Gloomy Days

Gloomy Days
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She always enjoyed going for walks on a cloudy day but this time of the year, she wasn’t feeling her best. Since she was blossoming from a girl to a lady and the world around her was changing rapidly.

Responsibilities, heartaches, career, passion and laziness were swirling around her creating a whirlpool of thoughts. Now she was thinking about issues that never crossed her mind and it was driving her crazy.

While twirling the curl of her bun, the silence of the room made her realize how fast her heart was pacing. She swept the mesh curtain to let the cool breeze make its noise in the room, which blew the locks decorating her forehead.

Girl in a Gloomy Day

With a desire to catch a glimpse of the world outside, she stood on her toes to savour the clear vista of dark clouds hovering over the tension tower.

When she stretched her hand to catch the tiny raindrop balancing itself like a ballerina, the drizzle kissed her chalky lips. It felt like the colours of the rainbow have painted her heart. After many days, she felt like her old self.

For hours she stood near the window sill to admire the raindrops pelting the velvety grass. The gloomy day had brought content to her raging heart. She picked up her old diary from the drawer, which had torn pages of her dreams and with her favourite ink she wrote-:

When the sun doesn’t come up and the leaves bear a colour of rust.

I feel happy inside.

When the blade of grass bends to become a pram for the infant raindrops.

And the world becomes numb after the first shower.

I feel a lot happy inside.

I open the bay windows to see the leaflets dancing.

And the daisies sway to please the heavens.

I feel I am no longer trapped inside.

The street has an eerie silence and there is no-one outside.

Just the magic of the gloomy day, making you fall in love after having a bad day.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste!


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