15 Major Signs Someone is Secretly Jealous of You

15 Major Signs Someone is Jealous of You

When people are jealous of you they dislike everything about you. They simply cannot withstand watching you rise, and smile in front of them. Mainly because of the fact they aren’t happy inside, and cannot accept your happiness too.

When such a person notices a quality or a natural trait in you, that they wish they had. They start obsessing over it, and feed negative thoughts like— “Why do they have those qualities, and I don’t?”

By doing so, they subconsciously make themselves believe that— they aren’t good enough. They slowly corrupt their mind, and develop negative emotions for that person. Hence, they start experiencing jealousy towards that person.

Experiencing such emotions could be the direct effect or outcome of— how one view themselves.

Maybe that person thinks too highly of themselves, and cannot fathom the praise and attention others give you. They feel you have stolen their thunder like Regina George of Mean Girls.

Or it could be an outcome of obsessing over the other individual, and constantly comparing yourself to them.

There’s a saying, “You can be the moon and still be jealous of stars.” Hope this explains without saying much.

Whether or not such feelings are real or imaginary. But the fact remains that, these feelings are projected through negative thoughts, and actions. Therefore, one needs to know the warning signs someone is jealous of you.

Because constantly feeling jealous of someone can turn anybody into a self-obsessed, narcissist energy vampire, who is incapable of loving, and accepting themselves, as well as others.

Sometimes your own friends and family members are the wolves in lambskin. So you must carefully check these 15 major signs someone is jealous of you.

15 Major Signs Someone is Jealous of You

15 Major Signs Someone is Jealous of You

1. They always Try to turn Fun and Games into Competition: 

If you know someone who makes fun games turn into a neck to neck competition. And tries their best to show off their new set of skills to you, by undermining your talents. Then it’s one of the major signs someone is jealous of you.

Such people turn everything into a battle even when you are least interested in one, and play dirty to win it. Their ulterior motive is to make you feel weak and feeble in your own eyes, and in the eyes of others.

Such kind of behaviour reflects their jealousy towards you. As they want to steal your position in your friend circle or family, which you have gained through your warm nature, and good virtues. 

Since they are weak in the personality department, and subconsciously know they can’t be like you. They try to compete with you in order to prove themselves, and others that they are better than you. It’s one of the many signs someone is jealous of you.

2. They Downplay your Success:

You know someone is jealous of you when they bad mouth about your success, and undermines your hard work. Such people have no empathy towards you, and they want you to feel bad about celebrating your success.

If a co-worker tells you— you got easy success on a project you put all your time, and efforts on.
While someone else they know (which they are referring to themselves) took years to reach where you are today.

Then it’s one of the clear signs someone is jealous of you. Because they cannot acknowledge the hard work you’ve put into you. And secretly know— they won’t reach the bar you have already set in front of them. It’s one of the major signs someone is jealous of you.

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3. They Gossip and Spread Rumors about You:

One of the tell-tale signs someone is jealous of you is— they enjoy gossiping, and spreading rumours about you.

A jealous person always looks for ways to trouble and irritate you. So they can get a reaction from you, and make others believe in the rumours they spread about you. 

One of the major reasons, why they do this is because they are jealous of you, and wish they were like you.

Since they don’t have a strong circle of friends, and support of good people who bring forth positive energy. They envy you— as they desperately want what you have, but they know they won’t get it.

Therefore, they try their best to malign your name, friendship, and reputation in front of your friends by spreading rumours about you. It’s one of the biggest signs someone is jealous of you.

4. They are Obsessed with You:

You can tell someone is a green eyed monster, when they keep tabs on every event happening in your life, even when you aren’t in touch with that person.

They reach out to your friends and family to know what you are doing in life. They desperately wanna know, whether your career is taking off or not, and every intricate detail about your love life. So they can taunt on it to, and boast about themselves in front of you. 

If you have a friend or family member, who is more interested in your life than theirs. Then it’s one of the prime signs someone is jealous of you.

Beware of sharing any personal information with such malicious people. As they can use it against you by instilling feelings of self-hate at a time, when you are already feeling down in life. 

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5. They Steal your Spotlight:

One of the worst nightmares for a jealous person is to see you in the spotlight. They cannot fathom seeing you bursting with confidence doing something you love, and making others happy with it.

For example, when a jealous person sees you dancing like a feather at a party. He/she will immediately run like a puma to change the track, yelling, “Common it’s not a school function, let’s groove on some latest Hip Hop music.”

Jealous people are great actors, and they handle such situations with diplomacy.

Such feelings of jealousy arise from inadequacy, and finding it difficult to accept other’s strengths, and qualities. They cannot appreciate when other’s praise you, or when you are happy in your zone.

They will try their best to kill or ruin that moment for you, which is one of the tell-tale signs someone is jealous of you.

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15 Major Signs Someone is Jealous of You

6. They are Great Plan Spoilers and Kill-Joy kind of People:

Jealous people try their best to ruin your events or plans by causing hindrance. If you invite them to an event or party that you have been planning, and working on for the entire month.

They make sure to be the killjoy of that event. Which they do by negatively remarking on it, fighting, and creating a scene in front of everyone.

Jealousy can stem anywhere, and many times your own family members are jealous of you. It could be your sister, aunt, or a distant cousin.

Such family members often show fake solidarity and care for other members. When in reality, they have deep hatred and contempt for you.

Their true colors come out in broad daylight, when you warmly invite them for celebrating a big day in your life. As they get the perfect opportunity to ruin your programme.

A jealous family member will insist you to give some task or assign any work to them. As being a family member they want to help you, so they can ditch you on that day.

They do so to prove others that you need their help because you cannot do anything on your own. Hence, they make sure to feed their words in other’s mind by manipulating them.

Make distance from such people as these are the prominent signs someone is jealous of you, and such people will do their best to kill your joy in every situation. It’s one of the major signs someone is jealous of you.

7. They Complain a Lot:

Jealous people enjoy shoving their noses into your work. Whether you are planning, executing a task, or doing an activity together. A jealous person will make sure to make hue, and cry over every little thing you do.

They try to outsmart you with their snarky remarks on your work. They might complain about not enjoying the food you’ve cooked for them, or always finding something negative to remark on your dress.

If you like something, chances are a jealous person will always despise it. Having a jealous person as a friend could be the worst case scenario. Because they will never let you celebrate or be happy with your small wins, or activities you love to do.

If a jealous friend who went to the same college and pursued the same course, sees you getting ahead in your career. They will show clears signs of jealousy, and will express their envy towards you by complaining— how you got it easy. While they are doing the same amount of hard work but aren’t lucky like you.

A jealous friend will always complain they weren’t ready, whenever you are on the verge of winning the game. As they cannot see you defeating them in a small game. Because they always compete with you they have problems with accepting failures.

If you want to make that friend happy by doing something special for them. They will only complain saying they aren’t fond of gifts, and being a best friend you should have known this.

Unfriend such fake friends from life, as these are the clear signs someone jealous of you, and you shouldn’t waste your time on them anymore.

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15 Major Signs Someone is Jealous of You

8. They are Copy Cats who Steal your Individuality:

A jealous person is unsatisfied with themselves, and internalize that hatred towards those— who they secretly admire, and wish they were as good as them.

They’ll obsess over your individuality, creativity, and secretly wish they were as cool as you. They will never tell you that they admire you, but will copy everything you do, and call it theirs.

Though they might conceal their true feelings but since we all know— “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” Therefore, when one mimics you, they are only trying to steal from you, because they lack creativity.

If you have a co-worker who always tries to talk over you, or has a habit of interrupting your meetings and presentation.

Someone who goes around telling everybody in the office, that your ideas are poor and unoriginal. While taking inspiration or literally copy-pasting its blueprint. Then this is one of the biggest signs someone is jealous of you.

They might envy your ingenuity, your high performance, and your professionalism at work, and couldn’t stand that you being rewarded for it.

9. They Focus a Lot on your Mistakes:

Jealousy is a form of hatred built upon insecurity. This is why, jealous people find it difficult to praise, and applaud you for your accomplishments because they don’t have any of their own.

They are quick to point out your mistakes in front of everybody. So they can humiliate you and shatter your self-confidence.

If you have a friend or family member, who never misses an opportunity to highlight your minuscule mistakes in front of a huge gathering, or when there’s a function at home.

Someone who only finds fault in you, and can’t see anything they like in your work. Doesn’t help you in rectifying the mistake, but takes the job of a loudspeaker to tell the world— about your tiniest mistake, or invents one themselves. Then it’s one of the tell-tale signs someone is jealous of you.

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10. They give Backhanded Compliments:

Jealousy is often driven by low self-esteem or poor self-image. Therefore, when people are jealous of you they hide their feelings behind poor sarcasm.

They might show their envy towards you by giving backhanded compliments like, “You are smelling lovely today. Please wear this perfume every day because you smell like a fish.”

“I am happy for your engagement, you got lucky! He is totally out of your league in both money, and looks department. Please don’t mind it.”

Or “Congrats on your new job at a multinational company. I think are doing mass recruitment these days.”

When people say such things, it’s one of the many signs someone is jealous of you.

11. They Embroil in Petty Arguments with You:

Jealous people have a habit of turning against you. They will jump between conversations just to prove you wrong.

Such people never miss an opportunity to fight or argue with you, and use other’s fights to fulfill their hidden motives.

A jealous friend is like an energy vampire, who sucks your energy, and feasts on your mental peace.

A jealous friend gets annoyed at literally everything, and they get passive-aggressive if you don’t give them enough attention. If you have a friend like this, then watch out as it’s one of the major signs someone is jealous of you.

12. Blind Hatred:

Jealousy is a direct effect of low-confidence, and blind hate towards those, who exude confidence, and positivity.

Jealous people have poor self-esteem and self-image about themselves. If you are someone who practises self-love, and your self-image is as strong as the mountains. Then a jealous person will definitely see you as a thorn in their flesh.

Jealous people are emotionally incompetent — that’s why they love to hate others. They cannot see others loving themselves, and being happy with the way they are.

They will mock you, demean you, and will do anything to push you further from your peace, as it’s their ulterior motive.

They will show clear signs of jealousy by acting like opposition party in the parliament. They will never agree with you, will backstab you, run smear campaigns in your name, and will try their best to break your friend circle.

There’s a saying “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” Apply this tactic with your blind haters so you can be aware of their move.

Don’t undermine these prominent signs someone is jealous of you. Because toxic people can make the environment dirty and hazardous for you to grow, and thrive.

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13. They Keep Tearing you Down:

Jealousy is rooted in feelings of inadequacy. When a person is jealous of you, he/she is jealous of the qualities you have, that they feel they don’t.

They hate the fact you are doing well in life, and your career is taking off. You have built a great rapport with your co-workers, and your boss— loves the ideas that you bring to the table. Therefore, they try to pull you down by any means.

They might comment harshly on your writing work, or music that you’ve produced, and keep telling others that millennials have a bad taste.

But if they honestly didn’t like it, then why are they following it rather than ignoring it. The reason behind this is— they like what you are doing, and have a feeling that you will go far in life.

Hence, they are going nuts about it, and want to chop off your wings. So don’t ignore these obvious signs someone is jealous of you, which will help you to differentiate between foes and friends. It’s one of the major signs someone is jealous of you.

14. They Bully You:

Bullying is one of the common tactics a jealous person uses to harass you. Since they spend too much time and efforts in observing and obsessing over you.

Therefore, they know what do you feel the most insecure about, and often use it as a soft target.

