48 Awesome Male Vampire Names with Meanings and Origins

Best Male Vampire Names for Boys with Meanings and Origins

Vampires are blood-thirsty mythical creatures wearing a veil of mystery. There are many infamous stories in the folklores that tell us about the dark side of these creatures.

While other stories enunciate their sober qualities. As some old legends highlight that some vampires are not as evil as others and they have humanlike qualities in them.

Therefore, many people are drawn towards them as they have a mysterious persona. Even films and shows have cashed the hype of vampires because the audience love to devour such type of content.

So much so that some of the leading A-list Hollywood actors have taken up the role of vampires and have aced them. The audience love to see their favorite character in such mysterious and gothic avatar. So much so, that some even change their hairstyle, dressing sense and even their name to fit into the character of vampire. As they find it amusing.

So if you too love to know new and unique male vampire names to be kept as your pet name, or you’d like to assign that name to your gaming character. Or even use it to give name to your character in Halloween. Then you must check our the list of some of the best male vampire names.

Top Vampire Names from Pop Culture:

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1. Damon Salvatore: A popular name from the world famous TV show “The Vampire Diaries”. meaning “subdue” or “to tame”. It is of Greek origin. The name Damon is known and loved by everyone all over the world because of the massive fanbase of the vampire character played by Ian Somerhalder. It is one of the most hot and popular male vampire names.

2. Stefan Salvatore: Another Greek originated vampire name meaning “crown”. Another beloved vampire character from “The Vampire Diaries”. Damon and Stefan are brothers. The character is portrayed by Paul Wesley. Damon and Stefan are two of the hottest and most loved male vampire names in modern culture.

3. Niklaus Mikaelson: Popular character from the TV shows “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries”. It is played by Joseph Morgan.

4. Elijah Mikaelson: He is the elder brother of Niklaus Mikaelson. It is played by Daniel Gillies.

5. Marcel Gerard: Another character from “The Originals” played by Charles Michael Davis.

6. Kol Mikaelson: Brother of Elijah and Niklaus Mikaelson.

7. Jeremy Gilbert: Younger brother of Elena Gilbert, played by Steven R. McQueen.

8. Edward Cullen Another beloved character from the “Twilight” novel and the movie. He is the love interest of Bella Swan and it is played by Robert Pattinson.

9. Blade: It is a fictional character from the movie “Blade”.

10. Lestat de Lioncourt: It s a fictional character appearing in “The Vampire Chronicles” novel series by Anne Rice.

11. Louis de Pointe du Lac: It is another fictional character from “The Vampire Chronicles”.

12. Dracula: It is probably one of the most famous male vampire names in pop culture, which first appeared in a novel named “Dracula” by Bram Stoker in 1897 and then 1931 and 1992 movies of the same name made it more popular. Dracula novel was first published in 1897. But the history of these blood-sucking creatures started centuries before Stoker was born.

13. Armand: This name is of French origin that means “army man”. The name made popular by the character in the movie “Interview with the Vampire”.

14. Hades: This is a male name of Greek origin that means “unseen”. It is one of thee most unique sounding vampire names.

15. Nexus: This is one of the few English origin vampire names, which means “old bind”.

16. Orlok: It has English origin. The name comes from the movie ‘Nosferatu’.

17. Noir: It is an unsex name of French origin meaning “black”.

18. Styx: It is an unisex name of Greek origin, which means “the hateful”.

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Cool Male Vampire Names

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19. Godfrey: It means “peace.”

20. Gabriel: This name has Hebrew roots, meaning “God is my strength.”

21. Amdis: This name has Latin origin, this vampire name means “eternal.”

22. Dawn: It has English origin, this name means “daybreak.” It is one of the most unique male vampire names to use.

23. D’Arcy: It originate in France, this vampiric boy’s name means “dark.”

24. Joshua: This is a Biblical name that means “God is salvation.”

25. Drusilla: This name comes from ancient Rome meaning “fruitful.”

26. Lenora: This name comes from Greece that means “sun ray.”

27. Horace: It has Latin origin that means “timekeeper.”

28. Leon: This Greek name means “lion.” One of the coolest male vampire names.

29. Kenia: It has Welsh origin, it means “the greatest champion.”

30. Alaric: This German vampire name means “ruler.”

31. Damien: This vampire name has French origin that means “to tame” or “subdue.”

32. Athan: This name has Greek roots that means “immortal.”

33. Timandra: This Greek name translates to “honoring man.”

34. Orpheus: This boy’s name has Greek origin that means “the darkness of the night.”

35. Cassius: This vampire name for boys has Latin, that means “hollow.”

Special Vampire Names for Boys

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36. Athan: This is name is also from Greece that means “Eternal life”.

37. Arius: This Greek vampire name means “Immortal”.

38. Baylor: This English name means “Deliverer of goods”.

39. Caith: This name has Irish origin that means “From the battleground”.

40. Crowley: This is one of the Irish male vampire names means “Hunch backed”.

41. Demetrius: This Greek name means “Follower of Demeter”.

42. Eilif: This Scandinavian name means “Scandinavian”.

43. Emmet: This English name means “Scandinavian”.

44. Kadrick: This Scottish name means “From the wetlands”.

45: Klaus: This German name means “Victory to the people”. This was made famous by a character in TV shows “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries”. It is one of the most popular male vampire names for boys that you can use.

46. Vlad: This Slavic name means “Glorious rule”.

47. Wilfred: This English name means “peace”.

48. Raphael Santiago: Made famous by the supernatural drama “Shadowhunters”.

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