First Date- Love Story

Though the lady never saw his face. But she believed that he had the most beautiful eyes. She never took anybody seriously but was drawn into him. And seldom thought, how beautiful, he would look while crying.

Imagining her lover crying, she thought– the tears would cascade from his eyes like melted hazelnut chocolate. And she will hold each pearly drop of alkaline to tuck it safely to her bosom.

When she was busy procrastinating, he stormed into the room without knocking the door. And she in her usual manner looked down on the floor, and gave a tender smile. Since it was their first meeting in person, they gave a few minutes to cherish the silence, and then started the conversation

His sweet scent lingered in the air, as he moved his plump lips around to speak his mind. Swooned by his charm, she forgot to offer him a seat. When it came to her notice, she immediately pulled out a chair for him.

Then lauded him, for standing still throughout the conversation, without complaining about the gruesome weather outside. And the crowded bus, he took to visit her town.

The handsome man made himself comfortable and smiled courteously. Then he pulled out a small bottle of moisturiser from his pocket and applied it generously on his face.

Before getting hit with the same question that he gets often from other women. He told her, “Sorry to bother you. But I need to re-apply a thick layer of moisturiser, every now and then. Otherwise, my skin is going to burn, itch and flakes of it will settle on my shirt. That’d be embarrassing on a first date.”

The woman smiled and asked, “Should I apply some?” He handed the bottle to her, and she gently massaged the lotion onto the palm of her hands, then patted it on his skin.

Overwhelmed and overjoyed by her gesture. The beautiful man with blazing eyes, started shedding tears. Though, it burnt his skin. But he didn’t wipe them and smiled like a child for her.

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With a demure smile, she leaned forward to touch his face. This time her long fingers didn’t tremble on feeling someone’s face. He told her, you have pretty slender fingers, I assume you paint well. Because my mother always says, “People with beautiful long fingers are artists by birth.”

He held her hand and guided her to her seat, and told her, “I do not have much to offer but I can be your eyes for the rest of your life. And you can apply your favourite lotion on my burnt skin with your long soothing fingers.” That evening, their conversation continued till half-past seven. He then left her with a kiss on her forehead.

First Date- Love Story of Burnt Victim and Blind Girl

While walking on the deserted street to catch the last bus heading home. He remembered, how many girls rejected him and were scared to meet him. But this woman, without knowing he was a burnt victim, at once opened the doors for him. With confidence carried on the conversation and touched his face, felt his skin and accepted him with pride.

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When he made to the jam-packed bus and didn’t have an inch of space to move his buttocks around. Withal he felt, he was in an outer space with someone, who was just as perfect, as he could have ever imagined.

Back home, the girl was still sitting in that chair, inhaling the gentle aroma of his skin, left on her hands.

Thoughts raced in her mind and she concluded, his blazing eyes are the best. As they managed to pierce through the darkness and radiated like radium, when they met hers. The black beady eyes twinkled like a small bright dot in the vastness of the cosmos.

She felt happy thinking, he didn’t feel uncomfortable when she touched his face. And didn’t try to pounce on her, thinking she is a helpless bird.

Suddenly her phone rang and it was him. The silence broke, and they kept talking and laughing so much that their cheeks started hurting. Their date didn’t end here but continued forever.

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Let they spirit be high in love. Namaste

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