101 Best Mc Names with Origin and Meaning

101 Mc Names With Origin and Meanings

Surnames or last names came into existence by many ways. For example: Through occupation, geography or place of origin, dynasty, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and physical characteristics such as color of hair. Many of the modern western surnames can be traced back to Scotland, Britain, and Ireland.

The sound and nature of the surnames depend on mainly two things:

  1. What was important to the society at the time surnames were adopted.
  2. How they want to modify the word to be used as the surname.

Hence, hunter-gatherer societies often distinguished individuals by an event, a characteristic or a religious connotation. More technically advanced cultures with a settled society typically began to derive surnames from occupations, place of origin, social status, parentage or place of residence.

Surnames derived from a father’s name were common, particularly in societies that were less developed when they adopted surnames, but today this is not the case anymore. (source)

The words ‘Mc’, which is pronounced as ‘Mac’ means: “son of”. Mc names can have either Irish origin or Scottish origin.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common Irish and Scottish surnames or last names, that start with ‘Mc’ and will know the meaning behind these names.

Mc Names with Meanings that have Irish Origin:

Ireland National Park, Mc Names with Meanings with Irish Origin
Ireland National Park (Image Source)

Let’s have a look at some Irish names that begin with ‘Mc’:

1. McAvoy “Yellow son” or “woodsman”.

2. McQuaid McQuaid is an Irish surname that means “son of Uaid”.

3. McQuillan “Little Hugh’s son”.

4. McCormack It means “son of Cormac”.

5. McCarthy People who have descended from one of the most famous chieftains of the twelfth century: Carthac.

6. McHugh This means “son of Hugh”.

7. McErney It means “son of the Lord”.

8. McKown An Irish surname that means “the son of Eoghan”.

9. McKee “Worshipper of the Gaelic God of Fire: Aodh (In Gaelic language)”.

10. McGinn This Irish surname means “son of the foreigner”.

11. McGovern This means “son of summer”.

12. McLaughlin This surname comes from the ancient Gaelic language.

13. McMahon This is a popular Irish Mc names, which means “a bear’s son”.

14. McGahan It means “horse”.

15. McRaghnaill It means “Raghnall’s son”.

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16. McConaughey A popular Irish surname. For example: Matthew McConaughey

17. McBride It means “St. Brigid’s servant’s son”.

18. McCabe It is used for the mercenaries serving various Irish lords.

19.  McAllen It means “son of Allen”.

20. McAlpin It means “business”.

21. McArdle An Irish surname used by warriors for courage and bravery.

22. McNamara It means “the sea hound’s son”.

23. McNulty This Irish name means “son of Ulster”.

24. McAllister It means “Alasdair’s son”.

25. McAuley It means “Amhalghadh’s son”.

26. McCann It originated from the ancient Gaelic language. It is now one of the common Mc names.

27. McCormack It means “son of Cormac”.

28. McGillicuddy This Mc name is given to members of the MacGillycuddy clan.

29. McOspaic It was an Irish surname given to the young ones who bore ‘Ospac’s son’ as their birthright. It is one of the oldest Mc names.

30. McCreary It means “son of Ruaidhri”.

31. McSitric It is one of the most common ‘Mc’  names which means “Sitreac’s sons”.

32. McSorley This Mc name is used for “Somhairie’s son”.

33. McSeveney This name starting with ‘Mc’ means “son of Suibhne”.

34. McCabe It means “Caba’s son”.

35. McCorkell It means “son of Thor’s cauldron”.

36. McAmhalghaidh It means “Amhalghaid’s son”.

37. McIomhair It means Lomhair’s son.

38. McSitric It is a popular surname which has an Irish origin that means “Sitreac’s son”.

39. McCarthy It is ome thee most common Mc names which means “loving person”.

40. McLoughlin It means “Viking”.

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41. McKenna McKenna means “fire-sprung”.

42. McKinnon It means “son of Kinnon”.

43. McKilligan It means “son of Killigan”.

44. McLure It means “son of Lure”.

45. McGowan It means “son of the smith”.

46. McGrath It is a popular Irish surname that means “the wealthy man’s son”.

47. McCaul It means “battle chief”.

48. McNally It is an Irish surname starting with ‘Mc’ that means “a poor man’s son”.

Mc Names with Scottish Origin:

Now, Let’s have a look at some Scottish names that begin with ‘Mc’:

49. McTavish This Scottish surname means “son of Thomas”.

50. McVaxter It is a Scottish surname that means “son of Baxter”.

51. McCoy It is one of the most common Mc names that means “son of Aodh”. In Gaelic language, ‘Aodh’ means “fire”.

52. McLean This Scottish surname starting with “Mc” stands for a “follower of St. John”.

53. McVicar It is a name that symbolizes “success”.

54. McCaig As the name suggests, it means “son of Caig”.

55. McLeish It means “Jesus’ servant’s son”.

56. McNab It means “father’s son” and “the abbot’s son”.

57. McNeill It is a Scottish last name that means “son of Niall”. In Gaelic language, ‘Niall’ means “champion”.

58. McKenzie This Scottish last name means “son of Kenneth”.

59. McLaren McLaren means “son of Laurene”.

60. McLennan This Scottish last name means “St. Finnan’s servant’s son”.

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61. McLeod This last name means “son of Leod”.

62. McQueen This Scottish family name means “son of Sweyn” and “son of Suibne”. In the ancient Gaelic, Sweyn means “servant” and Suibne is used for “pleasant”.

63. McMillan It means “the tonsured one’s son”.

64. McFall This surname means “son of Paul”.

65. McAllister This last name means “son of Alexander”.

66. McAdam This Mc name originated in Ayrshire. It means “son of Adam”.

67. McEwan McEwan is a Scottish family name meaning “son of Ewan”.

68. McFadden It means “son of little Patrick”.

69. McLintock This Scottish last name means “the son of Saint Findon’s servant”.

70. McArthur McArthur is a Scottish Mc name for boys that means “son of Arthur”.

71. McCaskill This Scottish Mc name meaning “son of the cauldron of sacrifices that we offer to our Gods”.

72. McAulay McAulay is a Scottish surname that comes from ‘MacAmhaoibh’. In Gaelic language, it means “ancestor’s descendent”.

73. McPhee This Scottish means “son of Dubshithe”.

74. McAndrew McAndrew is a one of the Mc names meaning “son of Andrew”.

75. McCartney It is a Scottish surname that originated in Galloway and means “son of Art”. For example: Paul McCartney

76. McDonnell McDonnell is a Scottish name that means “son of Donald”.

77. McDonald McDonald is one of the most common Scottish Mc names. It also means “son of Donald”.

78. McKean It is a Scottish name that means “son of John” or “son of Iain”.

79. McGill It means “son of the stranger”.

80. McInroy This Scottish surname means “son of Inroy”.

81. McCadie It means “loved one”.

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82. McGregor It is one of the widely used Mc names meaning “son of Gregor”.

83. McIntyre It is a Scottish last name from Glencoe that means “son of the carpenter”.

84. McDougal It means “son of the dark stranger Dougal”.

85. McCodrum McCodrum means “Codrum’s son”.

86. McCrimmon It is a Scottish name for “son of Crimmon”.

87. McDuff is one of the Scottish origin names with ‘Mc’ as its beginning. It means “son of Duff”.

88. McCallum McCallum is one of the variations of the name ‘Malcolm’ that means “the son of Columbia’s servant”.

89. McColl This suname has its roots in Argyll and means “son of Colla”.

90. McKinley It means “son of Cionadh”. In ancient Gaelic, ‘Cionadh’ means “beloved of Aodh”. Aodh is the Celtic God of fire.

91. McConnell It means “son of Donald”. It is one of the most common Mc names.

92. McCrossan It means “son of Crossan”.

93. McCuaig McCuaig means “famous cook”.

94. McDiarmid This Scottish surname that means “son of Dermott”.

95. McCrae It is a Scottish surname that means “son of grace”. It is one of the most popular Scottish Mc names.

96. McKnockater It is a Scottish surname that means “son of Knockater”.

97. McIntosh This is a Scottish surname starting with “Mc”.

98. McAndrew It is a Scottish name that means “son of Andrew”.

99. McAffer This Scottish name means “a casual friend”.

100. McCuish This is a Scottish name that means “cook”.

101. McAskin Popular Scottish origin surname.

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