How to Stay lit Spiritually

Being spiritual is not a habit that you develop over the years but it’s a way of living. Some people do not realise that they are spiritual as it comes naturally to them or you can say they are born with it. While others become spiritually inclined when they mature, as they want to seek the answers to their questions. But every sojourn leads to one destination that is to the path of peace and tranquillity. Those who want to attain stillness in their life.

Some people who have gone through a troublesome past, event or have dealt with long-term physical or emotional pain often choose this path. As the rough phase, the bad times teaches them how to stay strong when they are slowly dying inside. They know how it feels to be on the other side of the story and how to emerge stronger.

Therefore, they resort towards spirituality to know what the universe wants to convey and to find their purpose in life. So if you too aspire of becoming a spiritual being or want to live a life to your heart’s content, then let’s discuss few ways to become spiritually solid.

1. Religious or not but you can still be Spiritual:

Being spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to visit the holy places to rekindle the positive vibes of the universe. As your lifestyle, thinking and actions can do much more than that. All you need to do is connect with yourself. You must listen to the call of your spirit as it has a lot to say than certain mouths speaking without their souls.

2. A Positive approach in Life will align your Thought process:

Being optimistic can make your journey in life a lot smoother. Sieve your thoughts frequently to build a positive outlook as it will divert your energy into something productive. Your mind will not be occupied by ill thoughts that will trigger your alter ego because a placid mind will find the good in every situation

3. Honesty is the Jewellery that you must Adorn daily:

The one who stays true to himself remains truthful to others. Honesty is the best embellishment that a soul can adorn to look beautiful from inside. A person who speaks the truth always walk with his head high and feels good on the inside. Knowing that you have the courage to speak the truth makes you worthy in your own eyes and that’s the best feeling ever. You become closer to yourself, to your soul and to your tribe.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”.
― Mark Twain

4. Relax and stay Strong because nothing will ever be in your Control:

The one who has attained spiritual bliss has mastered the art of staying strong in every situation. As they know how to remain still when the world expects them to be enraged. Negative opinions and remarks don’t shake their ground because they know nothing can tear them apart unless they surrender to the situation.

Relax and stay strong

5. Find Happiness in the Simplest things:

You’ll never be happy if you are constantly looking for happiness in people, places and things. Disconnect yourself from the virtual world, keep your feet on the ground and smell the blossoming flowers. Create art, listen to your favourite song, run, dance, pet your furry little friend, hang out with your pals and laugh out loud. Happiness is a mental state, if you can’t find it then create it by changing the way you look at life.

6. Put a rest to your Desires by being contented with what you have in Life:

Human desires are endless, as one fulfils the other emerges. A person who is in awe of the materialistic things will never feel content in his life. The greed to accumulate more and, more money and possessions have produced many great men who never found the meaning of life.

Having all the luxuries in life doesn’t promise happiness and being poor is not always a curse as some people know how to stay happy in little. So be satisfied with what you have in life because for some having a three-time meal is a luxury.

7. Strive towards becoming a Compassionate being:

Kindness is the only thing that makes you beautiful no matter how you appear from the outside. It is a language that the deaf can hear and the dumb can understand. A kind-hearted person will always help others without thinking, what the other person can do for him. If you are considering a reward then it’s not kindness, it’s a sort of deal or business. So be compassionate to all life forms, help others and don’t turn your back when somebody needs you.

8. Practice deep breathing and Meditation:

One cannot tame his thoughts but one can be fully aware of what’s going on in their present. For that, you need to connect to your spirit energy. Invest your time in becoming mindful and practise Deep breathing and Meditation. This will help you to understand yourself on a deeper level. Just try to align your thoughts so you can easily swim through negativity and chaos.

9. Find your Purpose in Life:

You are not born on this Earth to just pay your bills and die. Find a purpose in life which keeps your verve high on energy and drives you towards fulfilling your goal. Once you find your purpose in life, be passionate about it. Use all your energy and skills to make it possible. Get out of your comfort zone, give a little push to yourself and work with all your might.

“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement”.
― W. Clement Stone

 Hustle for the quality of life that you want

10. Hustle for the Quality of Life that you want:

Forget about what could go wrong and think of all the positives that could happen. To live a life that you’ve imagined in your head is only possible if you take one step closer towards your dream. Don’t be that person who laments about not achieving what he wanted, while having the potential to do so.

