The Wolf Father- Story on an unlikely Father-Son Relationship

The father-son duo never spoke to each other, especially about their personal lives. If someone would ask why? The wolf father would warmly reply, ‘Sir, such was the parenting of our time.’

Fathers remained some sort of creatures, who were aggressive and sometimes misunderstood. As there were always some unresolved-underlying reasons behind actions, which were often overlooked.

It is often said that some stories are hidden skin deep. Therefore, the father wolf never allowed his wolf pack to scratch an old wound.

The wolf pups never understood the reason behind their father’s mysterious behaviour– his impulses and his demeanour. They ate food, drank water and slept in the same bed, keeping an arm’s distance from him. As they feared that he would attack in the dead of night.

But old age spares no one and when it struck like a thunderbolt on the old wolf’s bronzed skin. The beast lost his drive. His flowy long beard turned into stubble and the greys in his hair became more evident.

Wolf Father Story, Story on Wolf Father

Though time escalated soon and his youthful days were now over. But his basic instincts never ran out. Now the old wolf sits silently in his room and weeps like a hound.

Nobody can hear him out aloud, except for one little pup, who has grown but not too much. He can hear him speaking through the silent cries, that he makes at night. The little pup is too a little weird. But it makes him happy for possessing the blood of a wolf pack.

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When the sun goes down, they both run wild. Not together but in their mind. They are as beastly, as a young man without compassion and as kind as a child’s laughter.

Nobody understands the father wolf, like the young pup. Though, the duo shares different rooms, which are divided by a thin wall. Neither they can see each other, nor they can hear each other’s silent cries. But when the night grows, they both stare at the damp ceiling in the dim light.

Father Wolf and his pup, Story on Wolves

The two beastly creatures weep, even when their tears have dried. Their eyes are sore and the rage is no more. Just the dreadful silence and a few insecurities that slowly eat them alive. The baby wolf is just like his father.

Hence, he feels invisible, knowing that his father has survived on his own. The little critter knows, ‘No matter how dark it remains. There is a light that flickers on the inside. And it can beat the darkness, sometimes.’ Nobody but the father wolf feels, his baby knows what most grown-ups don’t know.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste