Difference between House and Home, learn What makes a House a ‘Home’

Difference between House and Home, learn What makes a House a ‘Home’:

I always wondered why do same things have different names in English language. My biggest curiosity came with home being called as a house, which is an inter-related term, and is often used to denote a residential place.

I never looked upon the dictionary but as time progressed, so did my curiosity to learn about the society as a whole.
It was in my youth, that I understood— though we are different from one another, but as a specie we all have developed the same kind of feelings with time. Or maybe we have been influenced from our ancestors to feel alike.

Thus, we associate these feelings with lifeless objects that we cherish for a lifetime, as they become dear to us. And can even differentiate one object from another, based on its face value, its importance in our life, and the emotions it evokes in us.

This is how we are able to differentiate between a house and a home, even when both shelter us but the later hits differently.

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Earlier I used to think house and home are mere synonyms. As they are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. Let’s understand what makes a house and home different from one another?

Difference between a House and a Home:

A house is a place where a person lives, it could be your place, a rented house, or a building. Where you live but do not feel any connection with that place. You feel lost, uncomfortable, and restrained as you do not have much freedom in hand to do what you like.

Such as decorating your place with pictures and objects, planting your own garden, going to the terrace whenever you want, inviting your friends, and relatives to spend some leisure time with you. At the same time have the liberty to live the way you want without being judged.

Whereas, home is a place where you live, and have a sense of belonging. A place that is not just a shelter but your go to place to sleep, eat, and be vulnerable without feeling exposed, and pitiful.

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.”

A home is one such place that welcomes you with its tender vibe after a long day at work. A place that makes you feel you belong here, it’s your nest, and you are in your safe haven now.

Though you may wander to big towns, cities, and states but after a while, you feel homesick. Because a home is one such place that you crave to see, and wish to return, no matter where you live.

It makes you feel, you belong there. You feel comfortable and at ease at your home since you don’t have to impress anybody there

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If House is a shelter above your head, a Home is a relaxing mental space inside your mind, it’s a feeling:

Home isn’t always big and swanky. It can be a one-room set, or a 1 BHK flat, that hypnotises you with its calming aura, and simplicity. But most importantly, a home isn’t something you can get.

You have to manifest it, nurture it with your positive energy, and add few potions of love every time you leave it alone.

Sometimes what you may call home isn’t the place your heart has accepted as home. It’s just a place where you live for the time being, and are required to call it your home. And you wish to have your home. It could be a small hut on a hilltop or a boat, that makes you feel at home.

“The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.”

Children living in an orphanage never think of it as their home. They know that a home is a special place where you feel, loved, cared for, understood, and safe. You aren’t kicked out of it once you step into your youth, and can return whenever you want to.

This is why when we move out of home, and buy our own personal space to continue education or work, we don’t call it our home, we call it our room or PG. Because it doesn’t offers us the cosy homely feeling, that we get from our home.

Difference between House and Home, learn What makes a House a 'Home'

How a House becomes a Home:

For transforming the concrete walls into a home, you need to acknowledge it first. And thank your heavenly abode for allowing you the space to shed a tear in the shower, which is your best escapade. To rejoice on small victories, and for allowing the privacy to share some itsy-bitsy moments of romance with your truly beloved, who strengthens its entity with her charming beauty.

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”

Moreover, a house becomes a home when you share love care, and mutual respect for the people who live in it. When you accept them wholeheartedly, and understand that creating negativity will only worsen the aura of your place.

So whenever you fold your hands to thank the rising sun for bringing a new day in your life, do acknowledge the roof above your head for providing you the safety, that many wish to have.

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Why do we miss our old Home:

There’s something nostalgic about home, that it rekindles long lost memories. Many of us have vivid memories of our old home even if we no longer live there.

Since we have spent our childhood there, and it was our first indoor adventure that we had. We still remember our favourite spots, that we turned into our hide-outs.

How we inscribed our names on the walls with sharp objects, thinking– when we’ll mature into an adult, we’ll remember that moment. Or laugh at your handwriting, and even jerk a tear remembering— how innocent we were back then.

We have a Personal connection and Attachment with that place.

Home has a feel like no other thing, that is why we as humans dream of having our own home. If you don’t believe it, just ask a couple or family living in a rented house– “What do you want the most in life?” their only wish would be to have their own home.

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Because everybody wants to feel secure, and have the freedom to build their place according to their taste, and requirement. To plant their own garden, and have a special space only reserved for them. Where you can sit for hours undisturbed, playing an instrument or listening to music, that others despise. 

You can install a hammock in your house, plant big palm trees at the entrance of your home sweet home, and have pets, yet nobody can object.

You can call your distant cousins to come over to meet you, and nobody will raise an eyebrow or enquire like a spy. Because it’s your home, and there’s no place like home.

“Home is not a place…it’s a feeling.”

Let thy spirit be high in love, Namaste.

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