Mystery Woman

The man saw a woman with silver locks gracing her face, walking barefoot on the snow-laden path. Amused to find an old lady in a setting like this, he inquired- “Where are you heading? Don’t you feel terrified walking alone on a cold-isolated trail?”

The lady carrying a bag on her head and weight in her chest replied, “I am too old for the boisterous wind to make my heart numb. It is only here, amidst the frosty hills that I have felt more alive than ever. I am a nomad, the crowd makes me mad. I find solace in the lap of the Himalayas. The bone-chilling mountain air will sing lullabies to me when I rest in peace here.

Dumbfounded by her answer, he sighed and it created a cloud of smoke in front of his eyes. As the smoke vanished, so did the woman and he could only see a film of mist hovering over the placid trail.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste