10 Tell Tale Signs of Energy Vampires + Tips to deal with Energy Vampires

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Who are Energy Vampires:

Energy vampires is a term used to define people who thrive on the energy of other people. Such people carry chaotic and negative energy with them which reflects in their thoughts, behavior, and actions.

Therefore, when you are around them, you experience a sudden change in your mood. As they make you feel emotionally exhausted, anxious, and stressed out.

If you know a person who doesn’t listen, talks negatively and keeps cutting the conversation with their stories of brevity or achievements. Is jealous of other’s success and needs to be praised often. Then chances are you might be dealing with an energy vampire.

Such people drain your energy with their self-absorbed nature, and because of it you feel uninterested in carrying a conversation with them. As such people don’t exude empathy and will only care about others if it benefits them.

How to know whether someone is your Friend or an Energy Vampire:

Energy vampires usually wear the persona of an independent friend but are always needy for attention. Such kind of people will take favours after favours but will never return them by helping others. 

They expect you to keep them on priority no matter whether you are dealing through tough times, are busy at work, studies, or in your personal endeavours.

Some energy vampire are aware of their toxic behavior but some aren’t. The latter feels a constant urge to seek validation and praise from others for every little thing they do. Because they are unconfident and unsure about themselves.

So observe such behavior in yourself and try to work on it, and if you notice such signs in people you know closely. Then beware and don’t give numerous chances to them to exploit your emotions.

“If you’ve ever met an energy vampire (and you probably have), you’ll get the distinct feeling that this person has an intense need to prey off the vitality of others. There is a kind of acute neediness present in energy vampires which can be quite overwhelming and depleting to those they come in contact with.” – Mateo Sol, Awakened Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing

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The tricks of Energy Vampires:

Energy vampires swiftly merge into groups, where they can take work from other people and feast on their energy one by one. Since a group consists of many members. Therefore it becomes difficult to spot such energy vampires.

Energy vampires are most noticeable when they work with individuals because it makes it easier to keep an eye on them.

If you want to distinguish between friends and energy vampires, then quickly check out these— 10 signs that’ll tell you someone is an energy vampire and how to deal with them.

10 Signs someone is an energy vampire + Tips to Deal with Energy Vampires

1. Energy Vampires are always Involved in some kind of Drama:

Such kind of people are always swimming in some kind of slew. They have an inseparable bond with drama and attention.

You can meet them after days or decades, and they’ll always start off with, “You won’t believe what happened with me? My life is so difficult.”

When in reality, they run towards the tide as energy vampires are exhilarated by chaos. If you know someone like this, then watch out as this could be a sign that you are dealing with an energy vampire.

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Tip to Handle such Energy sucking Vampires:

Don’t fall into their trap by thinking that they might have changed or become more emotionally mature with time.

Because it rarely happens with energy vampires, and once they have succeeded in getting your attention.

They’ll strip you off your energy by sulking and using you as a pillow to cry on. After which they will disappear and reappear only to feast on your energy and to release the chaos.

2. They are Manipulative and enjoy playing Victim:

Energy vampires don’t take responsibility for their actions. They don’t like to be held accountable for their mistakes.

When they are trapped in such situations, they like to play victim and distract others with their mind games. They enjoy talking behind people’s backs and are manipulative.

Such people have low esteem and they constantly make you go on guilt trips, so you stick by their side even when that person is wrong.

Based on a study by Lobel and Taiber, people who struggle with such issues have low self-esteem. They seek constant validation from others as a coping mechanism. They come out as clingy, needy, and are co-dependent on others.

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How to deal with Energy Vampires:

If you are an empath, then avoid getting closer to them as their friendship will cost you your mental health, and also your precious time.

Because energy vampires sit on your back and suck your energy by making you feel sorry, and guilty for not being able to help or getting them out of their current situation.

3. Are self-absorbed, doesn’t Listen, likes to cut every Conversation and turn it to Themselves:

Although energy vampires love getting attention. But they cannot fathom giving their attention to anybody even if that person is their bosom buddy.

If you have been friends with an energy vampire, you’d understand that keeping the conversation afloat with such a person is a nightmare.

As energy vampires are only interested when they are at the focal point of every conversation. They prioritize themselves so much that they only wish to talk about themselves.

If the topic of discussion isn’t related to them then they will forcefully turn it towards them.

You cannot vent or share grievances with them as they are self-absorbed. Such people always expect you to put them first and will get upset if you don’t give them absolute attention and praise.

Tip on dealing with Self-obsessed Energy Vampires:

Beware when an energy vampire offers support and care because they have other plans going on in their mind.

Since energy vampires will only put others first or pay heed to others when they are benefitting from it, or they have plans up their sleeves.

4. They Constantly criticize you:

Energy vampires usually have a loudmouth. They fear appearing weak and foolish in front of others and often overcompensate it by talking more than necessary.

Most energy vampires think they are great critiques. They like to talk negatively about their friends, family, and people they interact with on a daily basis.

However, when they are criticized or corrected for their behaviour their response is far from good. Due to their jealous nature, energy vampires don’t enjoy or celebrate their dear one’s success.

They will comment harshly or will taunt how they got easy success, or they didn’t work as hard as them but were lucky.

Tip to keep such Energy Vampires away:

Since there is a higher probability of changing your response than changing what others think, talk, and feel about you. The best thing you can do is either distance yourself from such people or refrain from responding to their criticism.

Sometimes you’ll find such energy vampires in your own family where you have to live with them, and handle their criticism and negativity on a daily basis.

So whenever you are about to lose your temper, remember these wise words of Benjamin Franklin, “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do.”

Since energy vampires get energized by your response, and commentary on negative things thrown at you by them.

Don’t recharge them by giving away your reaction. Let them drain their energy in negative things while you silently work on personal growth.

10 Tell Tale Signs of Energy Vampires + Tips to deal with Energy Vampires

5. Energy Vampires Exploit Kindness and take your Politeness as Submissive behaviour:

Based on a 2015 study, compassionate and kind people are the primary targets of energy vampires. Since such people empathise and understand others, therefore they are the prime targets of energy vampires.

Energy vampires abuse them either by taking advantage of them through psychological manipulation or by coercing them to do things, they don’t wanna do in the first place.

Such people will turn your nature against you and will use your warm, friendly, and polite nature as a sign of weakness.

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Pro Tip:

Energy vampires prey on kind people and wrongly interpret their kindness as submission. So be kind but don’t give away wrong signs to an energy vampire by being readily available for them.

Because an energy vampire will take that as a sign for submission, and will create an emotional bond with you. So you feel the need to make constant efforts for securing that bond by giving in to their demands else it’ll ruin your friendship.

6. They don’t understand Personal boundaries and keep Crossing it:

Another common behavior seen in energy vampires is they don’t understand and respect personal space and boundaries.

Most energy vampires are good storytellers, they enjoy grabbing eyeballs with their chummy personality. They often use their friends as a prop to joke around and be funny.

Sometimes they go too far and even bully you, mock you, or personally attack you in the name of fun and jokes.

Since energy vampires have a clingy nature, they keep trespassing personal boundaries even on being told that you are not welcome here, or the person on the receiving end doesn’t wish to speak, associate, or bond with them.

Pro Tip:

If you are an introvert watch out for energy vampires as they can be emotional predators. They can sabotage your mental peace and solitude by forcefully trying to break in.

Observe their behaviour and take the necessary steps to avoid being preyed on by an energy vampire.

Hope these 10 signs of an energy vampire will help you to spot such people and you’ll take action before they devour all your energy.

10 Signs someone is an Energy Vampire+How to Deal with Energy Vampires

7. Have a Narcissistic Personality, and always expects to be Treated like a King or Queen:

This is one of the common traits of an energy vampire, and it is noticeable in them in the first few meetings itself.

You’ll often find that needy Nancy looking independent and fly, bragging about living alone, paying her rent, and handling breakups like a pro.

But that’s just a façade that she wears as she is always in need of help— be it emotional or financial. She will only ping you when she needs to get her work done but will always forget or disappear when you ask her the same.

“Vampires with narcissistic personality disorder have fantasies about power, success, and attractiveness. They crave fame and recognition. They don’t recognize the needs and feelings of others. They feel superior to others and act entitled. They often exaggerate their achievements and talents.” ― Christiane Northrup

Energy vampires enjoy feeling superior. Hence, they never ask for help but demand it as if they are in charge of you.

They make you do simple tasks for them, which makes them feel special like— opening doors for them when their hands aren’t busy, carrying bags for them, getting food for them and ranting after having it. So they don’t have to pay for it.

Tip on how to deal with Energy Vampires:

Some of the above mentioned things look cute when you are in a relationship. But if you have a friend that expects you to be their entourage and be readily available for their work.

Then the friendship looks pretentious and fishy. Like they only want to be with you because they need work from you more than the friendship, and are never available at your disposal.

Help only when you think it’s necessary and don’t try to nurse an energy vampire like a child.

Because once you do so, they will hold your hand like a toddler and will ask you to do get their work done without putting any effort.

8. Energy Vampires make every Battle seem theirs, and are Unapologetic about it:

Energy vampires gravitate towards drama and keep themselves occupied by having feuds with others. Their narcissistic approach towards things makes them want to become a part of every battle even if it is not theirs.

Such people are opportunistic and will never miss a chance to skim the milk by taking advantage of other’s fights. Since energy vampires like to keep themselves on the forefront.

They’ll poke their nose in your matter and will make it seem about them, or will instigate you to fight with others by spreading rumours.

So they can seek revenge from their enemies with your support. Thereby sapping your energy and giving unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Tip on Dealing with Energy Vampires:

If an energy vampire takes too much interest in your personal matter, and continuously talks about your animosity with other’s then take it as a red flag.

Since that person is looking for every possible chance to take action on old fights they lost with others or didn’t get to win.

9. Overreacts or makes you feel like a Nazi when you don’t agree with them or Correct them:

If you have dealt with an energy vampire you’d know why you feel so exhausted while meeting or talking to them.

It is because they keep talking, getting offended on little things, create a scene with everyone they talk, and then start throwing tantrums.

Energy vampires tend to have an exaggerated sense of self-importance, and they enjoy playing sympathy card on others.

You can’t have a mindful conversation or debate with them. Because energy vampires use ego instead of rational thinking to share their thoughts.

They don’t respect others opinions and always want others to agree with them, otherwise they lose their temper.

How to deal with Energy Vampires:

Don’t try to waste your energy on debating with energy vampires, thinking that you’ll make them understand your point of view. Because they won’t as such people are believers and not sceptics, they think they know it all.

By correcting them, you’ll invite more drama. As they’ll try to justify their behaviour by proving you wrong, and attacking your mental peace. 

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10. Energy vampires are Selfish and they make you feel Bad for doing a little Self-care:

Energy vampires like to keep themselves on a high pedestal. Such kind of people always expect you to be there for them even on days when you are feeling down in the dumps.

They expect love, admiration and warmth from others. But feel intimidated when someone tries to do the least amount of self-care for themselves.

An energy vampire will always try to put you down by making you realise their problems are bigger than yours. If you try to confront them, they will accuse you of being shallow.

Therefore, being friends with such people will deteriorate your mental health. As they will make you feel bad for thinking about yourself, and will always undermine your feelings.

Pro Tip for dealing with Energy Vampires:

Don’t expect much from such people, and part ways when you feel, you have put enough efforts to sustain the relationship. It’s not a selfish move but a smart decision that will save your time and efforts.

Also, it will do wonders for your mental health because then your emotions won’t be suppressed, and made fun of by someone who is wolf in a lambskin.

At last, here’s a video for you to protect yourself from energy vampires:

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