A jealous person might make fun of your appearance or call you names while being jealous of you. They might express it in different ways like— criticizing your looks to make themselves feel better, when in reality they are jealous of your beauty.

Or telling you that you are short and chubby, and they are tall and slim. Just to hide the fact— they are jealous of your voluptuous figure, and your grades.

They are green-eyed because they wish they were beauty with brains like you. So don’t criticize your looks or allow others to mock you by displaying your insecurities to them.

Love looks through telescope Envy through microscope.~ Josh Billings

We all have insecurities and they are never permanent. It subsides with time, self-love, and self-awareness.

So be mindful, and don’t reveal too much information about yourself to green-eyed monsters. Because they’ll never leave an opportunity to scratch your fresh wounds. It’s one of the major signs someone is jealous of you.

15 Major Signs Someone is Jealous of You

15. Hating your Feedback and Advice:

Jealous people always find ways to show their resentment towards you. One of the clear signs someone is jealous of you is— when they hate every feedback, or advice that you give. It’s one of the major signs someone is jealous of you.

Though giving advice is not always the best thing to do because most of us dislike receiving advice, and only want someone to lend an ear to our problems.

However, when your best friend wants your advice on a matter, that they know you have expertise in. The jealous friend will always disagree, dislike, and counter ague every time you lend a piece of advice to your best friend.

They will make that issue about them even when they aren’t involved to show the other person, how much they care for them.

Such acts of appeasement, and manipulation are a common work play amongst jealous people, who do it to win the attention of their prey. When anyone says such things, it’s one of the many signs someone is jealous of you.

Anger, resentment, and jealousy doesn’t change the heart of others— it only changes yours. ~ Shannon L. Alder

Buddhist psychologist Chögyam Trungpa, author of The Sanity we are born with, says: “Delight in itself is the approach of sanity. Delight is to open our eyes to the reality of the situation rather than siding with this or that point of view.”

So open your eyes to witness the beauty in you only then you’ll be able to acknowledge, and celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of others.

These were the 15 Major Signs Someone is Jealous of You. If you liked the post please do let us know in the comment section.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste

Key Takeaways:

1.Jealous people always try to turn fun and games into competition
2.They downplay your success
3.A Jealous person will gossip and spread rumors about you
4.Jealous people are often obsessed with you
5.They try to steal your spotlight
6.They are great plan spoilers and kill joy kind of people
7.Jealous people complain a lot out of jealousy
8.They are copy cats who steal your individuality
9.They focus a lot on your mistakes and envy your positive points
10.A jealous person gives backhanded compliments
11.They embroil in petty arguments with you
12.They keep tearing you down
14.They try to bully you
15.They often hate your feedback and advice


How does a jealous person behave?

Jealous people downplay your success. They try to spread rumors about you and talk shit about you behind your bad. They focus a lot on your mistakes and envy your positive points. They will mock you, demean you, and will do anything to push you further from your peace, as it’s their ulterior motive.

How do you handle a jealous person?

If someone is jealous of you, it has nothing to do with you. Don’t let a jealous person ruin your confidence and inner peace. Don’t even bother to worry about such person’s opinions. So open your eyes to witness the beauty in you only then you’ll be able to acknowledge, and celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of others.

What is the main cause of jealousy?

Jealousy is often driven by low self-esteem or poor self-image. Therefore, when people are jealous of you they often hide their feelings behind poor sarcasm.

What do you feel when you are jealous?

Jealousy can lead to anger, hatred, self-loathing, and sadness. It has nothing to do with the other person. In fact, it tells you about your own insecurities such as low self-esteem and poor self-confidence.

What to say someone who is jealous of you?

Be mindful and calm. Acknowledge their opinions and tell them politely that differences exist and you don’t agree with them. Don’t argue with a jealous person as it will only worsen their insecurity. If the situation is getting worse day by day then make distance with such people.

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