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A Peepal Tree near my House- Nature Poetry

There’s a Peepal tree that shelters little birds,
Such as cuckoo, sparrows, robin, and sunbird.
It’s curvy boughs reach to the seven heavens.
And the moon shines above it, like a street light guarding the lone pedestrians.

The tree is tall like a Yeti,
and is a natural umbrella for the house standing next to it.
There’s a temple built in its crevice,
and prayers are sung once every fortnight,
Varied dexterous birds collect the leaves and twigs to make their bin.
Though, old and weary, the tree gazes at its feathery fledglings,

The bird’s yonder around the tree, tweeting him the mankind mysteries.
At night, the tree yawns and spreads its breeze to the turquoise tavern,
Even to those, who want to cut it to make lofty mahals,

But the old tree has promised the birds to shelter them until mankind decides to put him down,
Just like they did to his father,
and their great grandfather a giant old Peepal tree.

So the old tree ruffles its trunks, to make a pram for the little chirplings.
When their mother is gone, the tree shakes it’s head, to make a sound from its lustrous bottle-green dreadlocks.
The little fledglings listen to the Carnatic music,
and it soothes their feeble heart like spiritual hymns of Totakashtakam.

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Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

Pragati Chauhanhttp://melodyofwords.com
I am a soulful woman who loves to conjure up my thoughts and write. I thoroughly enjoy creating art and expressing myself through words. I believe words have a certain kind of melody that can be understood by everybody.


  1. I am reminded of my morning ritual. Outside our kitchen window is an orchid tree with a hanging seed bowl. Because the sparrows are small enough, usually they can fit 3 to four of their families inside– although an occasional dove tries to squeeze in there. The excess seed I spread under the tree for the other birds– even the crows who hammer out the large sunflower seeds. Once in a while a lone cat or hawk gets them scattered. Peace, nature lover.

  2. It’s always good to hear from other nature lovers, quite surprisingly my morning ritual is the same. I too have placed two terracotta bowls, one for bird seeds, and the other for water. I seldom watch the tiny sparrows sit in the bowl for a minutes, and gaze in sheer silence towards the small green patch adjacent to my home. There’s a spotted dove who visits everyday, who feats together with the small birds. Watching these playful birds chirping, and engaging in their daily activities warms my heart.


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