busy streets of my town. The birds have left the trees and the honking of cars and bikes has muted.

I’m sitting under the porch, feeling the rain without getting drenched in it. From here, I can hear the water droplets hitting a melodious note, making this tiny space its own music hall.

Since Dehradun experiences sudden showers. Not many people are thrilled to see it as it has become a regular sight for Doonites. But if you have the heart of a child. You can surely feel it cleansing your soul, with every drop it tumbles down.

How Rain affects our Mood:

Rain is one of the natural elements that affect your mood by offering peace and quietude. It acts as an external stimulus, which relaxes your body and mind.

The pitter-patter noise and aroma of the rain makes you want to live in the moment. Whilst shifting your focus from negative thoughts and emotions. If you are having a rough day, it helps you to break the wall of the upheld emotions.

There is a commiseration effect when it seems nature feels like we do. You feel assured by the glum weather. Right now, my mind is in a calming state. I can feel the rain washing all the dull memories of the day.

Rain Spiritual Cleansing ‘n’ The song of the Rain:

This is my favourite song to listen on a rainy day. The charming melody of this song knits a non-verbal interplay of emotions. One can connect to the glumness of the weather and the video represents that. I can associate with this song on a different level. If you are a fan of instrumental music, you will love it. Here’s “The Rain” by Simple Three.


How rain casts Magic spells on us:

The harmonious silence makes you transcend into melancholia. The dried up tears start streaming like a gurgling river. It eases the pain for a while. The things that have been troubling you– the words left unsaid, the broken promises and the apology that you never made. It all hits back like a wave and the rain washes it away.

‘Many people who are depressed or anxious infer the rain as the world’s “empathy” for their emotions,’ says Paul DePompo, director of the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Institute of Southern California. ‘On a beautifully perfect day, it can make them feel more the outsider and alone in their thoughts.’

Spiritual Cleansing with Rain:

The rain has a way of calming the present moment as everything washes off and everything becomes silent. The streets look new, the trees glow like neon boots and the gentle strokes of mist paint the sky with neutral colours. This feeling lurks somewhere between happiness and sadness.

You feel overwhelmed and numb at the same time. On the inside, it appears to be lying on the line between conscious and unconscious activity. It’s relieving, you know there’s nobody around you to observe– you are the only observer here.

This therapeutic and meditative nature of the rain brings content to the heart. It uplifts your spirit and massages your mind.

‘Rain has a regular, predictable pattern,’ says Emily Mendez, MS, EdS. ‘Our brain processes it as a calming, non-threatening noise. Which is why there are so many relaxation and meditation videos that feature the sound of rain.’

How rain boosts Creativity:

Rain accompanied by good music makes it a therapeutic session. It fosters creativity. Many people like to pen their thoughts, write poetry or paint scenery. Rain acts as a muse. Inspiring people to weave stories or pick up a pen and start journaling.

I too find myself looking for a quiet corner, where I can sit and allow the words to flow. If next time rain cancels your plan, don’t ruin your mood. Create something, either write, draw or sketch something.

There’s a quote about “rain” that I dearly love. I read it years ago and whenever I read it, it feels like the first shower.

It says, “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”– Crafted by Roger Miller, a country singer and songwriter in the U.S., popularised by Bob Dylan and Bob Marley in their songs.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste