The Dance of the Fireflies- Nature Poetry

A swarm of fireflies took off like Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft,
They made a loud roar in the sullen sky,
deflated some of the well-fed sumo baby clouds,
As they were eating up the screen space of the elderly stars.

The swarm made a buzz and,
Showcased their brevity in front of the little larvae, undergoing metamorphosis.
Everybody cheered and rooted for them.
As the swarm of fireflies demonstrated their aerodynamic skills.

It was a great spectacle,
until the commodore saw a tiny young firefly sitting in a corner,
and not cheering for his squad.
In angst, he asked, “Why don’t you applaud?”
The tiny critter replied, “Pardon, did I miss something important?”

The commodore was taken aback by his question,
and wanted to teach him a lesson.
He stomped his feet and left a jarring silence.
But the tiny firefly was unaffected by it,
as he was too young to understand anything.

When he was enjoying star-gazing,
He saw a big swarm of angry fireflies approaching,
They were tens and thousands in numbers,
Their wings made a loud fluttering sound,
like the razor-sharp
blades of a chopper,
The swarm of fireflies dashed after him in a squad,
Their light was so bright and warm, that it hurt the little one’s eyes.
And he collapsed and fell from the tree.

The fireflies smirked and inflated their tiny critter chest,
then flew behind their commodore.
He fell so bad, that his body ached,
and he lay shrivelled on the ground with dirt in his mouth.
The lady fireflies, the swarm, and the commodore saw him and jeered together.
Their evil laughter reverberated in the valley.

Nobody took notice of his pain since he was orphaned, not by birth,
But his family had long ago abandoned him, for being the black sheep of the family.
He was rather tiny and didn’t glow like others.
His dim light was made fun of.
So he used to sit in a corner, where nobody could notice him.
From there, he studied the stars and the cosmos without interruption.

Soon the dark clouds appeared from nowhere,
And the rain started thrashing the swarm with its bullet-like droplets.
The dance, the show, and the appeasement stopped…
The glow and the spark of the swarm were washed off.
Their illuminated bulbs were fused.

Except for the dim-lit bulb of the tiny firefly,
who was lying down in the dumps.
He was protected by a magic mushroom,
that stood like an umbrella over his tenacious body.

When the sky cleared.
He drank the freshwater from the leaflet and opened his wings.
Like a kite, he stretched his body in the sky.
And made circles in the clouds.

The swarm booed! “Yeah! you are zero, that’s what you wrote, good luck bro.”
But the larvae screamed in joy.
As they saw a beautiful firefly,
dancing alone in the vastness of the fresh moonlit sky.

The stars twinkled and sparkled and bartered their light with the glowworm.
The little critter looked like an angel with silver wings and star kissed skin.
He was cheered by the women. as they all flashed in unison.
Except for one lady firefly, who was busy studying the shape of the clouds…

The tiny firefly took notice and stopped his dance.
Went ahead and asked for her hand,
Her eyes contained the beauty of the universe,
And when they danced together, it faded the light of others.

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