Meet Un-Meet

Drenched in love she was like a dew which was untouched by the harshness of the world. When she grew up, she noticed that she has been living in a bubble. And in the real world, there are people who are scarier than the monsters inside her head.

Some with the deepest eyes conceal the darkest lies, while the others only feed on lies. Every night when she snuggled inside the bed and rested her head on the pastel pillow, she admired the silver Moon. She always enjoyed being accompanied by the Moon as she found solace in being alone but not lonely.

Before letting the slumber creep into her eyes, she wondered- “Whether she will ever meet someone who’ll cherish the beautiful chaos that she was. If someone in a distant world thinks of meeting a girl like her? Or she was destined to be alone, like how the voice inside her head tells her”.

Girl in Moonlight

She smiled and thought maybe that stranger has already crossed her way and have been ignored by her. Like she did to most men in the past who were wonderful but not deep.

She then brushed off the thoughts and cheekily smiled, thinking one thing is sure, I am going to love my soulmate to my heart’s content otherwise it won’t be love but a negotiation. “You care for me and I’ll care for you back”.

As she moved to the other side of the bed which faced the mirror, a tear rolled down her eye. Looking at her moon-kissed reflection in the squeaky-clean mirror, she mumbled in a husky voice-:

When the autumn leaves will dry,
And the mist on the mountains will soar high,
We’ll meet in serendipity.
I’ll wait for the world to stay still,
As we gasp air of the virgin hills.
Where nobody will judge but embrace us from within,
In such a place we’ll meet.
When two separate worlds in our conscience will unite,
To create ripples in the sky,
When the birds will sing songs of ecstasy,
That is when we’ll meet.
I’ll escape you from the hellish world,
To build a tiny nest for my fallen angel,
I hope you will come to fill my world with your lovely fragrance,
Because only then I’ll be able to breathe.

Let thy spirit be high in Love!