11. Develop a calming Aura:

Your aura is the spiritual energy that surrounds you and builds your personality. Everybody’s aura differs from the other and to develop a calming aura you need to develop some good habits. Few of which is to be a patient listener, offer a shoulder when in need, talk only when you have something nice to say and make others feel good about themselves.

12. Become a Healer:

Those walking on the path of spirituality know how to heal and it has a lot to do with the sacred energy present inside you. A spiritual being will easily catch a person’s vibe. They know when someone is going through an emotional trauma or psychological and try their best to help them fix it.

Either by lending an ear, finding a solution to their problem or by comforting them when they really need it the most. The wound which can’t be seen with the eyes is the one that hurts the most so try easing the pain and your spirit energy will thank you.

13. Listen and Follow your Intuition:

Trust your intuition as it gives you the first warning signs whenever anything is off in your body, so you can quickly address it. Many psychologists believe that intestines are the centre of our nervous system often referred to as the “second brain”. Whenever you feel a burning sensation in your gut it’s your intuitive energy warning you of the danger. Pay attention to your gut feelings and trust your instinct only then it will become strong.

14. Keep your Circle small:

The company you keep has a great impact on you, your thinking and your growth as a person. Having a few good friends will not only boost your mental growth but it will help you to focus on your quest for peace. The smaller the circle, the lesser the drama.

The time that you save can be used to create self-awareness. So keep it simple by holding on to those who will stick to you through thick and thin. The soul wants quality not quantity so invest your time in maintaining deeper connections.

Be humble, polite and loving

15. Be Humble, Polite and Loving:

A person’s attitude and tone of voice is what sets the mood. You can’t be mean to others and expect them to behave well with you. If you want respect then give respect, it’s a two-way process. Be humble, polite and gentle with everybody you meet and encounter. Keep no malice and open your heart to new experiences. Be thankful for what you have in life and cherish every person who has stood with you through the tides of time.

16. Practice Gratitude:

Practising gratitude will give you inner peace and will help you in getting rid of selfishness. It will make your life a lot happier, calmer and simpler. The best way to practice gratitude is to say thank you to the spiritual energy that guides you. Don’t forget to remind your dear ones that you love them and how they have touched your life by making it better.

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul”.
— Henry Ward Beecher

17. Enjoy Nature Therapy:

Nature is the best therapy for mankind as it helps in reducing stress. It is the only drug that doesn’t have an expiry date and neither any side effects. All you need to do is connect with Mother nature on a spiritual level. Go for hiking, enjoy star gazing, chase the wind on a cloudy day, feed animals and birds.

Abstain from meat or any such form of cruelty that is done to derive food or other consumer based products. You’ll attain spiritual bliss only when your body, mind, and soul are free from guilt and abuse.

18. Pay attention to your Dreams:

Sometimes our dreams give us clues about what’s going to happen or what’s bothering our lives. Certain signs, recurring images or events suggest us what’s troubling us from inside. Many lucid dream in order to become aware of what’s going on in their subconscious mind.

Maintain a journal in order to collect the residue of your dreamy world. The simplest way of doing it is to keep a diary so you can note the dream that occurred the previous night. This will help to keep an eye on the minute things that you brush off as coincidence.

19. Connect yourself to the Divine by saying Goodbye to Wine:

Cleanse your soul from within by abstaining from intoxicants as it only messes up with your brain. Refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming tobacco or taking any other form of the drug, as it tricks your mind into believing that your stress has levelled down. This high will only last until you have the chemical imbalance in your brain.

It will not only result in addiction but will hinder your spiritual growth which will limit the possibilities of reaching for the divine. Drug and alcohol will give you a high that will drop soon after and it will make you hasty. But the natural high attained by the spirit energy will last until you take your last breath.

20. Keep your Ego at bay by Forgiving those who have Hurt you in the Past:

One needs to keep his ego aside in order to become spiritually solid. A person who only thinks about him and keeps himself over others fails to look at the bigger picture. Let go of the things that have hurt you in the past.

As it will only bleed your heart and you’ll never be able to get over the hurt. So love dearly and forgive someone you’ve been holding a grudge against or seek forgiveness from someone you’ve hurt in past. This will surely warm your heart.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste