Cold Winter- Poem on Lost Love

On the first day we met, you felt like a dream.
The sadder the eyes, the more beautiful they appear to be.
Your skin as tender as soft-paste porcelain,
Lips as pale as a moonbeam,
And voice, as mellow as a beautiful composition,

On the first day we met, you felt like a companion,
As lovely as a person, you encounter accidentally,
As comforting as a friend, you remember from a childhood dream.

Days have gone by and your innate charm has faded,
Now you have become a random stranger,
Who I know well, but not too well.
A stranger who knows a lot about you,
But who doesn’t know enough,
Or doesn’t want to know where lies the hurt.

One the last day, we met, our strings were pulled off,
And you went far away from me, I could sense that.
Just by the way you were trying to escape my presence,
Our eyes met, but they didn’t sparkle as they would.
I knew it was time to say goodbye.

Things have changed for me.
But you haven’t changed at all.
You are still the same.
Burning profusely with passion.
And I lay here like cold-winter.

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Hope you like it! Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

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