An Ode to a Beloved Pet: My Scared Bunny now Gently Sleeps

I don’t have fancy words to bleed,
Because I have a distaste for forced poetry,
I like to keep things simple and sublime.
That’s how I have always been.
Dipped in a concoction of madness and mysteries,
with a seasoning of salty emotions.

Nevertheless, I’ll still pour my feelings,
Because I am incapable of welling tears from my eyes.
But you know, I seldom cry and release my pent up feelings,
It surges like a glacial river, with few snowflakes appearing on my tear ducts.

Though my tears have dried up now,
Or maybe I know, what great misery, the world goes through in a day.
But not a day goes by, when I don’t miss you a single day.
You are binking in my heart every day.

My scared bunny now gently sleeps.
Wrapped in a sunshine yellow shawl, you rest in peace.
My furry little friend, who thumped his legs at midnight,
Now lays frozen in the soil, devoured by bacteria,
Feeding on his delicious soul.

Where are you today?
Although I accepted your goodbye,
But you’ve scraped my heart.
The icy cold stone that barely moves without being touched.
You wrote your name on the barren hinterland,
without uttering a word, you bonded well for the six summers, that we saw together.

My baby bunny now gently sleeps,
You know I don’t shed tears,
Neither do I weep,
Feeling weak is unfathomable to me.
But you know I seldom bleed.
I bleed emotions for you and write poetry,

I don’t aspire to be majestic or sound something, that I do not feel.
I still miss cradling you in my arms and singing lullabies in the evening.
Though you being an alien species, don’t decipher human folly.
But I knew the jingle chimed in your pristine white ears.
And it comforted you from the calls of the wild predators.

My cotton ball I weep not in real but in words.
Your existence shall remain alive in my bosom.
My fleecy yarn ball of magic.
I cry your name in my sleep.
I see you in my dreams.
My little friend now gently sleeps.
I wish I could bring back you to life,
Or I could protect you that evening.

My precious bunny, you now soundly sleep.
Your grave lies in front of me.
I can feel your presence,
You have given life to a tiny amaranth sapling, which has sprung from your ruins.
My baby, now please sleep.
I shall see you in dreams.
My scared bunny gently sleeps.
He sleeps and sleeps and I weep….

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Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste