40+ Awesome Female Vampire Names with Meanings and Origins

40+ Awesome Female Vampire Names with Meanings and Origins

Though, there’s no proof about the existence of vampires and to this day, we are unsure whether they exist or not.

But for some vampires are a hot topic of discussion. As their scary appearance and wicked disposition makes them a creature of great observation.

It seems like the popularity of vampires can never go down in the history of mankind, especially female vampires. As they are cunning, beautiful, mysterious and seductive.

Movies, literature, theatre and drama have popularized the folklores of vampires. There’s a dedicated audience of it, which savors such content like an appetizing treat.

There are famous shows and movies made on the theme of vampires. Some of them feature the main lead or the supporting character as the female vampire such as Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, Van Helsing and many others, that have become a cult classic amongst the public.

Some people are so into vampires that their lifestyle revolves around it. They wear fangs, gothic style clothes and even change their name to famous vampire names, that they like. While vampire fanatics, go an extra mile and search unique female and male names of vampires, that they can get inspired from for this Halloween.

So if you are a female looking for some unique vampire names then, you’ve landed at the right place. As we have meticulously created a list of unique female vampire names for girls, that you’ll surely like. So have a quick view at it maybe your vampirical name is hidden here.

Well-Known Female Vampire Names from Pop Culture

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Elena and Sfefan

1. Elena Gilbert: This name is of Italian origin and it is another character of the TV show “The Vampire Diaries”. Damon and Stefan both are in love with Elena, who later on turns into a vampire. It is played by Nina Dobrev. It is one of the most popular female vampire names ever.

2. Rebekah Mikaelson: She is the younger sister of Elijah and Niklaus Mikaelson, who was born in October 30th, 984. It is played by Claire Holt.

3. Caroline Forbes: Another character from “The Vampire Diaries” played by Candice King.

4. Katherine Pierce: The doppelganger of Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev. She was turned into a vampire on April 6th, 1492 by Rose-Marie. The name Katherine comes from the Greek word “katharos” that means “pure.”

5. Vicki Donovan: One of the female vampire names from The Vampire Diaries TV series. She is the love interest of Jeremy Gilbert, younger brother of Elena Gilbert.

7. Bella Swan: A popular character from the Twilight novel and the movie series. It is portrayed by Kristen Stewart. This is one of the most popular and suitable vampire names for girls.

8. Alice: Alice is a common name of Latin origin that means “noble”. The name made famous by the character played by Ashley Greene in “The Twilight” series.

9. Marceline: This is a female name of French origin. meaning “young warrior”. It is from the cartoon show “Adventure Time”.

10. Noir: It is an unsex name of French origin meaning “black”.

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11. Selene: It is portrayed by Kate Beckinsale in the blockbuster movie “Underworld”. It is one of the most unique vampire names for girls. It has Greek origin, which means “full of light”.

12. Styx: It is an unisex name of Greek origin, which means “the hateful”.

13. Verity: It is one of the female vampire names of English origin, which means “truth”.

Lesser-Known Female Vampire Names

Lesser-Known Female Vampire Names

14. Amber: Arab originated beautiful vampire name for girls.

15. Ambrosia: It is one of the most unique sounding female vampire names, meaning “immortality.”

16. Lenora: This name comes from Greece that means “sun ray.”

17. Lilith: Lilith is a monstrous female demon in Jewish folklore that means “night monster.”

18. Liliana: Liliana means “care free.”

19. Delilah: This sweet name has Hebrew origins, it means “languishing”.

20. Velorina: The vampire name name means compassion and loyalty.

21. Sabina: This vampire name for girls has Italian origin.

22. Zella: It has Yiddish origin, that means “peaceful” or “blessed.”

Powerful Vampire Names for Girls

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23. Adira: This name has Hebrew origin that means “strong” and “powerful”. It is one of the most powerful female vampire names for girls that you can use.

24. Almeta: This name means “ambitious” and has Latin origin.

25. Aletia: It has Greek origin that means “truth”.

26. Ailith: This is one the best vampire names for girls that means “warrior”.

27. Aithne: It mean “fire” in ancient Gaelic language.

28. Aldith: This English name means “warrior”. This is one of our personal favorite vampire names for girls.

29. Zorina: This Slavic name means “dawn”. One of the coolest female vampire names.

30. Tahira: This Arabic name means “pure”.

31. Nitya: This name has Indian and Sanskrit origin. It means “eternal”.

32. Jade: This English means “precious stone”.

33. Layla: This Arabic name means “night”.

34: Eztli: It mean “blood” in Aztec.

35: Aurora: It means “the goddess of dawn”. It has Latin origin.

36. Elvira: This German name means “true”.

37. Edra: This is a English female vampire name meaning “wealthy”.

38. Coleta: It is a French name meaning “people of victory”.

39. Erith: It is a Hebrew word that means “flower”.

40. Lily: This English name means “Lily flower”.

41. Celeste: It has Latin origin that means “heavenly”.

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