Letters to Nowhere- Story of an Old Man’s reunion with his Family

The old withered eyes of Tim Collins had an unusual charm today. Unlike other days, today they didn’t appear dull but were as bright as the moonlit sky. Collins in his old churning car, which was his only shelter drove to the alley, where he parked it daily to sell off his only priced possession, that he got as a legacy from his great grand dad, who was a renowned painter.

Tim in his younger years served in the British Army and was a role model for his son Nathan, who used to boast of his father’s accomplishments. Today he has nobody to share those fading memories with. His wife expired when she was 40 and his only son Nathan left to serve his blood for the British Army.

After his son left, Tim became a lone wolf, would wash the dishes alone. Would bring the groceries by himself and eat the dinner, while gazing at the lifeless pictures of his happy but long lost family. Soon loneliness crept in and made room for anxiety and depression. Tim wanted to get out of it but he couldn’t as it had succumbed him in its vicious bubble.

Old Man Sad Eyes

He spent all his hard earned money on alcohol and cigars with nothing left in his pocket. Today, he barely manages to afford a full platter of food. But is happy knowing that his son is alive and is fighting in the face of enemy. With sparkling eyes and shaky hands, he unfolded the crisp letter, which arrived in his mailbox, today.

He gently held the letter that read-

“Dad it’s been years since we spoke. I never wrote a single letter to enquire about your health, because I didn’t want to rush to you, leaving my duty behind. But all these years, I had that pleasant image of you dressed in your custom fitted uniform. My handsome dad is still the same in my thoughts. I love you and just wanted to say sorry for not being there to help you survive the old-age.
I couldn’t be a good son to you, I apologise.
Your loving son,
Nathan Collins”.

The letter took so long to reach that instead of Nathan’s name, the letter cover read “Late Nathan Collins”. Tim experienced a whirlwind of emotions, from being happy to sad, he was there again. No sooner his eyes became fiery red and tears came tumbling down like meteor showers.

Old Vintage Car

Numb in his car’s front seat he sat, with his window open to the dull world that had nothing to offer than mere silence. He cried, “Dear Lord what this pain and suffering of 18 years had brought to, the news of an old man reading about his young son’s death! Now I have nothing left with me except for these paintings that project my life, old, dull, meaningless and lifeless. A window to my life! and a mockery”.

That night the old car didn’t move an inch. The next day people saw Tim, sleeping with the letter tucked to his chest. The old man was finally able to meet his family but in another space.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste