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Relationships change meaning over time as some of us come closer with time, while others drift apart. Because of the lack of time, intimacy, and the bond they initially shared with each other.

Since the more you get to know each other, the more issues and faults you find with one another.

We soon forget that every relationship needs constant efforts to make it work, along with lots of patience and acceptance for one another. Then one need to look for some healthy relationship advice and tips.

Why people give up on their relationship and how to know whether your relationship is worth it:

Many of us lack patience, we need a quick fix for everything, and get offended easily over small things said and done. Hence many replace their good old love with a new one, but the problem still persists.

Since you haven’t found a solution to the old problem, but have added a new problem.

Soon you find comfort in living with the memories of the one you dearly loved. But didn’t have the courage and patience for the relationship to take off, and gave up too soon.

As time passes by, you realise that you never made any real efforts for the right one, or never valued that person.

If you are in a similar conflict, that you are losing faith in your relationship or need to know that your relationship is worth fighting for.

Then you must read this to know whether or not, your relationship is worth the time, efforts, and energy.

So don’t make the mistake of giving up on a quality person. And read the article to know whether your relationship is worth fighting for or not.

Know whether your relationship is worth fighting for and some Healthy Relationship Advice:

1. You can Talk about anything with Him:

Expressing yourself without hesitating is one of the best feelings in the world. Especially when you have someone who listens to your melodies and maladies carefully, then it’s like icing on top.

Since you have the liberty to talk without thinking, that he’ll share your secrets and fears with someone else.

So if you can share anything with your partner, from your well kept secrets to your dreams and mischiefs. Then it indicates that your relationship is built on the foundation of mutual trust, and understanding.

Such kind of connection is rare to find, so keep holding tight.

2. She makes You feel Happy even during Times of Distress:

When you are around her, she makes you happy even when you are upset or sad. I know it might sound cliché but this is as simple as it sounds— by having that special someone by your side makes you feel good.

She lights up your mood, her sweet presence gives you strength to deal with tough times. You feel hopeful about the future. This sign and relationship advice is totally worth it.

This union between the two of you makes you realise that above all the odds. This is something positive that you have built and nurtured together.

Hence you feel happy, understood, and valued in her company, and troubles seem to go away when she is around.

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3. You can be Yourself around Him:

People who are judgmental will always complain, poke, or make fun of you and your personality. They always have some sort of advice or notion to pass for free.

Such people derive pleasure from criticising others, as they feel they are helping you to be a more refined version of yourself.

However, they don’t understand that they are toxic as hell. Because such people make you feel there’s something wrong with you.

So if you have someone by your side who doesn’t judge you for being yourself, then you are in good company.

Since such people have acceptance for all. They understand that we all have different ways of expressing, living, and thinking.

You can be silly, goofy, nerdy, and charming around him. He’ll never complain or force you to mingle or slow down, and stop expressing yourself the way you want.

If reading this makes you remind of that someone special, then he/she is a keeper hold onto that person.

4. Simple Moments become Memories with Her:

If you can experience euphoria with your partner without doing anything special. When sitting together, witnessing the peaceful silence can make you happy.

Then it is one of the major signs that you have found the one, and your relationship is worth fighting for.

Since it is difficult to develop such bonding, where you can experience bliss in each other’s company without the intervention of an external stimulus.

If you two can enjoy each other’s presence are not afraid of getting bored, do not fear that you have to try something new to make that person like you.

Then you shouldn’t chase the wrong ones, as the one that’s worth fighting for is with you.

Numerous studies have found that having a quality relationship, and developing close bonding with people around you can lead to a greater quality of life. Which in turn brings overall contentment and satisfaction in life.

5. Relationship Advice: Small Fights make You realize how much Meaning he gave to your Life:

Couple fights are common as they teach you, no matter how much you love each other. But you two can have differences, as it’s not mandatory to agree with each other on everything. Sometimes these differences complete you.

However, there are days when you witness cold fights. Wherein the two of you refuse to speak, and give space to each other to think positively and to cool off.

These small tiffs make you realise your partner’s importance in your life, and how much he matters to you.

Since he is there for you when you need him, and becomes a strong pillar of support when needed.

If small fights don’t create toxic emotions in between, and fills your heart with gratitude and love for him. Then it’s a strong sign that the one you love is worth fighting for. Since he has added meaning to your life.

6. He doesn’t Butter you but he Surely waters You:

A person of quality and substance wouldn’t praise you or cheer for you when you are being selfish, unkind, abusive, and mean to him or people around you.

He will make you understand where you have gone wrong, or if you are taking wrong inspiration from people around you. Or have imbibed the bad qualities of toxic people in society.

If your significant other does the same and helps you in your personal growth. Then you must laud him for being honest and outspoken with you. Trust me, this is one the best relationship advice you can get.

So instead of getting offended and questioning—

  • Why your partner tries to correct you when he can ignore such things or,
  • Why does he find fault in you when he is madly in love with you or,
  • Believe in the theory those who love you don’t see anything wrong with you.

Since all such bogus dialogues only work for fictional characters, as seen in romantic movies. In real life, you must put your best foot forward since life isn’t a fairy tale.

So if your partner shows concern for you, corrects you when you are wrong, and praises you for your small victories. Then it’s one of the tell tale signs that the person you love is worth fighting for.

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7. He respects your Opinion even if he Disagrees with you:

Mutual respect for one another is the crux of a happy and hearty relationship. Therefore, one must understand that it isn’t necessary to agree with everything that your partner says or do.

If your partner understands this and respects your point of view even when he disagrees with you. Then you’ve got a gem of a person who doesn’t flare his nostrils, and bring his ego in between to test your love for him. This is one of the best Relationship Advice you can get.

“Have a big enough heart to love unconditionally, and a broad enough mind to embrace the differences that make each of us unique.” ― D.B. Harrop

8. You have Become a Better person since she has Entered your Life:

Many of us don’t realise our potential as a human being, and how much we can do to make positive changes in our life, and in the life of those around us.

Sometimes it takes only one person to see our potential and to make us aware of it. If that someone is your significant other, then cherish her presence.

Since with her strong support you were able to bring positive changes in your life.

“When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.” ― Jess C. Scott, The Intern

If your partner inspires you with her good nature, kindness, dedication and love for life. Which makes you more determined to achieve your goals, to be grateful, and positive in life. Then it clearly suggests that you two can make a strong team together. This is one of the best Relationship Advice you can get.

9. Relationship Advice: Your Partner is Supportive and Encouraging in many Ways:

Sometimes we don’t need anybody to put efforts for us. We just want someone to sit next to us, and have faith that we can make things work in our favour.

A supportive partner encourages you to take action, that you have already taken in your mind, but fear taking in real life.

He keeps pushing you to smash boundaries, so you can come closer to your dreams and achieve them. He motivates and inspires you to slay your demons and conquer your biggest fears.

Healthy Relationship Advice: Having a partner who has a positive aura, and is supportive can be great for your mental health:

Not everybody is lucky to have supportive families and friends. Since some of the worst bullies come from families, and parents who keep instilling fear, self-hate, and self-doubt in their children’s minds.

So they can rely on their parents for decision making. Which according to them is a great tool for raising obedient children.

However, in the long run, such kids grow up as insecure, and mentally depressed individuals who repress their emotions.

They think they aren’t capable of doing anything, even when they are aware of their potential and skills.

A small failure can scare them and make them withdraw. If your partner supports your vision, is patient with you, and exudes empathy.

Then you must value him at all costs because he understands you, your emotional needs, and most importantly he values you.

10. Relationship Advice: You Share the same Core Values:

In your entire lifetime, you’ll meet several people who’ll shower you with fake compliments.

They’ll introduce you to things, and habits that you know aren’t good for you. Because spoiling someone is easy than reforming someone.

However, those who see life as black and white don’t fall victim to such pretense. Since they can smell such toxic positivity from afar.

If you are someone who practices good virtues such as honesty, integrity, truthfulness, love, kindness, hard work, etc. Then you’d expect your partner to be on the same level, someone who doesn’t stray from the path of righteousness.

Because then you don’t have to question, correct or argue on matters— where you’ll find your partner doing things, that you were against or condemned from the start.

Couples who have their core values aligned live a happy and fulfilled life, as they share a similar understanding for life.

So if your partner is an extension to your spiritual growth and strong moral values. Then you it’s a clear sign that your relationship is worth fighting for.

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