Paragliding Dogs: Extreme Sports with Pets is another form of Circus

People are the best show in this world and you don’t even pay for the ticket. These lines resonate in my ears, as I witness the glory of this world. How people are going crazy for likes, comments, and shares just to become famous for a while. Even if it’s for a few minutes of fame.

Recently, I watched a viral video of a guy, paragliding with his Husky in Himachal Pradesh at 3,500 feet is viral. The husky named ‘Nawab’ has become the first dog to paraglide in India. My thoughts, after watching it was, damn it’s cool for him but the dog didn’t sign up for this.

If you don’t know, one needs to give a written word or sign an agreement, before partaking in adrenaline-pumping, adventure sports. I remember doing this while rafting in Rishikesh.

The agreement states, that the person signing up for this adventure is responsible for his/her death/injury if something bad happens. However, this isn’t the first time that I have witnessed something like this.

Circuses VS Pets performing Extreme Sports:

There are tonnes of videos with pets doing paragliding, cliff jumping, sky diving and other cool stuff, as deemed by society. The irony is the same people call zoos, sea world and animals performing at circuses as animal abuse. Then what is this?

Some would argue, Hey! circuses and zoos, physically and mentally abuse captive animals. But an owner would take care and train his/her pet to make him taste some adventure. Yeah right!

I would definitely do that if my dog was alive and he could speak and tell me, ‘Ma I want some fun, I’m heck bored with my life. I wanna go extreme, just like the tagline of Mountain Dew, dar k aage jeet hai (victory is beyond fear).’


Silent Animal Abuse and we all are supporting it, ain’t we?

Also, how can you tell that a pet owner wouldn’t cane his pet to train him for a sport? Remember, as kids, we believed those majestic elephants were so talented, they could play cricket. But the inside story was different, they were kept in chains and thrashed on their bums to perform for us.

Adding on to this, there are many pet owners, who abuse their pets and upload cute pictures with them on the internet. Are they any less than the ringmasters, who beat the animals to perform in the circus? as they lack empathy.

You can Speak for your own Good, but your pet Cannot:

Let the sarcasm end here itself and let’s get to the point. Pets are animals, though we consider them as our family members. But they are not humans, homo-sapiens to be precise. Taken in the literal sense, we are also animals. Just a different species, which has evolved and taken over the world.

Coming back to the topic, pets/animals don’t speak. They cannot approve or disapprove something. We can train them and teach them some social skills. Like using their paws to say hello and teaching them other pretty harmless things.

But when it comes about pushing them into extreme sports. They don’t have a choice but to follow their master, who wants to do something that grabs our attention. Making other like-minded people follow, comment and share their content. Because they want fame, even if it means, making their pet try something extreme.

We want to Rescue animals from Circuses. But it’s okay if they Sky Dive for us!

On one hand, we talk about rescuing animals from circuses. Because they don’t live a natural life there, which means triumphantly matching in the jungle and preying on other animals.

While on the other hand, we are ready to force our pets to paraglide, cliff jump and skydive with us. Why so much bias? Aren’t they performing for you and following your instructions, just like they do in circuses.

No pet would stay calm on the first ride, it requires rigorous training to make him aware of the height. Including, mentally preparing the pet for such an extreme challenge. Also, no safety equipment can guarantee the life of a pet.

Like in the paragliding video, while the dog was harnessed but the guy was still holding the dog with his hands. Although, he handled it well and the dog looked calm. But we as humans cannot tell, what’s going on in that beautiful mind.

We have a Voice and a Choice, Pets don’t:

My main concern is nobody owns the life of another being. You cannot make them like things that you do. Birds fly, dogs don’t, even humans don’t fly. But then, you are signing up for it. It’s your choice to try an adventure sport and nobody can interfere. However, the poor animal, that can barely woof is at risk here. Many people die while performing extreme sports and many get injured.

Why risk a pet’s life, who you dearly love. Show some kindness and spare them from such action.

No dog in his life would think, Hell yeah! I wanna skydive or paraglide. Bow wow to that! They just want to be loved and cared for, that’s all they need. And to make them try such extreme sports.

You need to push them relentlessly to do so, at first they might get scared of it or even prefer to stay calm. Like observed in many animal species, who don’t reflect their pain and grieve in open because it could make them an easy prey for some.

Sheepish behaviour of the Crowd:

When I saw the comments, many amateurs were rooting, ‘Yay! We will try it too.’ Because it looks cool to them, no matter if their pet is willing to try it or not.

Not to forget, we live in the same society, where many who call them dog lovers. Don’t think twice before kicking their old pet to the street, with no survival skills to fend for himself. So they can replace it with another dog of a superior breed. As a fellow Indian, sometimes (to be honest) at all times, I feel our lot, lacks originality.

Paragliding Dogs: Extreme Sports with Pets isn't it another form of Circus

They sway where the wind blows and can be influenced easily. To make it clear, I certainly am, not talking about rural people or illiterate people, because they are way smarter and indigenous than us.

Back in my native village, even a kid who doesn’t speak Hindi only the local Garhwali language, who hasn’t seen the outside would. Picks up the trash thrown by tourists in his tidy, hand-knitted woollen cap to throw it in the dustbin.

I felt so happy, knowing how responsible he is towards mother Earth. And could be an example for city-bred people, who needs a reminder from the PM to keep their country clean. Moreover, for the educated people, who litter around the scenic places, which is eventually picked up by an uneducated person.

Quick Tip:

Want to get famous with your pet. Try this out– Go and pick up trash and post photos with your pet, citing that he is the only one, helping you out.

Or try this, take your dog for hiking and post cool pictures with him, while soaking in the sun. That is pretty cool if you are not taking one of the treacherous trails. There are plenty of other cool ways to enjoy adventure sports with your pet. And even to get famous, if that’s what you want.

Here’s what you Should know:

Also, I want to highlight, the guy who paraglided with his dog must have invested money and made good decisions regarding, which vendor and pilot to choose. On the contrary, many adventure enthusiasts pitch for cheap vendors to save money, who don’t have much experience.

Google it and you’ll find out news highlighting people, who died in India while going for adventure sports. As someone, who has a close relative, running an adventure sports company, often tells us that mishaps happen and sometimes tourists die while rafting. Because of the following reasons:

  • When the current is heavy on the rapids and the river isn’t calm.
  • Sometimes people go overboard and stand on the raft to take selfies and live-stream it, resulting in mishaps.
  • Some don’t even follow the instructions of their guide, creating a pool of death for all.
  • While others, choose the cheapest vendors with no experience in the field.

If such a crowd will coax their pets to try some bone-chilling action then, let’s pray for them. Inside news, many deaths caused due to adventure sports are left unrecorded. Because it will shut many businesses, especially when many sports and tourism industries thrive on tourists.

Insta Famous or YouTube Sensation, it doesn’t Matter to your Pet:

So wake up and do not harass poor animals for your inflated ego. We are much more than a few social media likes. We are capable of doing a lot of good things, that can transform our surroundings. Like planting trees, keeping our areas clean and conserving the species, thriving around us.

We are lucky enough to share this planet with other species. Knowing them and bonding with them will fill your heart with love and energy.

Don’t force them to perform a circus for you and your tribe.

Because many lunatics watch it and if it’s viral, they will do it too. As they think it’s cool. Yes, it is but only for you. Not for your pet because, one who cannot speak, can barely express how he feels.

We as pet owners can only observe, understand and make opinions based on our observation. PETA sleeps and only wakes up for certain issues. And stays mum, when other things happens. Their selective activism is known to all. Hence, such cruelty. What are your thoughts on this?

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste